James Gunn has revealed the ‘Suicide Squad’ cast and it’s preposterously fucking stacked

james gunn suicide squad cast

I’m torqued for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad. Was before the cast reveal. Doubly torqued after. Look at these veins. Look at this. Purple. Don’t touch.

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Next ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie adds Hayley Atwell. God bless this fucking franchise.

hayley atwell mission impossible

I say, fuck yes. Hayley Atwell has been added to the next Mission Impossible. A franchise, which is for my money, the best action series going.

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‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer: They should have led with this trailer which doesn’t suck like the first one

I fucking hated the first trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate. The overbearing music. The CGI snoozefest. But this one? Much more entertaining. Will the movie be good? Don’t know. But I’m encouraged.

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‘Joker’ Final Trailer: Send in the clowns!

This trailer for the Joker flick is wild, man. At the very least, it ain’t like anything we’ve ever seen in a DC movie. Is that good? Bad? We will see.

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Disney blocking Fox’s backlog from second runs at indie theaters. Not cool. Looks like I’m fucking pirating them Disney+ shows!

disney blocking fox backlog indie theaters

There’s a million reasons why Disney owning everything fucking sucks, man. But, here’s one you may not have considered. The company is blocking indie theaters from playing second runs of Fox movies. Which, at least around here, is a pretty big bummer. The OL Crew has more than once gone to an indie theater to catch a showing of something at a revival house. Fucking alas.

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‘Lucy in the Sky’ Trailer: Portman and Hawley get trippy in their trip to space and back

A new trailer for Noah Hawley’s first cinematic directorial debut, Lucy In The Sky! And, I ain’t fucking watching it! I saw the first one, was immediately sold on Hawley goodness, and now I’m keeping myself pure. Pure! I must be pure!

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‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Trailer: Skinny Pete ain’t snitching on Jesse, yo!

Yesterday, Netflix dropped a trailer for the Breaking Bad movie! Nice! It dropped following the leaking of the movie’s title.

I’m ready for this shit! How about you?

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‘The Report’ Trailer: Adam Driver uncovers the secret of the US government’s Post-9/11 torture program

Jesus fuck, I was just thinking about this movie last night! I was fucking watching Zero Days, a pretty fantastic documentary about the Stuxnet virus. And I was like, oh yeah speaking of shady United States behavior, when is The Report dropping? And, now! We got a new trailer.

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‘The Matrix 4’ is happening with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. Lana Wachowski is writing and directing. Like, woah.

the matrix 4

The Matrix 4 is happening! Woah. With Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss! Double woah. As well, Lana Wachowski is writing and directing. Triple woah, dudes.

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‘Antlers’ Trailer: This Del Toro-produced jam takes us into a haunting-ass cave. And I’m ready.

Here’s the trailer for Antlers. Directed by Scott Cooper, and produced by Guillermo Del Toro. Seemingly, dude has produced yet another dope-ass horror movie. What’s going on in this preview? I have no fucking idea, but I’m stoked.

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