Bloomberg Japan Says Square Enix Is Up For Sale. Square Enix Is Like “Nah”

bloomberg square enix for sale square denies it

Bloomberg Japan has come out and reported that Square Enix is up for sale, but the company itself has denied reports. I gotta tell you, their denial doesn’t dissuade me. You know? Like, what the fuck are they going to come out and say? That they’re up for sale and to make an offer?

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Square Enix is gonna reveal its ‘Avengers’ game at E3. About g’damn time, right?

square enix avengers game e3

Man! Is it possible, could it be possible, that a good Avengers game is coming? We will have our first moment to assess at this year’s E3. Me, how am I feeling about it? Pretty optimistic, since its the Tomb Raider team leading the development.

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Square Enix hires Yuji Naka, the dude who created Sonic the Hedgehog

square enix yuji naka

Folks, I’m going to level with you. I had no idea Yuji Naka was still making video games. This is despite really loving SonicNiGHTS, and sort of admiring Burning Rangers. But, dude is still here. Making games. Now apparently, making games with Square Enix.

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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Trailer: Combat and comrades upon Mount Olympus

Man! This combat trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 looks cool, but *insert stale but well-deserved comment about not playing the game until 20XX, when it will finally be ushered out as a half-baked, broken title*, right?!

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Square Enix developing new title for Nintendo Switch, also contemplating ports

square enix nintendo switch new title port

Square Enix is bringing a new title to the Nintendo Switch. But that ain’t all, as the company seems a bit hype for the glorified ZeldaTablet. How hype? They’re contemplating ports of existing titles.

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Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Announce ‘The Avengers Project’ With Marvel. Teaser Here!

Folks! Folks. Marvel is getting fucking deep into the video game business. Today, the company announced a joint venture with Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos called The Avengers Project.

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‘Final Fantasy XII’ HD Remake dropping next year

I really liked Final Fantasy 12, despite the fact that the last twenty hours were a mindless grindfest. The universe, the character designs, and the battle system carried me through. So, I’m down for a remake! Slap HD graphics on it and push it through!

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Watch: ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Niflheim Base Gameplay Footage; Release date announcement on March 30

‘Final Fantasy 15’ “Dawn 2.0” Trailer: Serious Music, Serious Faces

‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ gets February 2016 release date and “tiered” preorder bonuses

deus ex

Oh dear. Preorder gaming promotions have leveled up. Evolved. Let’s scratch for the moment the fact that I’m very excited for the next Deus Ex. Instead, let’s focus on what could be a truly nefarious (albeit sadly rewarding) preorder scheme launched by Square Enix.

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