‘Final Fantasy XII’ HD Remake dropping next year

I really liked Final Fantasy 12, despite the fact that the last twenty hours were a mindless grindfest. The universe, the character designs, and the battle system carried me through. So, I’m down for a remake! Slap HD graphics on it and push it through!


Final Fantasy 12 heads to PlayStation 4 next year with a high-definition upgrade, Square Enix announced. The company revealed the remaster, Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, with a trailer. Watch it above to check out how the game is changing from its original PlayStation 2 release.

The Zodiac Age is set for a 2017 launch, 11 years after the original Final Fantasy 12 made it to PS2. The PS4 game is based on the International Job System version, which never left Japan.

As it stands, Final Fantasy 12 is one of the only Final Fantasy games yet to make it to Windows PC, but the HD remake is set to be a PS4 exclusive. This is Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy remaster for the console, following last year’s re-release of Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2. We returned to the pair of games when they first got an upgrade on PS3 in 2014; check out our review for more.