Ava DuVernay confirms Darkseid is gonna be in the ‘New Gods’ movie and we should all be stoked

ava duvernay darkseid new gods

I finished Mister Miracle on the plane to Denver last week. And, let me tell you. It’s fucking amazing. One of the lynch-pin characters of the maxi-series? Darkseid. So, I welcome the news with open fucking arms that dude is gonna be in the New Gods movie.

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‘The Lighthouse’ Trailer: The director of ‘The Witch’ brings his haunting touch to a remote island (in my homeland)!

Man, I’m ready for anything from the director of The Witch. But, a hauntingly atmospheric movie shot at the lighthouse I visited countless times as a kid? In my motherland of Nova Scotia? Doubly stoked.

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Two ‘Mad Max’ sequels and a ‘Furiosa’ movie still being developed, according to Miller himself

mad max sequels

After Fury Road, part of me really wants more fucking Mad Max. The other part of me? Extremely skeptical that Miller can bottle such strong magic again. How about you?

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‘Blade Runner’ star Rutger Hauer has passed away at the age of 75. Major bummer.

blade runner rutger hauer passed away

Rutger Hauer, most prominently known for his role as Roy Batty in Blade Runner, has passed away. I want to say his moments won’t be lost like tears in the rain, but. They shall. And that’s okay. Rest now, my friend.

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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer: Feel The Need, The Need For Speed, Again!

Here’s the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick. I am extremely, extremely torqued for this extremely, extremely unnecessary movie.

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‘Ghostbusters 2020’ official behind-the-scenes photo reveals cast first look. Don’t let me down, Reitman, okay?

ghostbusters 2020 behind the scenes

I am unabashedly excited for Ghostbusters 2020. Maybe I should be, maybe I shouldn’t. But, that’s what I am. None the less, here’s an official behind-the-scenes look at the cast.

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Christoph Waltz returning as Blofeld in ‘Bond 25’ and here’s hoping it doesn’t blow..feld?

I really fuck with casting Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. However, man. Spectre was not a good debut for the actor’s take on the character. That said, who the fuck knows? I’m cautiously optimistic here.

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‘Mortal Kombat’ movie casts ‘The Raid’ star Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero and now I’m listening, friends

mortal kombat movie joe taslim sub zero

The bad: James Wan is directing the new Mortal Kombat movie. Granted, I haven’t seen his horror flicks. But, man. His Fast & Furious installment and Aquaman? Woof. The good: Joe Taslim has been cast as Sub-Zero. So, I suppose we’ll see.

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David Fincher’s next movie is a Netflix original co-written by his Dad. Wow, do I not give ONE FUCK about this!

david fincher movie netflix original

David Fincher’s next movie is a Netflix original about the Citizen Kane script. And man, wow. Don’t give a fuck. (Okay, I’m probably lying about the whole not giving a fuck thing, okay?)

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‘The Flash’ considering ‘It’ director Andy Muschietti to helm movie. Yeah, sure, okay, just start filming

it director andy muschietti the flash

Apparently, WB is considering It director Andy Muschietti to helm The Flash movie. Man, this movie has been in development Hell for years. Fucking years. So, I don’t really feel anything at this news. This movie has churned through so many fucking writers and directors at this point, why bother. That said, I thought It was about as overrated as can be. But, dude seems competent. Whatever that means.

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