Art: Spock x Darth Vader = “May The Logic Be With You”

Art: “Badass Mario” ready to suplex the bejesus out of Bowser and his minions

Art: Deadpool v Harley Quinn by Ramon Villalobos in ‘Netflix and Kill’

Netflix and Kill.

Just Ramon Villalobos. Being awesome as usual. With gorgeous inks by Frank Stone. All about this is lovely, in a murderous, homicidal sort of way.

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Art: Yoshi’s Island is a gorgeous romp for a Shy Guy as envisioned by Victor Peña

Art: R2-D2 schematics. Build your own! If you can read the instructions.

Art: Press Start To Submit to the Astronaut Space Invaders

Art: Elliot and Qwerty from ‘Mr. Robot’, animated!

Art: Hulk clappin’ the futzin’ symbiote off of Venom

Art: Awesome posters for imagined Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) Netflix series


Can you imagine how goddamn great this would be?!

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Art: Colin Tan’s gorgeous ‘Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’ posters