Telltale Games names a new CEO, announces an original game in the works

telltale games

Telltale Games! They’ve announced a new CEO, and that they’re working on an original property. Bomb.com.

Bomb.com/Icandigit.html, actually.

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Frank Darabont is SUING THE SH*T out of AMC over ‘Walking Dead’ royalties.

Frank Darabont.

Seems like a lifetime ago that Frank Darabont was the happy showrunner of The Walking Dead. First his ass was fired. Now it appears said buttocks was canned in order to screw him out of royalties. Ah, show business!

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Tales from the Borderlands.

There’s a new Borderlands game coming! You’d imagine me covered in my own fluids, sad dinky pointing towards the sky, screaming in glory! Well…Well…I’m actually a bit ambivalent.

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This Week On The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost

Two universes collide in this week’s Walking Dead 2min Redux!!! Rick and the Govna meet in a battle royale of who can capture the most smoldering intensity in a single scene. Our two favorite sweaty hairy egos match wits at the negotiating table, in a last ditch effort to avoid the carnage of total war. What’s it gonna be? Will cooler heads prevail? Find out plus more after the jump!!!
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This Week On The Walking Dead: Clear

ROAD TRIP!!! Walking Dead 2min Redux is going on a run. This week we take it back to where it all began: Rick’s little podunk town in Kentucky or wherever the hell he was from. Carl continues to come of age in a super dark way, and Michonne gets to prove her already obvious value to the group. Special psycho guest spot from our ol’ pal Morgan makes for a good time as well. So hit the 7-11, stock up on your cornuts and beef jerky, and hop in. It’s gonna be a long ride. I call shotgun! Read the rest of this entry »

This Week On The Walking Dead: I Ain’t No Judas

Howdy ho survivors! It’s time to saddle up for another Walking Dead 2min Redux! This week is a curb-stomping good time, as Andrea goes full on Pocahontas in her quest for peace and goodwill. But are her diplomatic skills enough to prevent all out total war? Find out, as we soldier on through another jaw-dropping episode after the jump.

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This Week On The Walking Dead: Home

Uh oh. Here we go again. Time for another Walking Dead 2min Redux. Another chapter of the slow moving train wreck has passed, and we must celebrate it’s release with ritualistic satire. So join me, as we emerge ourselves in splashing wet entrails of the infected, on our spiraling journey of a true sadistic television experience. Ahoy!

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This Week On The Walking Dead: Suicide King

Whooooweeee. Saddle up partna! It’s that time of the year again. Time for a good ol’ fashioned Walking Dead 2min Redux. Rick and the boys are back at it, smashing skulls and over acting. So put on your shitkickers, and let’s get fifthly in this bitch.

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It’s no surprise that most of my favoured games this year are download-only: games free of the constraints of large publishing deals and the costs of physical media. I like those physical artifacts as much as the next self-respecting hoarder, but when it comes to gaming and the creativity that I’ve seen flourish within the digital marketplace, it seems all the more difficult to pine for the past. The future of gaming is increasingly digital, independent and passionate: a fact well-displayed by some of the better releases this year. As Bobby Kotick plots to overthrow Steam, kill Gabe Newell and eat his heart to gain his strength, let us celebrate the games of 2012.

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This Week On The Walking Dead:
Walk With Me AND The Killer Within

Awww man. Fuckin T-DOG! We here at the ol’ OL, are shocked and saddened to report the tragic loss of our editorial favorite: Mutha Fuckin T-Dog. Don’t call it a spoiler, cause there is much else to breakdown, but got-damn, not T-Dog!!! Also, since I’m a lazy whore, and week 3 was weak sauce, we are cutting the fat out of your diet in a special double gold edition of TWD 2min Redux. So pop a bottle, and get ready to pour one out for T. God Bless.

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