Guillermo del Toro writing and directing secret movie ‘Zanbato’ for Bad Robot. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

del toro secret movie bad robot

Yo! Del Toro writing and directing a secret movie? About a female ninja? (Maybe.) For Bad Robot? I’m seventy shades of fucking hype.

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‘The Dark Phoenix’ Trailer: Goddamn, thank goodness Marvel Studios is taking the X-Men back


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‘Bond 25’ to feature Rami Malek as the villain and I can dig it

rami malek bond 25 villain

I mean, just look at fucking Rami Malek. Dude oozes discomfort. More than happy to see him as the villain for Bond 25.

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‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ is filming this summer. Please, please let it be most righteous!

bill and ted face the music

On the one hand, the prospect of another gnarly Bill & Ted movie is very exciting. On the other hand, I’m not sure you can rebottle the glorious zeitgeist that birthed the first two. I suppose we will see very, very soon.

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‘Bond 25’ has been delayed two months as Scott Z. Burns comes onboard to rewrite script

bond 25 delayed rewrite

The saga that isĀ Bond 25 continues to develop, my friends. The latest? A two-month delay, and a new script, courtesy of talented writer Scott Z. Burns.

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Jason Momoa cast in the ‘Dune’ movie, folks. We all better bring linings for our seats at this point, huh?

jason momoa dune movie

Jason Momoa is in the Dune movie. Apparently, every single gorgeous person in Hollywood is in the Dune movie. And, I can’t fucking wait.

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Jared Leto’s time as The Joker is finished. I sort of thought he was fucking done a while ago

jared leto the joker finished

Jared Leto’s time as The Joker is finished! Phew, fucking phew. But, if I’m being honest, I thought he was already done.

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Lord and Miller’s next movie is a live-action sci-fi flick titled ‘The Last Human’ and I’m torqued

lord and miller next movie last human

Fucking Lord and Miller, man. Bounced from Solo, but that ain’t no big deal. They returned with Into The Spider-Verse, which, IMO, is an all-time great comic book movie. Now, for their next effort? A fucking live-action science-fiction movie. LET’S. FUCKING. GO.

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Taika Waititi wants to direct another Marvel movie. Let’s fucking GO, Feige. Get this done!

thor ragnarok taika waititi marvel movie

Taika Waititi is responsible for, at the very least, a Top Three movie in Marvel Studios’ catalog. So, him wanting to do another movie for the company? Has me fully torqued.

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Edgar Wright’s horror-thriller has the official title ‘Last Night in Soho’ and it’s starring Anya Taylor-Joy

edgar wright horror thriller anya taylor joy

Hell yeah, more news about Edgar Wright’s next flick! It’s titled Last Night in Soho, and it’s got itself a legitimately rising star.

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