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Sony dropped an insane amount of PlayStation 5 details at a corporate meeting, so check them out right the fuck here!

playstation 5 details

At a corporate strategy meeting yesterday, Sony dropped a fuck-load of PlayStation 5 details. The likes of which you can find below, because I’m too fucking lazy to summarize. As well, as a Sony fanboy, I’m torqued by all this.

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Microsoft and Sony form cloud gaming partnership. Love CAN bloom on the battlefield, friends!

microsoft sony cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is, if not solely the future, at least an integral fucking part of it. Case in point? Microsoft and Sony teaming-up, perhaps in an effort to stave off Google.

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‘World of Warcraft Classic’ is dropping August 27. Molten Core, here we fucking come!

world of warcraft classic august 27

World of Warcraft Classic finally got itself a release date. August 27. Great news for many nerds wanting to play the game when it was far less polished, which they forget because of nostalgia.

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‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Trailer: Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself!

Does this trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake look dope? You fucking bet! Am I excited? You fucking bet! Do I think the game will be good? Not yet! Square has been placed solely in the “Prove It To Me” category for now. I haven’t enjoyed a game of theirs since, what, 2006? But, I’m excited. Please, Square. Prove my skepticism unwarranted.

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Microsoft has patented an XBox controller with braille display. Accessibility++

microsoft xbox braille controller

Microsoft already has an adaptive controller to increase accessibility for gamers. That said, they’re not fucking done. Nope! The company has patented an Xbox controller with a braille display. Pretty gnarly.

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‘Straight Outta Compton’ director is developing a ‘Saints Row’ movie. Get weird, or get out, IMO.

saints row movie

I fuck heavy with Saints Row. However, I really fuck heavy with the third and fourth installments of the franchise. This is when it began to, uh, lose its fucking mind. Therefore, I guess I’m theoretically excited for a Row flick? But, only if it’s got the self-awareness and mania that the latter installments brought.

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Nintendo dropping a cheaper Switch model by end of June. Just when you thought it couldn’t have any less power!

nintendo switch cheaper model june

While I’m steadfastly waiting for a Nintendo Switch which can actually play Breath of the Wild in 480p (lol), the company is rolling out a cheaper, less impressive model. K.

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Capcom is teasing ‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake which makes complete fucking sense

Capcom! They’re teasing a Resident Evil 3 remake. And given the success of RE2make, it makes all the sense in the fucking world.

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Apple is spending a billion dollars on its gaming service. This seems both a colossal amount of money, and reasonable, I guess?

apple billion game service

Apple! They’ve got more money than I got sexual fetishes! So, is it surprising that they’re spending a billion on their gaming service? Nah, not really. At the same time though, that’s a lot of fucking money.

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Capcom Home Arcade is a plug-and-play arcade stick with sixteen classic Capcom games

Capcom looking to get into that mini-console market, motherfuckers!

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