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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (6.4.14) – Bucky & Steve (Original) Sinning In The Bathroom

Welcome to this fucking jam!

What’s up, good cretins? It’s Wednesday! The second best day of the week! Only being trumped by Thorsday, where myself and several other chaps dress up like The Odinson and have Thorgasms under the Slurpee machine at 7-Eleven. Mjölnir goes places, man! But what would Thorsday be, without Comic Book Day? Nothing! For I shant have such urges if it were not for the weekly arrival of the funny books. They’ve shaped me, my psyche, and the floor of convenience stores across the nation in ways we can only theorize about. This week in funny books sees People Totally Sinning, a Return to the Trees, Miles Morales’ posthumous idol, and more. Strap-in and check out the books I’m picking up, and then hit the comments selection with your own choice cuts.

A full list of this week’s comics can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (5.28.14) – Transmissions From the Old Bastard


Comics, man.  Do you live and breathe them, like I do?  Is every Wednesday a sacrificial offering of time and monies to the 4-Color Gods?  If so, you’ve come to the right place – that fantastic little corner of Spaceship Omega where we discuss what we earn from our sacrifices: our weekly comic haul.  This week bring us comics with bad guys and bastards, mad titans and mad geniuses, and a healthy dose of mind fuckery.  Step in and check out our picks for the best of the best, and don’t forget to share you pull list in the comments section!

A full list of this week’s comics can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (5.21.2014)- Happy Saga Week!

Saga #19!

Boom!  Image Comics throws down the gauntlet this week on the competition, and then proceeds to forget formal rules of combat declaration and decides to nuke the entire field of play with a megatonnage of great books dropping this week on our collective asses.  Step inside and find out which funnybooks are worth your while.  No capes allowed in this edition of BTFC!

A full list of this week’s comics can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (5.15.14) In Case You Missed It…

Buy These Flippin' Comics!

It’s Thursday, and I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “Why the hell is there a BTFC today, Johnny?  I’ve already been to the shop/ipad/whathaveyou and got my comics – why am I even reading this?”  Here’s what I’m thinking:  Maybe you missed something.  Maybe something dropped off your radar.  I don’t know.  Intros are hard to do.  Buy these flippin comics and I PROMISE you once read you will transform into a giant, dancing, Omega-Level robot.  And just like most Omega-Level robots, you’ll do less monster-fighting and more sitting on your couch scratching your nethers and scrolling through tumblr.  God Bless America.

Hit the jump and let’s talk comics!

Full list of comics out this week can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (5.07.14) Spider-Man and the Rebirth of Cool

Ultimate Spider-Man

Welcome back, friends!  This week we keep it short, sweet, and to the very simple point:  buy these few flippin comics and the rest of your week goes by smoothly and without trouble.  Your grades will improve, perhaps a promotion at work, your sex life becomes blog-worthy, and strangers stop you to comment on your newfound swagger.  You’ll feel like a new person, and for just the price of a few funnybooks.  Sound too good to be true?  Maybe so, but necessity is the mother of reinvention, and like the books recommended this week prove, sometimes looking at old stories in a new way can turn the stagnant into the vibrant, and the once-lame into the new-cool.

Head inside to see what I’m talking about!

(And check out the full list of comics dropping this week right HERE).

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (4.30.2014) – Comic Book Double-Dipping

Double Dipping!

Yo, friends!  Welcome back to BTFC, sorry for the absence.  Unless you were glad I was gone – in that case, like the herp I will haunt you for the rest of your miserable existence, disappearing every once in a while just long enough for you to forget I was ever here, only to flare up in spectacular fashion.  This week’s flare-up is a great one too for comic nerds as we are treated to a heap of great reissues, a slew of new #1’s to check out, and oh yeah, only one of the most fun days for the comic book fan community – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  The “First Saturday in May” is just a few days away, and so fans everywhere can check out new releases this week, and then drop in to their LCS this weekend to snag some free swag!  So hit the jump and let’s talk about what might be worth double-dipping at the comic shop for, shall we?

A full list of this week’s (Wednesday) releases can be found HERE.

Or a list of the FREE comics available can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (04.09.14) Numba One Stunnas

 Ultimate Comics Ultimates

As a kid, young Hotsauce loved him some #1 issues.  Even for books I knew I wasn’t going to keep up with, I’d grab the first chapter.  Was it a collector’s instinct?  A love of foil covers?  Maybe to both, though I’d like to think it’s mainly because I am a fan of beginnings.  The promise of the start of a journey is much more enjoyable than the realization of or expectations for its ending, to me.  I doubt this is an uncommon feeling, though, and certainly not among comic fans, who are often given new beginnings, and rarely the finales.  The trend continues today as your LCS/iGadget/Whatever is inundated with a slew of “firsties.”  So climb inside the escape pod, hit the jump, and let’s talk Miles Morales, Iron Fist, Doop, and whatever other comics are nuzzling your nethers this week!

A full list of comic releases this week can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (4.02.14) – Tinker, Tailor, Winter Soldier, Spidey

The Winter Soldier.

Where will you be Thursday at midnight?  Will it be at the first screening of Captain America 2:  Patriot Hard With A Vengeance?  Or must you be like me and wait until the schedule clears out and time permits? (Friday at 11:15 am…already Fandangoed the hell out my tix)  Either way, BTFC has some fantastic comics to recommend for your the time in between now and the glory that is seeing Rocky IV all gussied up for the new millenium.  So hit the jump and let’s talk Winter Soldier, a landmark book for the Ultimate Universe, Garth Ennis, Jaime Hernandez, and a slew of other great books.  Punch it, Chewie!

Oh yeah, a full list of books released this week can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (3.26.14) – Beyoncè and other Heralds of Galactus


Welcome once again to BTFC, the one place you need to check before hitting the LCS, Comixology app, torrent site, or the great comic book black markets that reside in the backrooms of White Castles all across the continent.  The rules here are simple:  I’ll run down the list of what I’m grabbing, on the condition that you tell me what you’re picking up in the comments below.  This week brings an absolute shotgun blast of talent to the stands – from relative newcomers like Ales Kot and Simon Roy, to industry titans like Neil Gaiman, Mike Allred, and Paul Pope.  So fill the tub up halfway, hit the jump, and let’s get started, shall we?

A full list of this week’s titles can be found HERE.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (3.19.14) – Spring Break Fo’evah

Spring Break!

Yo kids, it’s that time of the year.  The land thaws, the days get longer, and the great migratory pattern of the teeming, oversexed youth of the nation marches southward.  It’s also time to break out those wallets, and ramp our nation’s commerce back up.  For those not into buying nunchakus and shorts in every color, we got Ghost Rider rockin a hemi on hell-wheels, Daredevil changes locales, more John Prophet, more Kamala Khan, and Superman off da’ chain all comin at us today!  I got comic books in my blood, ya’ll, and I hope you do, too.  This is the American Dream.  It’s Spring Break, ninjas!  So put on your dark tannin’ oil, spritz on two kinds of Calvin Klein, and hit up the LCS for this week’s dopest selections.

Hit us up in the comments below to celebrate the accumulation of material goods with us, particularly of the four-color variety.

A full list of comic releases can be found HERE.

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