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Sony reveals first PlayStation 5 details. Surprise, it’s powerful-as-fuck and supports PS4 backwards compatibility!

sony playstation 5 details

Official PlayStation 5 details, friends! Nothing too surprising. Gotta admit, when I first read the article, I thought Sony mean backwards compatibility with all its devices. But, nope. Just PS4. So I’m a bit disappointed. That said, fuck yeah to more horsepower.

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‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Story Trailer: Trust Only In The Force!

Trailer looks dope! I trust Respawn, the mofuckahs behind Titanfall and Apex Legends. Finally, could we be getting a good Star Wars game?

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Leaked: ‘Star Wars: The Fallen Order’ poster! C’mon, Respawn. Rock our tits!

The Star Wars games, since Disney gave EA the license, have landed somewhere between “eh” and “ass” for most people. That said, I think Respawn is the company that shall reverse the license’s fortunes.

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‘Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’ has sold two-million copies in 10 days. Long live the ‘Soulsborne’ titles!

sekiro 2 million sold

I haven’t played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice yet. But, I’m going to! And I don’t feel guilty about not picking it up yet, cause it’s selling like a motherfucker. Seeing an intensely difficult, niche-ass title selling so well makes me very happy.

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‘Borderlands 3’ may be dropping September 13 and an Epic Games Store exclusive. Thank a deleted tweet for the info, whoops!

borderlands 3 september 13

Borderlands 3-related technical issues seem to be a thing, folks. Last week, Gearbox just flat-out couldn’t get their debut trailer working. That sucked. Now, a deleted tweet may have revealed the title’s release date early. That cool.

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‘Hyper Light Drifter’ getting animated series from ‘Castlevania’ producer. I’m here for this, my dudes

hyper light drifter animated series

Even though I was cool on the second season of Castlevania, I’m still fucking stoked it exists. Therefore, the news that Castlevania Dude is bringing Hyper Light Drifter into the world as an animated series? Fuck yeah.

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‘Borderlands 3’ Trailer: It’s Been So Long, But This Trailer Feels So Good

I got no words, man. This franchise means so much to me, and I’ve waited so long for Borderlands 3. Like, to the point where I actually got teary-eyed during the trailer debut.

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‘Cyber Shadow’ Trailer: A ‘Ninja Gaiden’-esque platformer being published by the ‘Shovel Knight’ folks? Sign me the fuck up.

Cyber Shadow looks fucking squarely within my wheelhouse, friends.

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‘Borderlands 3’ Teaser Trailer: Mayhem Is Coming!

This…this Borderlands 3 teaser trailer is my everything.

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Report: Nintendo is dropping two new Switch models this year and renewing their license to print money

nintendo switch two models

Get them wallets open, Nintendo fuckers. Or, perhaps more timely, prepare to issue forth those memorized credit card digits. The company is dropping two new Switch models this year. One for casuals, one with “enhanced” features.

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