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Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series is only going to be one standalone season. Fuck yeah, keep it tight and focused!

obi wan kenobi series one season 2021 ewan mcgregor

I love it tight! I love it focused! Thus, I obviously love the news that the Obi-Wan Kenobi series is only going to run one standalone season. At least, as it stands.

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‘Dune’ Trailer: A gorgeous and foreboding preview and I have no idea how this movie got made

Man, they finally dropped the first trailer for Dune. Now admittedly, I haven’t read the book. But this trailer is fucking gorgeous. It’s also spell-bindingly esotetic, and I have no idea how it was made. This gorgeous, dark motherfucker cost $150 million. Like, okay! I’m more than stoked, but I balk at the idea that it’s going to drag in enough of Joe and Pam Mainstreet to make its money back.

Still glad it exists, though!

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No streaming this week! Stay strong, we’ll be back next week!

Hey all, we’re taking the week off from streaming. Truthfully, I probably need it mentally, given that it’s the first week of classes. But, real life is also intervening. Tonight, Bags and I have a fantasy football draft, and Saturday the dude has a wedding.

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Microsoft’s cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Series X is only $300. Begun, the pricing wars have!

microsoft confirms 300 dollars xbox series s

After a fucking deluge of leaks, Microsoft has revealed the price of its cheaper Next-Gen Xbox, the Xbox Series X. The motherfucker is a mere $300! However, man, I ain’t interested. I want my next-gen to be thick. Beefy. Hearty. Tell me the fucking price of the Xbox Series X and PS5, please.

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So These Are Comic Books (09.02.2020) – The Only Good God Is A Dead God

so these are comic books - september 2

Aw shit, motherfuckers! Flick the lights back on, and flick your bean, I’m back! You see what that is? A little mania to spice up the fact that my bi-polar ass took some time off from this column! A little sleight of hand that I’ve revealed, by acknowledging my sleight of hand! Anyways, I’m freshly back from the comic shop! Where I snagged a couple comics, lamented the selling out of a couple comics, and generally enjoyed my Saturday jaunt.

I gotta say, comic books are a real great litmus test for my mental health. As a dude with anxiety, the prospect of trying to find sold out issues, catch-up on titles I’m interested in but have been running for a couple of years can really serve as a gauge for how I’m doing. Am I overwhelmed by the situation? Whelp, it’s that time of year where Ian is eating too much pizza, drinking too many energy drinks, and vibrating in sadness. Am I invigorated by this new world to explore? Whelp, it’s that time of year where Ian is working out, drinking water, and vibrating in happiness.

Where am I write now? Somewhere in-between! And I hope to find you full-hogged, flush-cheeked, and excited to Dance The Dance De La Comic Book with me!

So These Are Comic Books, baby!

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Weekend Open Bar: September.

weekend open bar september

Hey, friends! It’s September, and I hope you’re all settling into the transitioning of seasons. As well, apologies for not penning columns as of late. Or, rather, typing. You know. Whatever the case, transmuting thoughts into symbols which make sense to you all. I’m just in a fucking funk, man. And when that shit happens, my expression-based faculties wither. Don’t wanna do anything other than fall inwards! That said, I’m hoping to blast out the comic books column this weekend, and high-five you fuckers in here.

The source of the malaise? Asides from Dead Cells? I think it’s emanating from a general sense of anxiety about teaching online, and the sadness that comes with it. Just not stoked, man. At all!

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The Winamp Skin Museum is a glorious, nostalgia-filled romp through the golden years

winamp skin museum

Man, remember Winamp skins? I spent so, so, so many fucking hours picking the right one. And then the poor son of a bitch was cast aside. However, if you’re like me, you can browse the Winamp Skin Museum. It’s a fantastic trip down memory lane.

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Nintendo remastering ‘Super Mario 64’, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Galaxy’ for Switch for ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’ to celebrate plumber’s 35th anniversary

super mario 3d all stars galaxy 64 nintendo switch remaster

Man, this is a fucking bundle of wonderfulness, no? Nintendo dropping Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy in one meaty bundle. It’s called Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and it’s to celebrate the motherfucker turning 35.

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Carpenter’s ‘Escape From New York’ and ‘The Fog’ scores both getting vinyl reissues. I need a fucking record player, man

escape from new york the fog vinyl issues

Another post about some sweet ass soundtrack getting a vinyl reissue. Another post where I note that I wish I had a record player. This time? There are multiple culprits behind my wistfulness! Carpenter’s Escape From New York and The Fog.

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Astronomers say they’ve spotted the most massive merger of two black holes ever. A mere 7 billion years ago!

astronomers spotted most massive black hole merger ever

A fucking squad of flat-out rad astronomers have observed something insane. They’ve spotted the most massive merger of two black holes. Like, ever! In fact, one of the enormous-ass space objects sported the mass of 85 Suns. Mind-bending shit, dudes.

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