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‘The Outer Worlds’ is getting story DLC next year! Fuck yes, my friends!

the outer worlds dlc

The Outer Worlds is the best RPG in a hot, hot minute. The best Bethesda title since Skyrim, except it ain’t no Bethesda title. Obsidian putting on a fucking masterclass. And! It’s getting story DLC. The Elder Ones are great.

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‘Ghost of Tsushima’ Trailer: PS4’s samurai epic drops Summer 2020!

Goddamn, fuck! Feels like we’ve been waiting for Ghost of Tsushima. But folks, we now have a date! The motherfucker is dropping next summer! And! We got a sexy new trailer.

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The next Xbox is called “Xbox Series X” and it’s dropping Holiday 2020. I’m fucking ready!

Microsoft has officially revealed its next-gen console, folks. It’s called the Xbox Series X (really as fine as any name), and it’s dropping Holiday 2020. Not only that, but we’ve gotten a look at it! And from a tech fetishist perspective? It’s sexy.

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2K announces there’s a ‘BioShock’ game in development with a new studio helming the project

new bioshock cloud chamber

Apparently, a new BioShock title had been in development for years. That one was canceled, and never announced. However 2K Games has officially announced a new studio has taken on the task, with the title years away.

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Microsoft is planning second next-gen Xbox that’s cheaper and has no disc drive. Different models GET!

Friends, Microsoft’s carrying their multi-model console approach over into the next generation. It’s leaked out that the company ain’t just dropping their beefy, all-powerful next-gen console. Nope! Nope. Additionally, they’re going to be less powerful model, sans disc drive, for less cheddar.  It makes sense! I’m going all-in on the outrageously powerful model. But, it makes sense.

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‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake cover art has leaked prior to its official announcement. And it fucking rules!

resident evil 3 remake artwork playstation network

Amazingly, Resident Evil 3 hasn’t been officially announced yet. You may be forgiven for thinking it has been, given the previous leaks. And! Now this one.

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PlayStation 5 dev kits have leaked and they’re that ugly shape that was rumored, friends

playstation 5 dev kit

PS5 dev kits have leaked, friends! A twitter user dropped a few pictures of them, and, yup, they’re the shape that patents suggested a few months ago. That said, I’d be surprised if the actual consoles share the look.

Hit the jump to check them out!

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Xbox’s next console Project Scarlett won’t do VR because “no one’s asking for it” and I respect that shit

xbox project scarlett no vr

Let’s get it out of the way, you fucking pendants. Surely, some people are asking for VR. But, I’m in support of Microsoft’s decision not to do VR on Project Scarlett. Why? It’ll let the fuckers concentrate on why people buy a new XBOX: the fucking games. It’s a refreshing refocus. You know, after trying to be a jack-of-all-trades at the beginning of this console cycle with a fucking Kinect, and a TV tuner, and other bullshit.

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Amazon may launch cloud gaming service in 2020 with Twitch integration. Your move, shitty Stadia!

amazon cloud gaming service twitch

Google Stadia is a dumpster fire at the moment. Reports of devices overheating. People not getting their access codes. In other words, the perfect moment for Amazon to throw their hat in the ring. And, flexing by bringing Twitch to theirs.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Trailer: A full-fledged VR prequel that hits March 2020. But VR only? Fuck me.

Well, Half-Life: Alyx looks rad. The son of a bitch is hitting March 2020, but you gotta have a VR headset.  And, I ain’t got one of them! So, enjoy it friends that do.

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