Report: Joss Whedon directing that Flash/Supergirl musical crossover episode

Joss Whedon.

Oh, shit! Joss Whedon! Crossing enemy lines, establishing a new base at Camp DCU. You know, provided this rumor is truth.


Late last week, The CW announced they’re planning to do a Supergirl/The Flash crossover. Even more surprising, said crossover is going to be a full-on musical. As soon as the network unveiled this news, a good percentage of the nerd population had the same thought — “Man, this sounds like a wacky thingJoss Whedon would do.” Well, it turns out that may be exactly what’s happening.

According to podcast “The Hashtag Show”, Joss Whedon is “locked” to direct the Supergirl/Flash crossover for The CW. Nothing has been officially announced, so this is very much still a rumor, but “The Hashtag Show” has broken big news in the past — such as the casting of Finn Jones as Marvel’s Iron Fist. Adjust the amount of salt you take this story with accordingly.

If Whedon is directing this crossover, it could be looked at as a huge defection and major get for the DC camp. Whedon, of course, directed The Avengers andAvengers: Age of Ultron, but ultimately left Marvel creatively dissatisfied after the latter. Then again, this could just be a passion project for Whedon — something he’s doing because it aligns perfectly with his interests. Whedon has a reputation for supporting female characters, and even directed a musical episode of Buffy, as well as Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Or maybe this is all a little too perfect — again, we shall see. The Supergirl/Flash crossover is expected to arrive this November.

(Via Bleeding Cool)