Scientists have pulled off real-time communication with lucid dreamers. Reality is wild!

scientists communicate with lucid dreamers

Holy fuck, dudes. Scientists have communicated in real-time with lucid dreamers. Let that statement rattle around your brain. Then, wrap said brain in tinfoil while you sleep. ‘Cause them fuckers are coming for your dreams.

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Edgar Wright directing adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’ for Paramount. Holy fuck, yes!

edgar wright stephen king the running man movie

Holy shit, Edgar Wright is directing a new adaptation of The Running Man. Man, ain’t this good news for my ass. Given my love for Stephen King lately, and my adoration for Edgar Wright! Oh hell yes.

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Jordan Peele’s next horror movie is starring Keke Palmer with Daniel Kaluuya joining cast too!

jordan peele keke palmer daniel kaluuya new horror movie

Man, here’s some good fucking news. Jordan Peele’s next horror movie is moving forward and its got its star in Kele Palmer. But that ain’t all the casting news. Daniel Kaluuya is hopping aboard the project, teaming-up with Peele again.

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No streams this week! See you next Wednesday, my friends!

Fellas, we ain’t streaming tonight! See you Wednesday!

Hey all! We’re not going to stream tonight. Straight-up, I’m fucking emotionally exhausted from personal bullshit this week! Need a night to recharge the batteries, so I can absolutely assault your sensibilities with full force next week. Mucho apologies, and we will both see you on Wednesday!

Here’s all the Marvel announcements from Thursday that also absolutely broke my balls

disney marvel announcements

Listen, just like the Star Wars announcements, ain’t fucking posting individually about each and every Marvel series on Thursday. That would also be completely fucking impossible. However, I will say that I’m fucking stoked for all of them. I’m a honk! A mark! But, if I had to choose? I’m losing my shit over Fantastic Four with Jon Watts, Hawkeye with Kate Bishop appearing, and Loki. My god, Loki looks awesome.

How about you? Take a look after the jump and let me know what you’re sweating the most.

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‘Alien’ TV series coming from ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’ showrunner Noah Hawley. Gimme a fuck yes!

alien tv show noah hawley

Man, I love me some Fargo creator Noah Hawley. Especially what dude is capable of doing longform on television. Which means I have a bulge you can rub, a bulge that is inspired by the news that Hawley is helming an Alien TV series. Let’s go!

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No stream tonight! Back on Saturday!

Hey all! As most of the community knows, my wife had surgery yesterday. So, I’m staying home tonight to help my significantly better half out. The stream will be back on Saturday, and I can’t wait!

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No stream tonight! Surfing the Cosmos. Back on Wednesday!

Hey all! No stream this week, and per usual (okay, not always) you can blame Bags! See you on Wednesday for more Hades and tomfoolery!

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David Fincher has signed a four-year exclusive deal with Netflix. Give me fucking ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3, I beg you!

david fincher has signed a four-year exclusive deal netflix

It’s true that Mindhunter is probably dead. But, I can’t help but wonder now, you know? Given that David Fincher has signed a four-year exclusive deal with Netflix. Fucking let me dream, you fools.

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