‘Fantastic Four’ comic ending; totally not out of corporate vindictiveness

Fantastic Four.

A summer rumor has become an autumn fact. Fantastic Four is getting cancelled, taking the First Family out of the Marvel Universe. The rumor had it that Marvel was doing so in order to malign Fox, who owns the movie rights over them. And while I imagine The Foursome will return (conveniently after the movie push is over), this is forty-four shades of fucking dumb.

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OMEGA-LINKS: Episode VIII, Bustin’ Ghosts, Bustin’ Wallets


Every once in a while I feel the need to do a cleansing, uncontrollable purge of my RSS reader’s “Saved for Later” folder. Today is the day, folks! Open your mouths, close your eyes, and thank whatever Deity you subscribe to. In this edtion we got some Rian Johsnon on Episode VIII love, pulsating stars, space-suits, Amazon buyin’ shit, and more.

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Jamie Foxx’s ELECTRO revealed in newest issue of EW. Looks sort of cornball.

Jamie Foxx.

I should preface my unfair judgment of Jamie Foxx as Electro with that preface alone. Also, I should probably clarify that I don’t particularly give a fuck about Electro. Like, at all. One time he was fresh out of prison signing autographs outside of my local 7-Eleven and I didn’t even give a fuck. He went to talk to me, perhaps even a jovial “hello.” I wouldn’t know, I didn’t listen. Just raised my hand, hitting him with an “eh, eh.” He seemed pissed. Whatever. Fuck him.

But uh, hit the jump to check him out.

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