‘The Batman’ will focus on Bruce Wayne and his detective skills. About *fucking* time, my dudes

the batman matt reeves noir

I fucking love Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Perhaps fucking obviously. But, one critique I can get behind is that the BatFascist didn’t really do much detective work. However, that won’t be the case in Matt Reeves’ installment, which has me torqued.

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Matt Reeves ‘Batman’ script rewrites are due by the end of the year. Get hopping, broseph!

matt reeves rewrites batman end of year

I’m sure Warner Bros. is glad that they’re about to have another hit with Aquaman. But as with anything in the DCEU, all roads lead back to Batman. So, what’s going on with that project? The latest has it that a final draft is due by the end of 2019.

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Matt Reeves says draft of noir-driven ‘The Batman’ will be done in two weeks. I am cautiously optimistic, dudes

matt reeves the batman script

And lo and behold, there was one person still excited for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. That person is me, friends. Yes, I sit alone. For now. But when the movie ends up kicking ass, I will smugly say that I told you so.

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Rumor: Matt Reeves’s ‘The Batman’ is based on classic ‘Year One’ story. I’m fucking here for this, dudes

matt reeves the batman year one story

No, seriously. Someday, Matt Reeves is seriously going to begin rolling cameras on The Batman. And, if you believe the rumors, it’ll be based on the classic Year One storyline. I can fuck with this.

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Report: Matt Reeves is gonna reboot ‘The Batman’ and the standalone movie will replace Ben Affleck. Like, no shit

matt reeves batman reboot ben affleck

So, like. This report that everyone is kicking around, it’s basically just like, reiterating other reports from the past fifteen or so months. Right?

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Rumor: Solo ‘Batman’ movie will film next year. Sure. Okay. Like, prove it or something.

solo batman movie filming 2019

We are now entering the sixth year since Christopher Nolan put the bow on his Batman trilogy. Since then, there’s been precisely one good DC movie, and precisely zero Batman movies of any quality. Maybe, just maybe, this first solo adventure since the Nolanverse will begin filming next year.


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Ben Affleck says he’s “contemplating” the ‘Batman’ solo movie. Bro, it’s cool, move on

ben affleck contemplating matt reeves batman movie

Poor fucking Ben Affleck. He’s all “contemplating” The Batman. Like, dude, it’s fine. BatFleck ain’t your thing. Be free. We won’t blame you. No need for all this deliberation and shit. I’d be exhausted too from starring in these Zack Snyder directed, critically panned, eternally burning dumpster fires.

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Affleck’s ‘Batman’ movie is not part of the DCEU, for whatever that’s worth

affleck the batman not dceu

Ben Affleck’s The Batman is not going to be a part of the DC Extended Universe. A standalone, if you will. I’m fine with it, but I guess I don’t really fully understand what it means. Will there simply be no mention of the Snyder flicks? Will its narrative go so far as to deny or contradict developments in the DCEU? Who the fuck knows.

That said? All-in-all as they say, perhaps without hyphens? I think this is a good development. Allows Reeves and Affleck the ability to disregard whatever bullshit they want, and let’s be frank. Almost all of the fucking DCEU to this point has been that: bullshit.

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Matt Reeves’ Batman movie “inspired” by The Dark Knight Trilogy because obviously dude

matt reeves the batman dark knight trilogy

Matt Reeves has come out and said what’s obvious: he’s inspired by the Dark Knight Trilogy. But, really, who at DC isn’t? Even if it’s a reactionary, “no, we aren’t like Nolan” response, that very negative space is in of itself an inspiration. That said, Reeves clearly means he *is* inspired by the films. Is that a good thing, though? I don’t know. First blush is to respond “oh, cool”, second blush is “yeah but do something new” you know? All in all, it’s the middle of the summer and news is slow, I actually imagine this is just director-on-director masturbation. Frottage, if you will.

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‘The Batman’ News: Warner Bros. is “really excited” by Matt Reeves’ idea for the movie

the batman warner bros matt reeves excited

I’ve tried rallying my friends around the idea of Matt Reeves’ The Batman kicking ass. Cynical fuckers, and justified by the movie’s troubled development, they’re reticent. Well, fuckers! How about this? Warner Bros. themselves are excited by the director’s vision for the movie.

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