It’s no surprise that most of my favoured games this year are download-only: games free of the constraints of large publishing deals and the costs of physical media. I like those physical artifacts as much as the next self-respecting hoarder, but when it comes to gaming and the creativity that I’ve seen flourish within the digital marketplace, it seems all the more difficult to pine for the past. The future of gaming is increasingly digital, independent and passionate: a fact well-displayed by some of the better releases this year. As Bobby Kotick plots to overthrow Steam, kill Gabe Newell and eat his heart to gain his strength, let us celebrate the games of 2012.

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This Week On The Walking Dead:
Walk With Me AND The Killer Within

Awww man. Fuckin T-DOG! We here at the ol’ OL, are shocked and saddened to report the tragic loss of our editorial favorite: Mutha Fuckin T-Dog. Don’t call it a spoiler, cause there is much else to breakdown, but got-damn, not T-Dog!!! Also, since I’m a lazy whore, and week 3 was weak sauce, we are cutting the fat out of your diet in a special double gold edition of TWD 2min Redux. So pop a bottle, and get ready to pour one out for T. God Bless.

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This Week on The Walking Dead: Sick

Whoa Nelly! It’s going down out there in zombieland! After an almost untoppable start to the third season, episode deux turned out to be quite a pleasantry as well. In the campaign of Gore vs. Snore, our heros are growing quite the dark side. These turds are finally learning how to feed my ever-thirsty murder-boner, and so can you, on our latest Walking Dead 2min Redux.

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This Week on The Walking Dead: Seed

Welcome back my infected kindred, to another head-smashing season of The Walking Dead 2min Redux. Our first drop of the 3rd season wasn’t terrible, and actually kept the traditional whine-fest to a minimum. So go slam a couple dews, heron, or whatever you need to get your mind right for a brand new season of high-filtered zomb-dram, and let’s dance.

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[Interview] Gaki Niccals – The Dixons

Gaki Niccals

As the self proclaimed “Zombie Czar” of Omega-Level, I’m constantly on the lookout for freshness in the genre to show off to the class. So the other day, while doing research on Tumblr about the upcoming season of AMC’s The Walking Dead I stumbled on this gem of a web comic called The Dixons. The comic traced the dark nature of fan favorites Daryl and Merle Dixon, both characters exclusive to the AMC show (but not found in the original comic). If you have not read it yet, drop everything you are doing and click here or here.

I started reading, and was immediately hooked on the brooding tale of dysfunction that seemed to fit so perfectly with the show itself. I tracked down the author, and demanded answers! What I discovered was a young international prodigy on her way to greatness. Check her out after the jump. You’ll be glad you did.
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THIS WEEK ON The Walking Dead – Beside the Dying Fire


Piss the bed! It’s time to pack it in for our last 2min Redux of doom. AND what a barnburner!!! If every episode had this much action, I might actually return to liking the show again. Prolly not though, unless 80% the characters die grimtastic deaths for making me suffter, and are replaced by competent humans in season 3. But you can decide for yourself, as we lube it up nice, right after the jump.

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THIS WEEK ON The Walking Dead – Judge, Jury, Executioner

Sound the alarm. It’s time for another 2min Redux of our favorite zombie infested soap opera, The Walking Dead. This week, lil Carl does his bad boy thang, while Dale politics to save Randall from certain execution. And if you can’t tell from the blatant visual foreshadowing, this episode goes all shyamalan at the end. So be warned. It’s about to go down…right after the jump.
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THIS WEEK ON The Walking Dead – 18 Miles Out

Hey kids, it’s time for another installment of TWD 2 Min Redux. This week, Shane and Rick go on retreat for some male bonding with the new guy, while Beth finally manages to get some attention at home by cutting herself. All this and more can be yours, right after the jump.

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Last Week on The Walking Dead – Nebraska

Shit rolls downhill at OL. So being the new guy, not only am I relegated to writing pompous, over-worded  book reports about Kenny Powers & friends, but now I’ve also been tasked with summing up new episodes AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Since the show is literally  schmeared  in bullshit and really loud, repetitive commercials. I thought I might do everyone a favor and reenact what REALLY happened, without the agonizing tender moments that encompass 95% of the show. What’s left is my boyish take on a show that seems like it was intentionally made to drive me crazy.

Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever.

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Frank Darabont Steps Down As Showrunner For ‘The Walking Dead’, There Goes That.

Frank Darabont was the single reason I had faith that the second season of The Walking Dead could rally from the pit of utter nonsense and trash that the first season ended in. Now he’s gone. Abandon hope all ye who enter.

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