‘Justice League 2’ Filming Delayed So ‘Batman’ Solo Movie Can Film

justice league 2 filming delayed batman solo movie

Hey, the DCU Czars seem to be wising up. At least, at least a little bit? They’ve delayed the filming of Justice League 2 so *the* DCU movie we all want can film. Yeah, buddy. Yeah, breh. That Batman is filming sooner.

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Shane Black wants Dwayne Johnson for the lead in ‘Doc Savage’ adaptation

The Rock

I’m down for anything The Rock does. I’m pretty much also down for anything Shane Black does. So I’m there if the two of them want to combine their powers for a Doc Savage adaptation.

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Rumor: ‘The Force Awakens’ getting post-credits scene ala Marvel, teasing ‘Rogue One’

THe Force Awakens

Well. I suppose it makes sense. Star Wars isn’t just returning. No ma’am. No sir. It’s becoming its own cinematic universe. And with a cinematic universe comes continuous movies. And with continuous movies comes teasers. Stingers. Post-credits sequences to keep us nerds’ seminal fluids sloshing about.

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Rumor: ‘Final Fantasy XII’ remake/remaster is coming


I really enjoyed FFXII. That battle system! That art design! That world! So fuck yeah, I would buy a remaster.

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Rumor: Elektra in ‘Daredevil’ season two, confirmed by audition tapes


It’s pretty much a fucking no brainer to bring Elektra in for Daredevil‘s second season. So, I’m glad that these purported audition tapes confirm that the writing staff is on the same level as me. You know, chubby, irrelevant blogger. But still. Solidarity among us.

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‘Ghostbusters’ movie starring Channing Tatum coming! Directed by Russo Brothers.

Channing Tatum.

Well. This is unexpected. And awesome.

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The best.

This is the True Detective Season 2 that we deserve — nay, need.

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Karl Urban: “Conversations” totally happening about ‘DREDD’ sequel. DON’T FUGGIN TEASE ME BRO.


Karl Urban says that there could be a Dredd sequel. No shit! I mean yeah duh, there’s a Dredd sequel coming alright! It’s called The Raid 2! Ha! Get it? ‘Cause Dredd is basically a rip-off of the wondrous flick The Raid? Eh — who fucking cares. More than enough room in this fanboy heart for both.

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‘EVIL DEAD 4’ is actually ‘ARMY OF DARKNESS 2.’ My boomstick stiffens.

Army of Darkness.

Let there be light! Or at the very least, let there be Army of Darkness 2. Samuel Raimi’s producer has recently let drop that the fourth installment of Evil Dead is actually going to be Army of Darkness 2. Sort of. Please. Yes, please.

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