Art: ‘Mega Man X’ reimagined as modern game

Mega Man X Reimagined

Some froggy fresh artwork from TJ Townsend, who has reimagined Mega Man X as a modern game. I find it particularly sweet, since the aforementioned title has been owning me on a weekly basis. Goddamn, MMX is difficult. Goddamn, I need to try it sober.

There’s a video of the art’s creation, too! After the jump.


Artist TJ Townsend created a visually stunning high-def version of the SNES classic Mega Man X.

It’s a complete remaster of a screenshot from Mega Man X’s Sting Chameleon stage. Too bad it’s not a complete fan-game, but the pic is still a really precise one that took roughly 70 hours to complete. Here’s a speedy version of that 70 hours. Amazing Photoshop skills!