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‘Assassin’s Creed’ live-action series diving onto Netflix. Get it? Like, diving? Eh whatever the fuck!

assassin's creed netflix live-action

Can Assassin’s Creed follow-up The Witcher as Netflix’s next great video game adaptation? I’m not sure! But, we’re all about to find out together. How do I feel about this shit? Pretty optimistic, honestly. I don’t know if I’ll fuck with it, but Netflix’s floor is pretty high when it comes to quality.

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ has been delayed again, this time until December 10. This fucking game, dudes.

Man, Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed again. This shit is almost comical at this point. The title has been pushed back another 21 days, this time until December 10. For fuck’s sake. How many times has this shit been delayed?! Does it even exist? Is it a fever dream of mine?

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Monday Morning Commute: This Is The Way (Calories & Pop Culture)

monday morning commute this is the way

This is the way, motherfuckers! Or at least, it seems to keep me going. Eating food, and basking in the delights of pop culture. Cause let me tell you, it’s rough sledding for this dude these days. Like, an actual thought I had this morning as I prepared to teach?  At my computer desk? Again? I thought to myself, it feels like going back to prison.

Holy moly! What a fucking awful thought. A prison sentence, albeit with fellow inmates I enjoy. However, a prison sentence none the less. I hadn’t sat at the desk all weekend, and as I steeled myself to sit down, I realized how much I was dreading it. Right in the bubble guts. Right in the scrotum of my soul.

But, at least I can kick it with you fucks. And, at least there’s some shit I’m looking forward to this week. You know, the pop culture delights that’ll sustain me, as the weather unravels. As the days darken. So, I’m about to enumerate that bullshit for you, and I hope you’ll join me in the comments.

This is Monday Morning Commute!

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Oscar Isaac in talks to star in ‘Moon Knight’ series at Disney Plus. Man, oh man, fuck yes.

moon knight oscar isaac disney plus

Jesus fucking Christ, this is amazing news. Oscar Isaac is in talks to star in the Moon Knight series on Disney Plus. Like, fuck. Too good, too good.

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NASA announces that there’s water all over the Moon. That crusty old thing surprises!

nasa moon evidence of water

NASA has dropped their big announcement regarding the Moon. And? Turns out there’s evidence of water all over that motherfucker! Like, they’ve even detected water molecules on the surface.

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Xbox head Phil Spencer teases xCloud streaming stick. Microsoft fucking gets the future, dudes.

xbox xcloud streaming stick

The head of Xbox is teasing an XCloud streaming stick, not unlike an Amazon Fire stick. This strikes me deeply, deeply as the future of gaming. Streamed to any device, free from physical hardware limitations. As a Sony fanboy, I really wonder what the fuck the company is up to, while Microsoft is making moves like this.

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Stabbing this Saturday’s stream! Back next Wednesday!

Hey all! Bags and I are taking tonight off from streaming, got that UFC and horror movie action. We’ll see you next Wednesday at 9!

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Netflix and Apple may be looking to land Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ in silly money bidding war

netflix apple streaming rights bond no time to die

If you believe one industry insider (laugh at the terminology, whatever, suck it), Netflix and Apple are throwing around silly money. Like, okay, they always are? But in this particular case? The companies are flexing their financial nipples in an attempt to land Daniel Crag’s last Bond flick, No Time To Die.

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David Fincher says ‘Mindhunter’ is probably dead and I fucking hate this development

david fincher mindhunter dead

Citing a big budget, and low viewership, David Fincher has announced that Mindhunter is probably dead. Man, fuck this noise. The show is fantastic, and I curse every single slob who passed on it to watch, like, You or something.

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‘Uncharted’ set photos offer look at Tom Holland as Young Nathan Drake. And? Dude looks good!

Man, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening! It’s been in development for, like, 99% of OL’s existence. That said? Tom Holland looks good as young Nathan Drake in this set photo. Or at the least, not actively bad. IMO, IMO, of course.

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