Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+ takes place eight years after ‘Revenge of the Sith’ which is a lot of time for him to contemplate his fuck-ups

obi wan series timeline disney

That Obi-Wan Kenobi series that’s finally finally happening on Disney Plus? Motherfucker takes place eight years after Revenge of the Sith. I hope Kenobi has spent that time thinking about what a dick-head he was to Anakin, and flirting with Tusken raiders.

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Disney blocking Fox’s backlog from second runs at indie theaters. Not cool. Looks like I’m fucking pirating them Disney+ shows!

disney blocking fox backlog indie theaters

There’s a million reasons why Disney owning everything fucking sucks, man. But, here’s one you may not have considered. The company is blocking indie theaters from playing second runs of Fox movies. Which, at least around here, is a pretty big bummer. The OL Crew has more than once gone to an indie theater to catch a showing of something at a revival house. Fucking alas.

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Marvel reveals ‘Moon Knight’, ‘She-Hulk’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ series for Disney Plus. Jesus Christ, slow downnnn

marvel moon knight she hulk ms marvel disney plus

Marvel has revealed three more series for Disney Plus. Moon KnightShe-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. Like, all of these properties make me juiced. But? Too much content, dude. Too fucking much.

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Disney reveals plans for Marvel-themed park called “Avengers Campus” so we can all be adult children forever, great

avengers campus disney

I’m torn. On one hand, I really want to go to Avengers Campus. On the other hand? All this jerking off to Marvel and other pop culture has me feeling like we’re stuck in some sort of permanent adolescence. Eh, whatever. The Amazon is burning, you’ve never been closer to death. Go have fun.

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Here is every device Disney+ will stream on at launch. Like, no fucking Smart TVs tho?

disney plus streaming devices

Disney has dropped the last of devices that Disney+ will be available at launch. And, like. This is the essence of a first-world problem: it ain’t launching on any Smart TVs. The fuck?

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Rumor: Ewan McGregor has signed on for Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+! Totally seriously this time, okay?

rumor ewan mcgregor disney obi wan

Ever since Disney bought Star Wars, one thing has been seemingly clamored for by everyone. That one thing? Some sort of return to Obi-Wan for Ewan McGregor. And, it seems like it’s finally happening. Finally! Sure.

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Disney has gained full control of Hulu as the company continues to buy our entire fucking culture

disney hulu full control

Jesus Titty Fucking Christ, Disney is back at it. The company has gained full control of Hulu, ahead of Disney Plus launching. Not good for our culture, hopefully good for bringing back Daredevil. Maybe?

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Three new ‘Star Wars movies will start dropping in 2022, arriving every other year. Letting the franchise breathe, god bless

star wars movies 2022

We got a new slate of Star Wars movies, my friends. And, the news is two-fold fantastic. First, the franchise is taking three years off. And second, the next three movies will be arriving every other year.

God bless them finally letting the franchise breathe.

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Disney has revealed all the details about its streaming service. It drops November 12 and will cost $7. Plus! Marvel and Star Wars reveals!

disney+ release date

Disney dropped an entire fucking fuckload of Disney+ news tonight. The company revealed its Star Wars and Marvel Studios shows, announced a price, and also dropped its release date. Come, come children, after the jump you will find it all.

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‘Hawkeye’ series starring Jeremy Renner heading to Disney+ and will feature him passing the bow to Kate Bishop!

hawkeye series jeremy renner disney

Hawkeye! Kinda cool! Jeremy Renner! Kinda eh! A series about him passing the torch to Kate Bishop? Kinda cool! Kinda eh! I don’t care for Renner, but I do like the character of Kate Bisbop. So, maybe it’ll turn out decent.

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