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‘Alan Wake 2’ has reportedly moved into “full production” and fuck yes!

alan wake 2 full production

Oh yes, motherfuckers! Alan Wake has reportedly moved into full production and fittingly my reproduction glands have moved to swollen status. I have been waiting for a sequel to the original for a goddamn decade. Ten fucking years! So this shit can’t come soon enough.

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‘Dead Space’ Remake Official Trailer: Cut Off Their Limbs (Again)

Motherfucking Electronic Arts. Got my fucking head spinning. I’m supposed to hate those fucking developer-destroying dick heads. I mean, the only reason Motive is bringing to life this glorious Dead Space remake is ’cause EA fucking mirked Visceral. At the fucking same time? Goddamn am I ever stoked for this remake. At least Electronic Arts is letting someone revive the fucking stone-cold classic. Let’s go, baby! Isaac Clarke, baby!

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Valve’s Steam Deck handheld PC is dropping in December. Everyone wants in on that Switch hotness!

valve steam deck december

Valve wants in on that fucking Switch hotness. Just dripping in their loins to get in on movingthem units. You can’t blame the pig fuckers either, given Nintendo’s continued success. So this December they’re dropping the Steam Deck, which answers the question “What if there was a Steam Switch?” rather well. I ain’t fucking buying it, but goddamn can I see the appeal.

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‘Starfield’ soundtrack being handled by ‘Fallout’ composer Inon Zur. Man, I need this fucking game!

starfield soundtrack fallout composrer

Bethesda ain’t fucking around with Starfield, and this news is the latest proof. The company is bringing in the renowned Fallout composer to handle the soundtrack. Man, this game is really fucking real. Please, Elder Ones, don’t let this game break my heart. I’ve already suffered Mass Effect: Andromeda and Cyberpunk 2077. I beg you.

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Nintendo’s New OLED Switch is dropping this October. Where’s my fucking Pro?!

nintendo oled switch

Nintendo finally revealed their OLED Switch today. Hey, cool, fine. The bummer for me though? It ain’t the Pro. No 4K. Fuckers. That said, it means I can just go out and grab a Switch this week, given that I don’t have to wait for the Pro model.

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‘Dead Space’ Remake in the works at Motive and is akin to ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake. Fuck yeah!

dead space remake ea motive

We all pretty much knew a Dead Space remake was coming prior to this news. Fuck, I even covered it. However, we know a bit more, and what we have learned has me stoked. The son of a bitch is going to be similar to the Resident Evil 2 remake, which took a lot from its source. Yup! I’m in.

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‘Control’ getting co-op spin-off game. Eh. Also getting a bigger-budget sequel. Hell yeah!

control spin off big budget sequel

I don’t really give a fuck about a Control co-op game, but I could end up eating those words. However, I am deeply, deeply stoked about the bigger-budget sequel that has also been announced. Gimme me all the fucking Control sequels, bro.

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Xbox Game Pass is built into Windows 11. Microsoft fucking going for it!

xbox game pass built into windows 11

Even though I rarely use it, Xbox Game Pass fucking blows my mind. Just the sheer volume of titles to play, across the sheer volume of devices. Now them fuckers at Microsoft are making it even easier to use the service. This shit is gonna be baked directly into Windows 11.

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‘Dead Space’ Revival rumored to revealed at EA Play 2021. Don’t fuck with me. Don’t.

dead space revival ea play 2021

Dead Space and its sequel are two of my favorite games, before EA pushed it into a shitty cover-based shooter. Of course, then they fucking killed Visceral Games, and with it, I thought, hopes for a new title. Not so, if you believe rumors. Indeed, there are murmurings that a Dead Space revival will be shown at the upcoming EA Play 2021. Fucking Hell, I can’t even handle thinking about it.

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‘Resident Evil Village’ getting expansion DLC. Back to that fuckin’ mud town of horrors!

resident evil village expansion dlc

It ain’t a surprise that Resident Evil Village is getting DLC, considering Resident Evil 7 got its fair fucking share. That said, it’s pretty fucking dope news! I’m really enjoying Village, and I’ll definitely contemplate snagging the expansion.

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