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EA has canceled its open-world ‘Star Wars’ game again as it learns absolutely fucking nothing

ea open world star wars game canceled

EA has canceled its open-world Star Wars game, again. My goodness, my gracious. The company looked at the early-in-development title and thought to itself, “we need Star Wars movie sooner than this can yield it” and, yup, dead. EA’s handling of the Star Wars license has been a fucking travesty up until this point, and well. Why change now? Keep churning out half-baked multiplayer titles and deny the public the open-world single-player experience its clamoring for.

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‘Uncharted’ movie snags ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ director Dan Trachtenberg. Super fucking solid choice, IMO

uncharted movie 10 cloverfield lane dan trachtenberg

If the Uncharted movie actually ever enters production, and frankly I’ll be skeptical until it fucking happens, this is a super solid choice for director.

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Sony finally enables ‘Rocket League’ cross-play, glory be!

sony rocket league crossplay

Sony has finally enabled cross-play for Rocket League, folks! While I don’t play the game, I must admit this development makes me happy. Why gate off the community? I mean I know there are a lot of reasons that Sony was gating off the community, but I’m gladdened to see they’ve taken it down.

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Bungie has gained the publishing rights for ‘Destiny’ and left Activision. This can only be a good fucking thing, right?

bungie destiny activision split

Bungie has split with Activision, and they’re taking the mofuckin’ rights to Destiny with them. I don’t hate Destiny, but it’s just never been compelling to me. That said, I’m still excited by this news. Let’s see what Bungie can come up with for the future of the franchise, when they’re not having to answer to Activision and its stockholders on the regular. Right? Maybe?

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Rumor: Infinity Ward is teasing ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4’ with cryptic-ass Twitter teaser

call of duty modern warfare 4

Rumor time, biatch! Infinity Ward is teasing something. What is that something? Good fucking question. Some initially believed it’s a sequel to Ghosts, the universally shat upon installment in the series. That’s been debunked, though. So, folks are speculating that it is, finally, Modern Warfare 4. Hit the jump to check out the teaser.

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The Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling console of this generation in America. I don’t fuck with it, but it’s good news nonetheless

nintendo switch fastest selling generation

Despite not really enjoying it (I sold mine), I respect and appreciate the Nintendo Switch. So, I dig the news that it’s the fastest-selling console of this generation. The gaming world is just more interesting when Nintendo is relevant, right?

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Sony says they know we want single-player games and this is rad as fuck

sony single player games demand

Don’t get me wrong, multiplayer games can be dope. But, after years of catering to that field, companies seem to be getting it. God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spider-Man all have crushed it as single-player experiences this year. Now, Sony has announced they fucking get it — give the people single-player games.

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‘The Outer Worlds’ Trailer: The folks behind ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ take their talents to space

Obsidian, the folks behind Fallout: New Vegas, and the creators of the original Fallout are going to space for their new RPG. And, it looks fucking rad.

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‘Far Cry New Dawn’ Trailer: Finally the series is post-apocalit ???

I fuck with both Far Cry and the post-apocalypse heavy.

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‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3’ Reveal Trailer: Coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2019

First reveal, tonight at the Game Awards!

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