Rumor: ‘Final Fantasy XII’ remake/remaster is coming


I really enjoyed FFXII. That battle system! That art design! That world! So fuck yeah, I would buy a remaster.


We might be one step closer to getting to see Vaan’s emaciated, whiny abs in glorious HD.

At a Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh Saturday night, composer Arnie Roth randomly announced that yes, Final Fantasy XII is getting a remake, much to fans’ surprise. Hitoshi Sakimoto, who scored FFXII, was also in attendance.

If this is true, it isn’t exactly a shock—FFXII is the only Final Fantasy game you can’t play on modern consoles—but it’s still nice news for anyone who missed or wants to replay the adventures of Balthier and crew. (Fun fact: Final Fantasy XII first came out just two months before Final Fantasy Versus XIII (now FFXV) was announced.)

Roth might be incorrect or misinformed—and I wouldn’t be surprised if what he really means is “remaster”—but he sure does sound confident about it