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Apple’s 2019 Gaming Revenue Beat Out Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony combined. Holy fuck.

apple gaming revenue beat sony microsoft nintendo combined

You know, I don’t really think of Apple as a gaming company. But, that failure is probably due to my own antiquated idea of what constitutes a gaming company. That fucking shit is on me, and I gotta correct it. ‘Cause man are they into gaming, and man do they make a fuckload of money off of it.

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Beat Takeshi’s car was attacked by dude with a pickax. Which is the most Beat Takeshi headline ever.

beat takeshi car pickax

How fucking Beat Takeshi is it that his car was attacked with a pickax? I mean, outrageously so. Listen, we can joke about it because Takeshi is okay and the universe is dark.

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NASA is testing electric “air taxis” and here’s the fucking future I was promised!

nasa test flight air taxi

Where the fuck is my fucking jet pack? We were promised jet packs! Instead, we got climate crisis!  This ain’t the future pop culture promised! I mean, the only time travel we fucking got is Texas hurtling backwards in time! However, apparently it ain’t all dogshit. Motherfucking NASA is testing electric air taxis, and, okay, this is dope.

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Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix Horror Anthology series has an official name and absolutely stacked fucking cast!

guillermo del toro netflix horror anthology

Man, I didn’t even know del Toro was working on an anthology series for Netflix! But the glorious motherfucker most definitely is and it’s got a glorious title and cast. The series will be titled Cabinet of Curiosities, and you can drink in the cast below.

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Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions making TV shows for Universal now. Consolidation, baby!

jordan peele monkeypaw productions tv shows

Jordan Peele’s own movies and Monkeypaw Production flicks have been released through Universal. However, his TV-bound shit has been distributed through a variety of platforms. No longer, motherfuckers! Dude has signed a TV deal with Universal, consolidating his dope-ass shit under one roof. Normally I wouldn’t have a take on some sort of deal like this, but HBO cancelled Lovecraft Country, so fuck them sideways.

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Dude uses AI to give ‘Street Fighter V’ characters human faces. Haunting shit, dudes.

street fighter v ai human faces

Some dude has used an artificial intelligence called StyleCLIP to give Street Fighter V characters human faces. The results are fucking mixed, but I’m deeply, deeply on board with Guile as portrayed by fucking Gary Busey.

Hit the jump for more info and the Twitter thread!

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Hacker brings Google Maps to the NES. Yes, the fucking NES

hacker google maps nes

There’s no good goddamn reason to bring Google Maps to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Okay? I get it. That said, I still heavily fuck with this sort of oddity.

Hit the jump for more info and his YouTube video.

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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 has been greenlit at Netflix. Cool, but let’s end this shit soon, k?

cobra kai season 5

Cobra Kai is getting a Season 5, folks. This is good news, but I want them to wrap this shit up. Don’t get me wrong, I fuck heavy for Cobra Kai, but I fuck with it less heavy every season. Like, the more stalling you to do complete Johnny et. al’s arc, the more stale it will feel. A significant portion of Season 3 felt like treading water, and I’d rather have less Cobra Kai than more Cobra Kai if it means that sort of bullshit.

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Scientists identify new class of planet with massive oceans possibly home to alien life!

scientists ocean worlds alien life

Scientists are like, we need to get the fuck outta here. We gotta find some habitable fucking planets. Well, they’ve found some massive ass ocean worlds. Good job, dorks. Good job, eggheads. Just kidding, I fucking love ya’ll. Now these planets. Do they have life? Perhaps! Could they support our life? Not sure! None the less, meet these fucking “Hycean” planets!

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Michael Caine says he once spent eight years trying not to blink. Absolute fucking madman, no?

michael caine eight years not blinking

Apparently motherfucking Michael Caine spent eight years trying not to blink. With this news stuffed into my gullet, I’d like to think this project is why he was so gloriously fucking unhinged in On Deadly Ground. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, that movie is a fucking delight.

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