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Japanese professor was busted for teaching students how to make Molly. Finally, applicable skills from a classroom

japanese professor molly

A Japanese professor went straight-up Breaking Bad, teaching his students how to make Molly.

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Nintendo dropping a cheaper Switch model by end of June. Just when you thought it couldn’t have any less power!

nintendo switch cheaper model june

While I’m steadfastly waiting for a Nintendo Switch which can actually play Breath of the Wild in 480p (lol), the company is rolling out a cheaper, less impressive model. K.

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China says it will have a Moon base in ten fucking years. Game on, other nations!

china moon base ten years

China ain’t fucking around with the Moon, friends. They’re angling to get their asses established up there as soon as possible. What does this mean? Hopefully, it’ll light a fire under everyone else.

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Watch: Japan has released a video of it bombing that asteroid. 🤘Throw up the horns! 🤘

We all knew that Japan bombed an asteroid. Which, is awesome unto itself. But, getting to see it in action? Doubly awesome. Awesome-aweosme.

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Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Nightmare Alley’ remake is going to star Leonardo DiCaprio. Gimme a hell yeah

guillermo del toro nightmare alley dicaprio

I never saw del Toro’s last movie, Overwrought Symbolism Sexy Fish Time. That said I enjoy the dude a lot, and I’m extremely excited at the prospect of him remaking a 1940s noir with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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NASA is planning on visting a shattered, volcanic asteroid called Psyche. Space is so fucking metal!

nasa psyche spacecraft asteroid

It’s become a refrain of mine, but I’ll stop using it when it stops being true. Space is so fucking metal.  I mean, a shattered, volcanic asteroid? Hell yeah.

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Amazon’s ‘The Dark Tower’ series casts ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jerome Flynn. Fuck yeah to this casting!

the dark tower jerome flynn

Jerome Flynn is awesome in Game of Thrones. And this is coming from a dude who doesn’t fuck with the show heavy. Thus, I’m pretty goddamn stoked Amazon has brought the dude into the Dark Tower series they’re rolling out.

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Capcom is teasing ‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake which makes complete fucking sense

Capcom! They’re teasing a Resident Evil 3 remake. And given the success of RE2make, it makes all the sense in the fucking world.

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City-sized neutron star is blocking the view of our galaxy’s black hole. Bro, move!

city sized star black hole

Not cool, city-sized star. While I appreciate an ultra-dense neutron star the size of Manhattan, I’d also like us to be able to check out our own black hole.

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‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Trailer: An Odd Couple Capable Of Kicking Tremendous Ass

I actually stopped this trailer, because I thought it was showing too much of David Leitch’s patented fantastic ass-kicking scenes (John Wick, Atomic Blonde). I don’t need to see anymore! I don’t need anymore spoiled. I’m ready for this movie.

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