Richard Madden in talks to join Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ and I’m torqued. Dude was so good in ‘Bodyguard’ and yeah I guess ‘Thrones’

richard madden marvel eternals

Richard Madden was so fucking good in last year’s BBC/Netflix jam Bodyguard. In fact, I was immediately sold on the idea that he could play Bond. Is he going to? Who knows. What we do know is that the motherfucker is probably joining Marvel’s Eternals.

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Netflix planning more interactive stories ala ‘Bandersnatch’ for better or worse

netflix bandersnatch more interactive

Is Bandersnatch a movie? An interactive narrative? A video game? We can debate the ontology forever, but one thing is certain. Netflix is planning more content in its vein for the streaming service.

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‘Transformers’ animated series heading to Netflix. This could *fucking* own, my dudes!

transformers war for cybertron netflix

Man, maybe the Universe is finally dusting the turds off the Transformers franchise. Last year’s Bumblebee was genuinely one of the most fun popcorn flicks in a minute. And now? We got ourselves an animated prequel series heading to Netflix.

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Netflix has joined the Motion Picture Association of America. Getting cliqued up, making moves!

netflix joins mpaa

I don’t know much about the MPAA. One hunch I have is that they’re a real political-ass lobbying group. The other is that they’re rather powerful. So, it makes sense that Netflix would want to get in on that action.

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Netflix told its investors it loses more viewers to ‘Fortnite’ than HBO. Weird flex, but okay!

netflix viewers fortnite

Netflix is more concerned about Fornite than it is HBO, folks. A bit of an odd idea at first. However, upon reflection it seems like a pretty intriguing commentary on how media and media competition has changed.

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‘Daredevil’ and other Netflix Marvel shows COULD be revived according to the Head of Disney+

disney resurrect marvel netflix shows

As the fucking Marvel and Netflix World turns, right? The latest pivot in the case of the cancelled Marvel shows on Netflix? The head of Disney+ says reviving them is a possibility. Bro, don’t. Don’t fuck with our hearts like this, unless you serious.

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New ‘Ghost In The Shell’ series coming to Netflix in 2020 as the company continues to fucking dominate the anime scene

ghost in the shell 2020 new

Netflix is straight-up not fucking around when it comes to the anime scene. The latest signal of their marauding? The company is helping revive Ghost In The Shell.

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‘Daredevil’ cancelled by Netflix. The fucking purge of Disney properties from the service continues

daredevil canceled netflix

Much like me shitting my pants at the Thanksgiving dinner table, this news was expected. But, just like knowing my fudgy cheeks were coming, it doesn’t make the announcement smell any better. Fucking bummer, dudes. My only consolation? The news that Daredevil will “live on”, ostensibly at Disney’s streaming service.

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‘Evangelion’ is coming to Netflix in 2019 in case you want to be an emo kid again!

evangelion netflix 2019

Netflix has announced that Evangelion is going to be coming to the streaming service in 2019. This news would have made thirteen year-old me very, very happy. But, what about thirty-five year-old me? I’m good. I don’t really need to indulge in some overly pretentious, emo anime. I’m tortured by the big questions enough while I’m trying to sleep at this point, you know? That said, if you’re stoked, I’m glad you’re stoked!

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Guillermo Del Toro is making an animated ‘Pinocchio’ movie for Netflix, who has everyone making everything

guillermo del toro netflix pinocchio

Guillermo Del Toro is making Pinocchio for Netflix, folks. Like, Christ. Every day brings like four more big fucking talents making something for Netflix. In fact, Marvel Studios is their only competition when it comes to gobbling up every last talent in Hollywood.

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