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‘Doom Eternal’ has been moved back to March, 2020 and now my fucking winter is ruined

doom eternal march 2020

FUCK. Man. Doom Eternal is more or less the only game I was sweating this winter. And now? Well, fuck. It ain’t dropping in November. Nope. It’s dropping in the crowded-ass Spring of 2020.

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New PlayStation 5 details have arrived. Dropping late in 2020, with a new UI, revamped controller, and more!

playstation 5 2020

Some new PlayStation 5 details for us slobs who are jonesing. The motherfucker has been officially confirmed to be dropping next year! A revamped controller! A new user interface! Give me all this shit.

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‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is going to feature the return of Wedge Antilles. Played by original actor. Oh, fuck yes!

wedge antilles the rise of skywalker

Listen, if the Skywalker Saga is coming to an end, it’s fucking appropriate that we get all them classic characters back. I mean, we knew Lando was returning. But, now we know Wedge is returning. Oh fuck yes.

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Streaming tonight! Trash Lords Unite! 10 pm eastern!

‘The Expanse’ Season 4 Trailer: Life beyond the Ring Gate!

A trailer for The Expanse Season 4! But, I ain’t watching it. Despite the show having not passed where I am in the book series, I still don’t want to check this shit. Nope! Not until I finish the third season. Still though, I can’t wait for it to return.

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Times Square gets ‘They Live’ Trump billboard thanks to crowdfunding. Well done, public.

they live times trump billboard

There is a They Live billboard in Times Square, featuring Trump, that Orange Fuck himself. It’s up thanks to crowdfunding, which is doubly amazing.

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ coming to PC on November 5! ‘Yeehaw Skyrim’ for all!

red dead redemption 2 pc

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC! Man, I really, really enjoyed the title. In fact, I spent hundreds of hours in it. That said, I don’t blame anyone who found it boring, or plodding. Now after a year, a whole new crop of gamers are either going to lose their lives as they’re sucked into the world, or lose their mind at its slow-ass nature and asstacular controls.

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Japanese scientists have created artificial blood that could be used on any patient. Gimme a hell yeah for science!

artificial blood any patient

Fuck yeah, science! Fuck yeah, medicine! Japanese scientists have created an artificial blood that could be used on any patient. Like, goddamn future.

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‘Death Stranding’ Trailer: Sam versus a fucking huge Monster

Here’s a new trailer for Kojima’s next jam. It features more of Death Stranding‘s world. Absolutely no clarity! And a big fucking monster.

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Sony has made PlayStation 4 cross-play features to all developers. About fuckin’ time, no?

ps4 crossplay

Folks, Sony’s PlayStation 4 cross-play features are apparently out of beta. And with that development? The company is now making the features available to all developers. As someone who wants to sit his ass in front of his 4K TV and play with his PC friends, this is great news.

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