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WHAT-UP? Streaming some Dead Cells tonight, baby! Join us, you jabronis!

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Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano contract is for multiple Disney+ shows. All the Ahsoka Tano, baby!

rosario dawson ahsoka tano contract multiple shows

It appears that Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano contract is similar to her Claire Temple deal with the Marvel shows on Netflix. In other words, it spans multiple television shows. Which means we will be seeing a lot of fan favorite Tano on Disney Plus. Sounds fucking rad to me!

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First Look: Check out the DualSense, the PlayStation 5’s redesigned controller. It’s weird, but I can fuck with it!

sony playstation 5 dualsense

The PlayStation 5 got itself a remarkably new controller, the DualSense. You can definitely see vestiges of the DualShock 4 in its design. However, it’s the largest departure for the company in a hot minute.

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Monday Morning Commute: and we’re all very tired

monday morning commute and we're all very tired

Goddamn, if I don’t feel like MacReady these days. Like, my body may very well lay in bed for eight hours every night. Maybe more! But, fuck me sideways. Whatever I’m engaging in certainly isn’t restful sleep. Probably getting in some good core workouts though, whilst I slumber. Motherfucking tossing! Motherfucking turning! Just fucking tired, man. And while I can wear my faithful baseball cap to cover my bedhead, I can’t hide these bags under my eyes from coworkers and students.

Eh, fuck it! It’s a pandemic. If bags under my eyes are the greatest of my physical concerns, I’ll jot myself down as blessed.

Anyways, this is Monday Morning Commute! You know the motherfucking drill! I’ll share what I’m partaking in, to distract and titillate myself. Then, you’ll join me in the comments. Sharing your own distractions, distinctions, and diatribes.

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Living microbes deep beneath Earth seafloor points to hopeful possibility of life on Mars

mars living microbes deep beneath seafloor life

A shit load of microbes have been found living in clay-rich rocks on the Pacific seafloor. Why give a shit about this? Probably myriad reasons, but most importantly for us space nerds? Speaks to the same possibility existing on Mars!

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‘Resident Evil 8’ is reportedly dropping next year and features first-person gameplay and serious departures from the series. Aiight, aiight!

resident evil 8 next year first person

The Resident Evil 8 rumor mill is up and fucking running, friends. The current buzz has the title dropping next year, and featuring first-person gameplay. Which, I mean, was featured in Resident Evil 7. But, I’m interested to see how the “serious departures” from the franchise will be received by the faithful.

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Streaming tonight! Special pandemical time! 9pm eastern!

‘Ant-Man 3’ brings on ‘Rick and Morty’ writer to pen the script. This absolutely fucking rules.

ant man 3 rick and morty writer

Ant-Man! An exceptionally goofy, fun movie franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rick and Morty! Clever, irreverent, fun. I’m completely on board with Ant-Man 3 being written by a dude behind Rick and Morty.

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Weekend Open Bar: Dr. Fauci’s Houseparty!

weekend open bar dr faucis house party (1)

We’re all living within Dr. Fauci’s houseparty, baby! I got to say, fucking kudos to the absolute force of a man. Being able to persuade the Rotten Orange into issuing decrees (albiet tardily) that he clearly didn’t want to is impressive. Will he win the push for a federal lockdown? Who knows! But, dude has clearly persuaded most states into chilling at home. If I’m even half as cogent as dude is at the age of 79, I’ll consider if a flat-out, nipple-stiffening victory. As an aside, man, can you really contemplate what your nipples and genitals are going will like at that age? Fauci, though? I bet dude has huge balls, though. Cannonballs.

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Marvel Studios releases a fuckload of new release dates for its movies including ‘Black Widow’, ‘The Eternals’ and others

marvel studios new release dates black widow the eternals

Marvel Studios has released a fuckload of new release dates. ‘Cause, you know, fucking COVID-19. Black Widow is now dropping in November, which feels somewhat sane. This punts The Eternals to February, taking Shang-Chi‘s slot. And pretty much down the calendar the MCU movies are pushed. Not surprising.

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