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NASA planning to launch Artemis I Moon mission in February 2022. Let’s get this shit going!

nasa artemis 1 february 2022

Listen, if we’re going to land humans on the Moon in 2024, we gotta get this shit going. One of the first steps? Sending Artemis I up to the Moon in February 2022 for an unmanned mission.

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Hayden Christensen coming back as Anakin Skywalker for ‘Ahsoka’ series. Continue the Redemption Tour!

hayden christensen anakin skywalker ahsoka series

I’m all for the various actors of the Prequel Trilogy embarking on Redemption Tours in the Star Wars universe. Especially Hayden Christensen, who is officially a part of the Ahsoka series. The cast was done dirty by shitty directing, limp scripts, and, you know, an ass story. Unless you like the Prequels, in which case I’m sorry for your open head wounds, and I imagine you’re excited about this too.

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Most powerful space telescope ever will look into the “dark ages” of the universe. Careful, brother!

james webb telescope dark ages universe

We must be careful when we peer into dark ages of the universe with the most powerful space telescope ever. For when we do, that motherfucker will peer back. Seriously though, I’m fucking stoked for what the James Webb telescope is gonna discover.

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New Brain Implant let blind woman “see” without eyes. The future is fucking wild

brain implant blind see without eyes

The future is here, motherfuckers. It just ain’t evenly distributed or fully appreciated. Case-in-fucking-point? A new brain implant has let a blind woman “see” for the first time in sixteen years. Just flat out fucking amazing. Will we really appreciate how fucking wild this is? Nah!

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‘Mythic Quest’ has been renewed for Season 3 and 4. We can have nice things!

mythic quest renewed for season 3 and 4

Mythic Quest lives, motherfuckers! Eternal, like the MMO that inspired me. The show has been officially renewed for Season 3 and Season 4.

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Remastered ‘GTA Trilogy’ Trailer: Dropping November 11. If only I had the fucking time!

The GTA Trilogy has gotten itself a trailer and a release date, fuckers! The son of a bitch is dropping digitally on November 11, with a physical release to follow on December 7. Man, just ain’t no fucking time for this shit in my life. Just none at all. Too many cookies to eat, too many games in my backlog to play. That said, I think it looks pretty fucking solid, man. How about you? Heading back to Vice City? Do some blow, buy some clubs, bask in the neon glory? Fucking do it. Do it for me.

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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 is finished shooting according to Brian Tyree Henry. Gimme dat!

atlanta season 3 finished filming

Man, it’s been fucking eons since Atlanta season 2 fucking concluded. Eons! But, the wait seems to finally be fucking coming to an end. According to none other than Paperboi himself, the third season is finished. Goddamn, fuck yes! The show has only been getting better and better as it dares to get weirder and weirder, and I’m here for it. What the fuck do they have up their sleeve next? Ain’t got no clue, speculating seems pointless, but I’m stoked to get to the reveal.

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Warner Bros. teases that ‘Dune 2’ is going to happen and its about fucking time its confirmed!

warner bros teases dune 2 happening

I gotta fucking tell you, this news about Dune 2 happening couldn’t have come at a better time. You see, I’m seeing the movie tonight, and the uncertainty surrounding a second part has muted my enjoyment. But now? Fuck yes, let’s go!

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‘Mob Psycho 100’ Season 3 Trailer: Mob! Mob!

Man, I fucking love Mob Psycho 100. Little fucker’s disaffection and desire to kick ass speaks volumes to my disaffected ass. Mob, you little prick! You’ve been missed, and now you’re officially coming back. Let’s fucking party. Telekinesis style. Level some fucking builds and eat some ramen together.

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Jupiter’s moon Europa has water vapor! Only on one side, but let’s not get picky!

stable water vapor jupiter moon europa

Listen, why any motherfuckers focusing on the “only on one side” portion of this story? Silly! Dumb! Instead, let’s be stoked that fucking water vapor has been found on Europa.

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