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‘Diablo II’ celebrates 20th anniversary today. My word, where have the days gone?

diablo 2 20th anniversary

No real need for a clever title, dudes. Diablo 2 celebrating its 20th anniversary today is fucking wild. Like, I distinctly remember that summer as though it was yesterday. Pouring a flat out insane amount of hours into that title with friends. Grinding for hours. Gambling like a motherfucker. Punctuating play sessions with Wendy’s fast good and heavy metal. Good, good fucking times.

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AMC has pushed its reopening date to July 30. Fellas, you may just want to fucking wait before choosing a date.

amc theaters reopening date july 30

AMC intended to reopen July 15. However, the chain has pushed the date to July 30. Given, you know, COVID cases fucking spiking across the country and globe. And with things absolutely fucked, I bet they have to push it back again. Might just want to hold off on a firm date, my dudes.

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NASA says the oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa may be habitable. Wait, fucking what?

europa jupiter moon habitable

You know, with Reality on Fire, it’s easy to miss dope news like this. Check this shit out. The oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa? May be fucking habitable.

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Monday Morning Commute: Meditation and Magic

monday morning commute meditation and magic

It’s Tuesday, somewhere. It’s Tuesday, here! But, is it really Tuesday here? Who knows when you’re accessing this. Or, how you’re accessing this. From a phone, in 2025? From the past, via a digital-psychic projection? Are you wallowing in flesh-bound linear timespace? Or, have you transcended? Am I even fucking alive when you read this? Am I even alive right now, as I type this/typed this/will be typing this? Man, I don’t fucking know.

What do I know? That I’m lucky enough to have a place to vomit about space. What do I know? That I’m lucky enough to have you fellow fellows who are willing to engage in my hippie stupidity! What do I know? That I’m about to share what I’m looking forward to this week, and then I’m going to humbly request you join me in the comments section!

How the fuck does that sound? Did that sound? Will that sound? Hopefully good/good/good!

This is Monday Morning Commute.

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Weekend Open Bar: JCVDamn it feels good!

Greetings and well-tidings, motherfucker! The All-Father himself has graced the post’s image this weekend! And that? It can only mean good things! How are you all, fellas? I apologize for going in absentia on Monday, but you know how it is! Oh, you don’t? Just busy, dudes. Teaching can be a real son of a bitch! Of course, we’re talking strictly time-wise. I love teaching, legit.

But, I’m here now! Fucking sweating! Fucking grooving! Ready to kickoff another weekend during this summer, during this pandemic, during this journey on Earth during the End of Days! I know, that got a bit morbid! However, all you motherfuckers can cheer me up!

How? By shooting the shit right here this weekend! At the Open Bar! It ain’t exactly the Gathering of the Juggalos (though ICP seems eerily progressive and pro-science these days), but we are definitely a collection of castaways, weirdos, and otherwise fantastical beasts. And I mean this in the best way possible!

So, let’s hang out this weekend! What are you playing? Some glorious misery porn in The Last of Us Part II? You watching anything? I just finished Mr. Robot, and I wholeheartedly recommend it! Or, perhaps you’re our own Eduardo Pluto! Quietly endeavoring to finish The Stand before me!

Whatever the case, let’s fucking party!

George A. Romero’s restored lost movie ‘The Amusement Park’ is almost ready for release!

george a romero lost film ready for release

That lost movie of George A. Romero? The Amusement Park? It’s almost fucking ready for release, my friends!

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Scientists have now mapped 20 percent of the ocean floor! Wait, that’s it? Creatures lurking!

scientists mapped 20 percent ocean floor

I know we’re supposed to be like: fucking sweet, scientists have mapped 20% of the ocean floor. However, man! That means there’s 80% still not mapped. What horrors and thrills lie below?!

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Nolan’s blockbuster ‘Tenet’ delayed yet again, this time until August 12. Bro, just stop dating it for fuck’s sake

tenet delayed august 2020

Tenet‘s been delayed again, folks! August 12! This must deeply frustrate Extremely Humble Director Christopher Nolan, who wants Tenet to be the movie that saves movie theaters. No, seriously. And it’s led to him pressuring WB to release the movie this summer. But, the result of all that shit? The flick getting continuously delayed, as COVID lights our social lives on fire. Almost fucking comical at this point, right? Like, fellas. Just give it a date when everything isn’t coming apart at the seams.

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ anime coming from ‘Kill la Kill’ and ‘Gurren Lagann’ studio. This is so fucking choice!

Holy gloriously swollen-taint, friends! My favorite anime studio is bringing a Cyberpunk 2077 anime to Netflix. Like, I say goddamn!

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CERN has approved the plans for a $23 billion, 62-mile long super-collider. Study that Higgs boson, fellas!

cern new super collider 62 miles long

CERN has approved the plans for a new super-collider, friends. And this one? It’s fucking four times bigger than the existing one. 62 miles long! They’re getting ready to study that Higgs boson with even more fucking precision.

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