‘Final Fantasy XII’ Remaster Hitting PlayStation 4 On July 11

final fantasy xii remaster july 11

Man. I’m ready for some more Final Fantasy XII. I loved it back in the day, and I’m certainly stoked the previously Japanese-only beefier Zodiac Beefy Beef Edition is being remastered for the PS4!

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‘Final Fantasy XII’ HD Remake dropping next year

I really liked Final Fantasy 12, despite the fact that the last twenty hours were a mindless grindfest. The universe, the character designs, and the battle system carried me through. So, I’m down for a remake! Slap HD graphics on it and push it through!

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Rumor: ‘Final Fantasy XII’ remake/remaster is coming


I really enjoyed FFXII. That battle system! That art design! That world! So fuck yeah, I would buy a remaster.

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The Man Behind Final Fantasy XII, Tactics, and Vagrant Story Heading To Level-5? Please.

Yasumi Matsuno is a pimp, and the creator of the last product Square put out that I gave a fuck about. Final Fantasy XII. That was five years ago, and rumor has it he was pushed out of the door before he could even finish the fucking game. Matsuno disappeared, and took with him some genuine magic. It appears the good sir may have a new home, Level-5.

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