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Taika Waititi met with Ryan Gosling, and which has prompted rumor about him being ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ villain. Fucking give me this!

thor 4 ryan gosling villain

I fucking love Ryan Gosling. I fucking love Taika Waititi. I fucking love Thor. Let’s bring all these sexy motherfuckers together. Please?

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‘Halo Infinite’ creative director quits, after being reassigned. Ain’t that grand news for the incredibly important title!

Halo Infinite has lost its creative director. After they were reassigned. But, no pressure, Halo Infinite. Microsoft has merely hyped you up as the very important launch title for their next console. No pressure! Things seem to be going swimmingly for you, anyways.

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Blizzard warns that ‘WoW: Classic’ realm queues will be starting at 10,000. Have with that fun, friends!

wow classic 10000 queue

I don’t think I’m going to play WoW: Classic. I could be wrong. But, I think most people who are excited by it are chasing a nostalgia-high that won’t last long when met with the actual content. That said? I certainly won’t be trying it right away. 10,000 person queue? Holy fuck.

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Tonight! 10 pm! Playing Katana Zero! Talking Trash!

‘Birds of Prey’ getting new action sequences courtesy of ‘John Wick’ director. This is ineffably fucking awesome, dudes

birds of prey john wick director

As far as I’m concerned, Chad Stahelski is directing the best action sequences right now in American cinema. Like, fuck yeah. So, bringing the dude in to punch-up Birds of Prey? Hachi Machi.

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‘Mortal Kombat’ reboot adds ‘Black Mirror’ actor Ludi Lin as Liu Kang. Should we be stoked for this movie yet? Or nah?

ludi lin mortal kombat cast

want to be excited for the Mortal Kombat movie. Like, a lot. Are they ever going to top Christopher Lambert as Raiden? Of course not. But the casting for this shit seems to be shaping up so far. First, it was The Raid star Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero. And now? Black Mirror actor Ludi Lin as Liu Kang.

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Microsoft ain’t working on a streaming-only Xbox, despite what we all heard this year. Personally? I don’t give a shit.

microsoft not streaming xbox

Friends, the streaming revolution ain’t arriving as soon as we expected. Sure, Google has revealed Stadia. But, neither Sony nor Microsoft is ready to go in dick-first. At least not quite yet. This isn’t a surprise on Sony’s part. However, everyone was readying themselves at E3 for Microsoft’s Big Streaming Reveal. And that shit didn’t happen, and apparently won’t be anytime soon.

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OL Turns Ten-Years Old Today, Goodness Gracious!

ol turns 10

OL turns 10 today. Good god, friends. I knew it was coming, but it’s still incredible to me. Ten fucking years! Ten years.

In some ways, man. Life is exactly the same for me — still absolutely hyped about shit I enjoy, still puerile. Though, I definitely talk about jizz a little less.

In some ways, man. Life is completely different for me. At its inception, I was a starving graduate student with a girlfriend who was too good for me. Using student loans to buy groceries. Now I’m married to said girlfriend, actually got a job. House. A dog. Boring as fuck and loving it. I’m stable! Relatively.

More than anything, I’m grateful-as-fuck for everyone who has ever contributed to the cosmos-spanning madness that is OL. To everyone who has written for OL, who has commented, who has shared or liked an article or meme.

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Space Swoon: Hubble captures a gorgeously gassy star!

hubble star gas glow

Oh hell yeah! More gorgeous imagery courtesy of Hubble, one of the hardest working motherfuckers in the game. I mean, it’s a telescope. But still.

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Probably: Ewan McGregor officially returning as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a Disney+ series. Fuck yeah, dudes!

ewan mcgregor obi wan disney series

Ewan McGregor is either “in talks” or “certain” to return to the role of Obi-Wan for a Disney+ series, so yeah, this is happening. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the reveal is dropped at the upcoming D23.

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