Rumor: Ewan McGregor has signed on for Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+! Totally seriously this time, okay?

rumor ewan mcgregor disney obi wan

Ever since Disney bought Star Wars, one thing has been seemingly clamored for by everyone. That one thing? Some sort of return to Obi-Wan for Ewan McGregor. And, it seems like it’s finally happening. Finally! Sure.

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Disney has gained full control of Hulu as the company continues to buy our entire fucking culture

disney hulu full control

Jesus Titty Fucking Christ, Disney is back at it. The company has gained full control of Hulu, ahead of Disney Plus launching. Not good for our culture, hopefully good for bringing back Daredevil. Maybe?

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Three new ‘Star Wars movies will start dropping in 2022, arriving every other year. Letting the franchise breathe, god bless

star wars movies 2022

We got a new slate of Star Wars movies, my friends. And, the news is two-fold fantastic. First, the franchise is taking three years off. And second, the next three movies will be arriving every other year.

God bless them finally letting the franchise breathe.

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Disney has revealed all the details about its streaming service. It drops November 12 and will cost $7. Plus! Marvel and Star Wars reveals!

disney+ release date

Disney dropped an entire fucking fuckload of Disney+ news tonight. The company revealed its Star Wars and Marvel Studios shows, announced a price, and also dropped its release date. Come, come children, after the jump you will find it all.

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‘Hawkeye’ series starring Jeremy Renner heading to Disney+ and will feature him passing the bow to Kate Bishop!

hawkeye series jeremy renner disney

Hawkeye! Kinda cool! Jeremy Renner! Kinda eh! A series about him passing the torch to Kate Bishop? Kinda cool! Kinda eh! I don’t care for Renner, but I do like the character of Kate Bisbop. So, maybe it’ll turn out decent.

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Marvel’s shows on Disney+ will tie directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is dope as fuck

marvel shows disney tie in

I think one of the major bummers of all the Marvel shows thus far has been how isolated they’ve been from the MCU. Maybe it’s not fair, but they’ve felt a bit less, consequential to me. That said, good news regarding the upcoming ones on Disney+, folks. Them motherfuckers will be interwoven into the MCU.

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‘Deadpool’ will still be Rated-R according to Disney. Rejoice, fans of easy dick jokes and annoying references!

disney deadpool rated r

I really liked Deadpool, despite my initial trepidation. That said, I found its sequel to confirm the fears I had for the first. So, I was never really worried about Disney taking away the series’ mature rating, because I wanted them to take creative control away from Reynolds. Alas. What the fuck can you do. Here’s to another movie of Family Guy-levels of lame pop culture references and the word “cock” used copiously.

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‘Daredevil’ and other Netflix Marvel shows COULD be revived according to the Head of Disney+

disney resurrect marvel netflix shows

As the fucking Marvel and Netflix World turns, right? The latest pivot in the case of the cancelled Marvel shows on Netflix? The head of Disney+ says reviving them is a possibility. Bro, don’t. Don’t fuck with our hearts like this, unless you serious.

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‘Daredevil’ cancelled by Netflix. The fucking purge of Disney properties from the service continues

daredevil canceled netflix

Much like me shitting my pants at the Thanksgiving dinner table, this news was expected. But, just like knowing my fudgy cheeks were coming, it doesn’t make the announcement smell any better. Fucking bummer, dudes. My only consolation? The news that Daredevil will “live on”, ostensibly at Disney’s streaming service.

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‘Lion King’ Trailer: My favorite Disney movie goes “live-action” and it’s impressive but I’m torn

I don’t really fuck with the idea of Disney remaking their classics as “live-action” flicks. But, I can’t deny that this trailer is fucking incredible.

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