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‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ rights have returned to Wes Craven’s estate. This gotta be a good thing, yes?

nightmare on elm street rights wes craven

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve only recently watched the first three installments. But, I’ll tell you something. I fucking love them. Thus, I’m pretty stoked the creator’s estate have regained the rights.

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Astronomers warn that entire galaxies are being killed. Galactus fucking hungers!

Folks, entire fucking galaxies are being killed. That’s the word from astronomers. And, we all know what this means It’s Galactus. Or, if you prefer The Expanse? It’s whatever wiped out the creators of the protomolecule.

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Possibly: ‘The Last of Us 2’ release date leaked! Dropping February 28, 2020! Plus, Collector’s Edition details!

the last of us 2 release date leak

Oh hell yes, friends! Not only are we getting The Last of Us 2 next year, but we’re getting it relatively fucking soon! That is, if you believe this leak. Which I do, cause usually when retailers fuck up, it’s legit.

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‘The Last of Us 2’ details coming at Sony’s State of Play event next week. Goddamn, we been so patient!

the last of us 2 details september 24

I’m so, so, so fucking ready for The Last of Us 2. When is it coming? We don’t fucking know yet! But, maybe we’ll know next Tuesday.

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‘GLOW’ renewed for fourth and final season. Fuck me, I got to watch the third!

glow renewed fourth season

GLOW is getting a fourth and final season, friends. And while it’s always a bummer that a show is ending, I’d rather it end while it’s still getting pops. As opposed to, you know, going out on its back.

Those are wrestling puns.

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Streaming tonight! Special fucking night! Same fucking time! 10 pm Eastern!

streaming tongiht friday sept 20

It’s Friday! But, we’re streaming! Change of night for the week! Hope to still see you there! Playing Donkey Kong Country 2, talking horror movies, video games, and probably about butts.

Oh, and if this isn’t convenient for you, blame Bateman. Kid is a prick.

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KFC is testing out the “chicken donut” sandwich and we deserve our calamitous fate

kfc chicken donut

KFC is testing out a motherfucking chicken donut sandwich, and it’s exactly what you’d imagine. Shit like this? Man, it makes me think the asteroid should hurry the fuck up.

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Chuck Palahniuk’s novel ‘Invisible Monsters’ being adapted for TV by ‘Legion’ writer Jennifer Yale

chuck palahniuk invisible monsters tv

Chuck P, baby! Used to be my absolute fucking favorite. And still, he’s close to my heart. That’s despite him being a bit edge-lord, a bit grumpy pants. So, how do I feel about Invisible Monsters being adapted? Cautiously optimistic!

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Space Swoon: Astronomers have taken a photo of mysterious interstellar object!

photo interstellar object

Fucking hell yeah! Astronomers have snapped a photo of that mysterious-as-fuck interstellar comet. And? It ain’t much, but it’s pretty rad. Especially when you put in perspective.

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‘Fargo’ Season 4 casts ‘Justified’ star Timothy Olyphant in a recurring role. Hell fucking yes.

fargo season 4 timothy olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is going to be up in that Fargo season 4 shit. I say, goddamn. One of my favorite actors joining one of my favorite shows? I’m stoked.

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