‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Poster: I’m On A Boat

First ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ poster. Heyohyayheyorsomething.


I feel like I must cover  The Hobbit because people I care about and respect enjoy the movies. (Despite them being utter, utter, insulting piles of garbage.) So here’s a character poster for the upcoming conclusion to the (bloated, CGI-riddled, narrative nightmare that is) trilogy.

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Views From The Space-Ship: Blog-Based Entropy


It’s Thursday! That can only mean one thing! Uh. The resurrection of a column from bygone days. Views From The Space-Ship. In an effort to generate that wanky, let’s all piss together holding one another’s genitals-type inclusive vibe, I share sights and sounds from my virtual and real world. Then I ask you to do the same. It’s like Instagram, but not as cool. Or inhabited. Or frequented. Or even acknowledged. But fuck I’m busy lately, so here’s something about me. In picture form. Hope you share too.

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OMEGA-LINKS: Episode VIII, Bustin’ Ghosts, Bustin’ Wallets


Every once in a while I feel the need to do a cleansing, uncontrollable purge of my RSS reader’s “Saved for Later” folder. Today is the day, folks! Open your mouths, close your eyes, and thank whatever Deity you subscribe to. In this edtion we got some Rian Johsnon on Episode VIII love, pulsating stars, space-suits, Amazon buyin’ shit, and more.

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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ dropping June 2, 2015. Holy Bat-Delay

batman - arkham knight

We all knew that Batman: Arkham Knight was delayed until next year. But then came the rumor that it was going to drop in January. Which okay sure is 2015, but it ain’t the end of the world. Well, guess the fuck what. That rumor is as true as Justice and Everlasting Peace. A fucking pipe dream. Bat-Guy: Arkham Night ain’t dropping until the middle of next year.

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‘EPISODE VII’ Rumor: Movie Delayed Until 2016 ‘Cause of Ford’s Injury

Harrison Ford

SIGH. I didn’t want to talk about this here. ‘Cause just thinking about it plunges me into a pall so deep, so great, that only German latex frottage can salvage my heart. But since everyone else is digi-gabbing about it. Star Wars: Episode VII could be delayed until 2016 due to Harrison Ford’s injury. Or rewritten. I’d much rather have a delay than a rewrite, but I’d prefer to just get in December. Give him a fucking robot leg or something. THE TECHNOLOGY IS THERE.

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‘TRUE DETECTIVE’ producer says they’re “DIGGING DEEP” to get Season 2 done

True Detective.

Looks like the second season of True Detective is going to be the product of intense madness and dedication. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again. Because I come from a long line of people who lose their minds and repeat their senile blatherings. You’ll know I’ve truly lost it when you find me uttering much like my Nana did, “IS CAT FOOD MADE *FOR* CATS, OR *OF* CATS?!” while wearing nothing but evidence for the effects of gravity on the human body. For now, yeah, I’m just going to repeat this: I don’t envy the people involved in following up the first season of True Detective.

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THE WOZ was so good at ‘TETRIS’ that NINTENDO POWER banned his scores

The Woz.

The Woz, man. What a fucking life he’s led. I had no idea that on top of the whole co-founding the Apple Computer thing, he was also busy totally dominating the Tetris game. To the point where Nintendo Power banned his ass from their High Scores. Didn’t stop him though. Hell naw.

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BLIZZARD trademarks ‘THE DARK BELOW.’ Prolly WoW x Diablo x Starcraft Gem Puzzler.


Sort of stealing the headline from a conversation I had with our own Budrickton, who pointed me towards this news. Blizzard has issued forth another trademark into the world, with this latest copyright stamp bringing me hope of not a Diablo expansionNo no. Nor a WoW expansion. Of course not. But rather a hotfix that allows me to finally bask on the thickened, scar-tissue covered genitals of all my toons. They’ve rode hard. For years.

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FINAL ‘BREAKING BAD’ SEASON gets a premiere date. Oh shit, and a talk show!

The journey of Walter White.

Dear friends, mark your calendars. You’re going to want to specifically clear out any events that may have been planned for August 11, for that is when the final season of Breaking Bad begins.

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