Keanu Reeves’ ‘BRZRKR’ movie script being handled by ‘The Batman’ writer. Hey, fuck yeah!

I’m fucking down to watch Keanu Reeves kick ass. Pretty much full fucking stop. Just let him mirk dudes and I’m there, which is why I was already excited for BRZRKR. But adding the writer behind The Batman gives me a bit more faith in the adaptation. Okay, fine. Have we seen The Batman yet? No. No! I’m just going on a little faith. A smidge. I don’t have faith in God or Government, so I need to direct my blind homilies in some direction.

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Beat Takeshi’s car was attacked by dude with a pickax. Which is the most Beat Takeshi headline ever.

beat takeshi car pickax

How fucking Beat Takeshi is it that his car was attacked with a pickax? I mean, outrageously so. Listen, we can joke about it because Takeshi is okay and the universe is dark.

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‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ adds none other than the Kurgan, Clancy Brown, to its fucking cast!

john wick chapter 4 clancy brown

It’s like John Wick: Chapter 4 is working to milk all of our fucking nerd glands. Donnie Yen. Scott Adkins. Now? The fucking Kurgan, Clancy Brown! I’m so goddamn stoked for this movie. Keep grinding that gland, Johnny. Keep grinding it, it feels so good.

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Netflix acquires Will Smith action movie from ‘John Wick’ and ‘Atomic Blonde’ director and I guess I care!

Netflix acquires Will Smith action movie from 'John Wick' and 'Atomic Blonde' director and I guess I care!

I’m pretty much fucking down to watch anything by David Leitch, even if said anything involves Will Smith. In fact, involving the dude behind John Wick and Atomic Blonde is one of the few ways to get me to care about a Will Smith project at this point.

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Michael B. Jordan developing Black Superman limited series for HBO MAX. All about that Val-Zod!

michael b jordan black superman series hbo max

None other than motherfucking Michael B. Jordan is developing an HBO MAX based on Val-Zod. If you ain’t in the know, Val-Doz is a black Superman from Earth-2 and goddamn do I hope Jordan plays him.

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Warner Bros. dropping 10 movies exclusively on HBO MAX in 2022. Streaming Wars, holy fuck!

warner bros 10 exclusive movies hbo max 2022

The streaming wars continue their never ceasing battle, goodness fucking gracious. Warner Brothers is dropping an atomic tea bag on the rest of the movie industry next year. The company is releasing 10 movies exclusively on HBO MAX. Fucking exclusives! Personally? I think it’s pretty fucking gross, but this at least a portion of the inevitable model, no? Either dropping shit exclusively on the streaming services, or adopting a Disney+ hybrid model.

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Jordan Peele reveals title and poster for his next movie ‘Nope’ dropping July 2022

jordan peele nope july 2022

Jordan Peele absolutely blasted our geek prostate today, friends! Unexpectedly, too. Just got right up in there. I’m surprised, I’m tingling, I’m happy. Dude’s next movie is titled Nope and it’s arriving on July 22, 2022.

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James Cameron was on Ecstasy and listening to Sting when he came up with ‘Terminator 2’ plot and this is amazing

james cameron sting ecstasy john connor terminator 2

For my money, Terminator 2 is one of the best action movies of all time. Maybe the best.. That shit is settled. Love it! Will always love it. But apparently I can love it more. You see, James Cameron revealed he was fucking high on ecstasy and listening to Sting when he came up with the plot. Like, fucking yes.

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Edgar Wright’s horror movie ‘Last Night in Soho’ delayed to Halloween Weekend which is perfect tbh

edgar wright horror movie last night in soho no release two days halloween

Edgar Wright’s next flick Last Night in Soho has been delayed, fuckers! However, it’s been delayed to an appropriate date. I mean, Halloween weekend is fucking perfect. No? Plus, now it doesn’t need to compete with Dune for our love-glands and bucks, as that movie had been delayed until Soho‘s release weekend.

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‘John Wick 4’ adds Scott Adkins to cast. Dude is my Fucking Favorite!

scott adkins john wick 4

For a couple years now, I’ve kicked around the idea of Scott Adkins joining the John Wick franchise. Well, now it’s fucking happening with John Wick 4. Dude has quietly put together a very, very kick ass VOD filmography, and this is a great break for the dude.

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