‘The Quiet Place 2’ looks to add ‘Atlanta’ star Brian Tyree Henry. Well, I guess I’m interested!

the quiet place 2 brian tyree henry

How do you get me to care about the sequel to overrated, tepid-as-fuck movie The Quiet Place? Add a star from one of my favorite television shows. Brian Tyree Henry.

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‘Uncharted’ movie starring Tom Holland finally has a release date. No, really. December 18, 2020.

uncharted movie 2020

Wait, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening? I mean, I guess I believe it? It’s starring Tom Holland. Which as much as I like the guy as Spider-Man is whatever. But, it’s being directed by the dude behind 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg. Which is dope.

Pencil me in for cautiously optimistic.

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NASA is opening the International Space Station to tourists. I’m currently accepting donations, my friends.

Goddamn, would it make my life to spend a night at the International Space Station.

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Omega Plays: Dead Cells – The Pros and Cons of Crapping Your Pants, Obviously.

Official ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ poster is rad as fuck, I can’t wait for this movie

official wonder woman 1984 poster

I enjoyed Wonder Woman. I fuck heavy with obnoxious colors. And, I fucking love the 1980s. This poster is perfect for me.

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Google Stadia prices and games leak ahead of E3 event. Dropping this November, newer games must be bought!

google stadia pricing release

This is good, real good, this Google Stadia leak. ‘Cause I didn’t want to sit through a fucking bloat presentation for these details.

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Amazon announces their Prime Air drone could start 30-minute deliveries within months. Welcome to the ‘Black Mirror’ apocalypse!

If civilization is ending, which it seems it is these days, at least it’s going out as an episode of Black Mirror. Corporations not just ruining the seas, but also filling the air.

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Wednesday Afternoon Commute: Take a fucking breath!

monday morning commute take a breath

I’m late, but I’m here, motherfuckers! Here with another Monday Morning Commute! The weekly catch-all column where we (usually just me screaming into the wind, tbh) gather to share what we’ve have been enjoying the past week. What we’re going to be enjoying this week. And, generally just fucking around. I’ll go first, because I’m tardy as fuck. But, I hope you’ll join me in the comments section. Let’s go, comrades!

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‘Bill & Ted 3’ casts Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving as their kids. Parenthood is most gnarly, I guess?

bill and ted 3 brigette lundy paine samara weaving

Most unexpected development, my dudes! In their third movie, Bill and Ted are fathers!

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Chandra observatory detects mass coronal ejection from another star. Just spewing its fucking space guts!

chandra mass coronal ejection star

The Chandra observatory has picked up another star just absolutely spewing its space guts. Yup, it detected a coronal mass ejection from a star other than our own.

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