Marvel has signed deal with Penguin Random House to handle their direct market comic distribution. Times are wild, dude!

marvel penguin random house

Remember last year when DC punted on Diamond Comics? And it was a big, honkin’ deal? Well, now Marvel has joined in the madness. The House of Ideas has signed an exclusive, multi-year contract with Penguin Random House to handle its direct market distribution. I am not a smart man, so I really don’t know the ramifications of this switch. Someone educate me.

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Here’s all the Marvel announcements from Thursday that also absolutely broke my balls

disney marvel announcements

Listen, just like the Star Wars announcements, ain’t fucking posting individually about each and every Marvel series on Thursday. That would also be completely fucking impossible. However, I will say that I’m fucking stoked for all of them. I’m a honk! A mark! But, if I had to choose? I’m losing my shit over Fantastic Four with Jon Watts, Hawkeye with Kate Bishop appearing, and Loki. My god, Loki looks awesome.

How about you? Take a look after the jump and let me know what you’re sweating the most.

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Kevin Feige is now Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer. Hail THA GAWD Feige!

kevin feige chief creative officer

Kevin Feige! Dude has only overseen the most successful franchise of all time. So, what’s next for dude? To be promoted to Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer.

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‘Blade’ is being rebooted with Mahershala Ali. What an insane fucking time to be a Marvel stan, friends!

blade reboot mahershala ali

Like, what the fuck? Mahershala Ali is Blade?! Today, the Elder Ones truly smile upon us Marvel stans.

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Salma Hayek may be joining Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ and this cast is absolutely fucking stacked

salma hayek the eternals

Salma Hayek is probably joining the cast of Marvel’s The Eternals. Which is already a completely fucking cast, good grief.

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Marvel has revealed MCU Phase 4 release dates for next 8 fucking movies. It’s plotted through 2022, folks!

marvel phase 4 release dates

Forget revealing when the first phase 4 movie is dropping, folks. That news I posted? Old fucking news. Now we know the next eight fucking release dates.

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Marvel’s first Phase 4 movie ain’t dropping until May 1, 2020. A damn long wait, but we can make it if we believe!

marvel phase 4 movie 2020

Amid the announcements of Star Wars and Avatar movies today, Disney revealed the date of the first Phase 4 movie. And, it ain’t until fucking 2020! The break between Far From Home and this Unannounced Movie is the longest break since 2012-2013.

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Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ has added Kumail Nanjiani. This cast is beginning to look interesting, no?

marvel eternals kumail nanjiani

First Angelina Jolie, and now Kumail Nanjiani? Marvel’s Eternals flick is shaping up to be an interesting cast. I mean, who knows how good the fucking movie will be, right? But between the wild ass source material and the emerging cast, I’m excited.

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Angelina Jolie in talks to join Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ movie. I mean, sure, why not?

angelina jolie marvel eternals

I don’t really have any opinion about this. Jolie is a good actress. As well, I’ve assumed that all talent in Hollywood will eventually be cast into a Marvel or DC movie.

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Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ movie to be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. Let’s get weird, let’s get fun, fellas!

marvel shang chi destin daniel cretton

After Captain Marvel, I’m just straight-up done with Marvel’s “Paint By Numbers” origin story shit. So, part of me is pretty exhausted at the idea of a Shang-Chi origin movie. However, at the same time, it could be an opportunity for the MCU to get a bit weird. It’s been eleven years, it’s been fifty-nine movies. Let’s cut loose.

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