‘The Flash’ Script Getting Another Rewrite From ‘King Arthur’ Writer

the flash script rewrite

The Flash. Can’t keep directors. Can’t find a script. Who knows, maybe this one-page rewrite from the man behind King Arthur will finally nail it.

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New ‘Justice League’ Photo Has Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash Getting Their Pose On

wonder woman batman flash justice league photo

A new Justice League photo has a good portion of the squad doing what superhero squads do (second) best: posing.

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DC Comics TV Series Create $1 Billion A Year In Revenue

dc comics tv series revenue

Woah. So. Apparently, DC Comics TV series revenue tops $1 fucking billion a year. Holy taint. Which explains why DC keeps churning out them TV series. And, supposedly, they’re good. Not doubting it, just never seen them.

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‘The Flash’ Movie Loses Director Rick Famuyiwa

Rick Famuyiwa the flash

Well, I’m significantly less excited about the upcoming Flash movie. The film has lost its *second* director, Rick Famuyiwa. A filmmaker who caught my eye with his light, clever movie Dope.

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‘Flash’ movie casts Billy Crudup as Barry Allen’s father

billy crudup

Billy Crudup is getting his second shot at the DCU (sort of), after partaking in Zack Snyder’s fecal-flecked Watchmen adaptation. Cruddy is joining the Flash flick as Barry Allen’s father.

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Cyborg is going to appear in ‘The Flash’ movie. Could be Dope!


Get it? I’m just calling everything about The Flash movie Dope, because it’s got the same director and actress. So shitty puns, man. Shitty puns straight everywhere. Seriously though. Cyborg is in the movie. Cool? Not cool? I don’t know, but I remain optimistic about the film.

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Report: Joss Whedon directing that Flash/Supergirl musical crossover episode

Joss Whedon.

Oh, shit! Joss Whedon! Crossing enemy lines, establishing a new base at Camp DCU. You know, provided this rumor is truth.

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‘The Flash’ movie eyes Kiersey Clemons for lead female role

Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons was awesome in Dope. Rick Famuyiwa directed Dope. He is also directing The Flash, which is aiming to cast its female lead (perchance, Iris West). Kiersey Clemons is up for this role. Please let Clemons get this role, reteam with Famuyiwa, and make this movie dope.

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Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) joining ‘The Flash’ Season 3 as a series regular

Tom Felton.

This is one of those news stories that I keep seeing everywhere. And I begun wondering if I should cover it. Like, I don’t give a fuck about Harry Potter, or Draco Malfoy. And I certainly don’t give a fuck about The Flash. But maybe, maybe one of the few souls who frequent this place do? And they’re really excited? So I should share it? Cause people’s happiness makes me happy, even if I can’t get excited by the source of it sometimes.

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‘Flash’ movie lands new director in Rick Famuyiwa (‘Dope’)

the flash

Rick Famuyiwa’s movie Dope was fun. Not excellent. But fun. Well made. Well shot. Lots of energy. Good performances. DC snagging him to helm Flash makes sense, then, since they need some fun. Some levity. Well done, DC.

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