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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ sales hit 25 million, which is both insane, and nothing compared to the sales pace of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

red dead redemption 2 sales 25 million

Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold 25 million copies. Pretty sweet! As well, it has sold 1 million since May. Also, pretty sweet! But, man. When you compare it to GTA V sales? Drops in a bucket. Which is more of a monument to the latter, than a condemnation of the former.

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Huge ‘No Man’s Sky’ update ‘BEYOND’ is dropping August 14, and, again, fuck I need to play it!

no man sky beyond august 14

What the fuck am I waiting for? By all indications, No Man’s Sky is the perfect game for me. Get high, chill out, explore space! Will the upcoming BEYOND update be the moment I jump in? There’s a good possibility.

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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ new Diamond Casino sets biggest single day and week player numbers since launch. Goddamn, this game will never fucking die!

grand theft auto online casino

I’m spellbound by Grand Theft Auto Online. Like, I find the persistent, enormous player base to be interesting as fuck. And the people dedicated to role-playing? Also dope. So, while I’m not playing it, I find the news surrounding this latest update pretty fucking cool.

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Unopened copy of ‘Kid Icarus’ for Nintendo projected to go for $10,000 at auction. That’s a lot of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, my dudes!

kid icarus unopened 10000

I say, goddamn! An unopened copy of Kid Icarus for the original Nintendo has been found. And, the motherfucker is projected to go for $10,000.

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Nintendo Switch has sold 36.87 million fucking consoles, which keeps pace with PS4’s lifetime sales. I say goddamn!

nintendo switch 36.87 million consoles

The Nintendo Switch is an successful motherfucker. Yes, we knew that. But, how fucking successful? It’s lifetime sales pace is keeping up with the PlayStation 4, which has been an absurdly popular console.

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Rumor: Naughty Dog has a new IP in development for PlayStation 5 and I’m fucking here for it

naughty dog new ip

Naughty Dog? New IP for PlayStation 5? Fuck yeah.

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‘Streets of Rage 4′ is bringing back the series’ original composers. The nostalgia is throbbing, dudes!

Streets of Rage 4 is shaping up to be pretty fucking wizard, ain’t it? The gameplay? Dope. And now, the music? Also dope.

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‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ is a cheaper, handheld-only version of the console. Dropping September 20!

Man, I sold my Switch. And, I shouldn’t have. I fucked up, okay! I sold it, and now I miss it. So, I’m patiently waiting for Nintendo to announce their Switch Pro or some shit. They ain’t done that today, but they have announced a new iteration. The Switch Lite, which is pretty much a handheld console. You know, with a fantastic library.

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‘Valfaris’ Trailer: A game that answers the question, what if ‘Contra’ was even MORE FUCKING METAL?!

Aiight, we got Blazing Chrome coming out literally next week. But, that ain’t gonna be the end of  the Contra love letters this year. Place your eyeballs upon this metal-as-fuck game, Valfaris. Holy shit, yes.

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‘Alan Wake’ publishing rights regained by publisher Remedy Entertainment. Give me a fucking sequel, NOW!

alan wake rights remedy entertainment

Man, I fucking love cult classic Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment. But, for years the publishing rights have been held by Microsoft, who seemed deeply not interested in a sequel. However, Remedy got them shits back! So, maybe the sequel is finally coming.

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