‘Daredevil’ and other Netflix Marvel shows COULD be revived according to the Head of Disney+

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As the fucking Marvel and Netflix World turns, right? The latest pivot in the case of the cancelled Marvel shows on Netflix? The head of Disney+ says reviving them is a possibility. Bro, don’t. Don’t fuck with our hearts like this, unless you serious.

What Culture:

Such is its frequency of discussion that the saga of the Marvel Netflix shows’ cancellation is the new “is Venom set in the MCU?” or “will Ben Affleck leave the Batman franchise?”

What we know for certain is that the shows – including the two seasons yet to air of The Punisher and Jessica Jones – will not continue on Netflix as an ongoing concern. This year saw the cancellation of Iron Fist, then Luke Cage and finally Daredevil, despite the latter having a revival in quality and critical success after the comparative dip of the second season. The others WILL follow, because that’s just Netflix’s strategy in the wake of Disney pulling their other content ahead of the arrival of Disney+.

The debate that seems to be raging hardest at the moment is over who actually cancelled the show, with the latest answer suggesting that it was indeed Netflix and Disney had no say. It makes sense as a sort of tit-for-tat measure now that Disney have their own direct to consumer platform coming. After all, why would Netflix want to feather the nest of a direct rival otherwise unwilling to help them out with content?

But that also means that Disney might not have wanted to get rid of the shows at all, had they had the chance, which in itself should give fans hope of a revival.

Adding to that faint hope is a new quote from Kevin Mayer – head of Disney+ – who has hinted that the shows could actually come to the platform.

Speaking to THR, Mayer said the “very high-quality shows” aren’t off the table:

“We haven’t yet discussed that, but I would say that’s a possibility.”

There are undoubtedly fans who’d prefer Disney to bring the existing Defenders – yes, even Iron Fist – to the MCU for movie duty, but having more of them on any sort of screen would be a positive thing for those who still enjoy the shows. Perhaps Disney might also see the value in 10 (or less) episode seasons that don’t sag naturally in the middle, too?

And if this is indeed the case, there’s no reason why the Defenders couldn’t then possibly make the leap to the big screen, given that Marvel are currently making TV shows for Disney+ starring actual MCU characters like Loki, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Bucky and Falcon. Perhaps this would be best for all parties?