#Welcome To the Future

New machine on the International Space Station is going to turn trash into “ink” for 3D Printer aboard the station. The future fucking rules, dudes.

new machine iss ink 3d printer

Man, this ain’t a line out of Transmetropolitan or some other science-fiction work. Nope! Nope, nope. A new machine on the ISS is going to be able to turn trash into “ink” for a 3D printer aboard the station. Sometimes the future is awesome.

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Astronauts have bioprinted beef in space for the first time. Look at that headline! Fucking wild.

astronauts bioprint beef

Man, just look at this fucking headline. Astronauts. Bioprinting beef. Wild, wild times.

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Times Square gets ‘They Live’ Trump billboard thanks to crowdfunding. Well done, public.

they live times trump billboard

There is a They Live billboard in Times Square, featuring Trump, that Orange Fuck himself. It’s up thanks to crowdfunding, which is doubly amazing.

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Japanese scientists have created artificial blood that could be used on any patient. Gimme a hell yeah for science!

artificial blood any patient

Fuck yeah, science! Fuck yeah, medicine! Japanese scientists have created an artificial blood that could be used on any patient. Like, goddamn future.

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Hackers play porn on a Detroit highway billboard. Hack the fucking planet (with porn)!

hackers detroit highway porn

There is malicious hacking. There is benevolent hacking. Then, there is also hacking to hang some dong on a billboard.

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Pepsi loyalty program will put straight cash in your Venmo account. I’m about to be fucking rich!

pepsi loyalty program venmo

A rough estimation has me consuming between 3,000-4,500 cans of Pepsi Max and Diet Dew weekly. So, man, this Pepsi Loyalty program? About to make me fucking rich!

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Large Underwater Research Station has disappeared without a fucking trace. I welcome the Elder Gones finally waking up!

underwater research station vanished

A large underwater research station has flat-out fucking vanished. Is this the Elder Gods finally waking up? Getting ready to wipe our dumb asses out? One can only hope. Either way, this is wild.

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Lab-Grown “mini-brains” start producing human-like brain waves after months in a dish. The future is fucking wild

human like brain waves lab brains

I say, goddamn! Scientists have grown mini-brains in a lab. These “mini-brains” are clusters of human brain cells called organoids, and after six-to-nine months they start producing electrical patterns similar to that of a preterm infant. Fucking wild. Why the fuck these mad scientists doing this? Great question. They are hoping these organoids can help understand the earliest phase of human brain development, and diseases such as autism and schizophrenia.

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DARPA badly needs underground complex by Friday for undisclosed experiment! What could possibly fucking go wrong?

darpa underground complex experiment

DARPA like, badly needs an underground complex by Friday! For an experiment! They’ve put out a literal public appeal, and hey! Why not help out? Let’s hasten along the apocalypse with a fun experiment.

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Designers want to give 3D printers legs and let them wander the Earth. Horrifying. Sublime.

designers 3d printers wander

Designers want to give 3D printers legs, and let them wander the motherfucking Earth. I’m all in on this insanity. This would let them fill in asphalt, create artificial coral reefs, and other bonkers shit. Honestly? It’s so cool, and so forward-thinking that it’ll never happen in this Hellscape Reality. But, we can dream!

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