‘The Punisher’ Trailer: Frank Castle’s Revenge Tour Drops November 17

I ain’t watching this new trailer for The Punisher, cause I’m *way* fucking in on the show. That said, I’m pretty goddamn stoked that we know it’ll finally be arriving. November 17.

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Alison Brie shares ‘GLOW’ season 2 set photo. It is a welcome neon light in these dark times

alison brie glow season 2 set photo

GLOW may be my damn favorite piece of 2017 pop culture. It had everything, my friends. Took place in the 1980s, centered on wrestling, starred Alison Brie, and was packed with insight and pathos. Now the gang seems to be back together, on that filming the second season grind.

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EA shutting down Visceral Games and cancelling their ‘Star Wars’ game because they are fucking Sewer Fluid

ea close visceral games cancel star wars game

Fucking Electronic Arts, dude. They’ve shuttered Visceral Games, the minds behind Dead Space, who were until recently working on a Star Wars game. Not only that, but the project was being shepherded by Amy Hennig, who made her reputation on the fucking Uncharted franchise.

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Han Solo movie called ‘Solo: A Star Wars’ story, a title as unimaginative as Lucasfilm themselves

han solo movie solo a star wars story

Since the parting of its initial directors, I’ve regarded the Han Solo movie as an inoffensive fart done in a quiet room. At best, maybe an adequate, forgettable dish of vanilla ice cream. Well, said fart-ice cream has wrapped production finally, with a fart-ice cream title to match.

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‘Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus’ Launch Trailer: You Fascist Nazi Pigs!

This new trailer for Wolfenstein 2 goes fucking hard, dude. On action, on swearing, on spreading ass all over, to quote the trailer, fascist Nazi pigs.

Can’t wait.

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Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ movie adding ‘Veep’ actor Reid Scott to the already stacked as fuck cast

Tom Hardy's 'Venom' movie adding 'Veep' actor Reid Scott to the already stacked as fuck cast

Tom Hardy’s Venom movie has added veteran Veep actor Reid Scott to its cast. Fucking dope, dude.

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‘Black Panther’ Trailer: All Hail The King

How is this movie even fucking real, dude? I cannot wait.

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‘Dragon Age’ creative director has left BioWare. The hinges on the company’s exit door gotta be tired

dragon age creative director left

Dragon Age‘s creative director has left BioWare. It feels like just the more recent of a seemingly endless exodus from the company. But, like, don’t despair or something. Casey Hudson has returned to the company, after all.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ is going to be filming in Summer 2018. The comic book banality engine must churn forever

wonder woman 2 filming summer 2018

Hey, I enjoyed Wonder Woman. It was a fun enough comic book movie, and it was particularly noteworthy because it was a female directed and female starring comic book movie. But even with a healthy appreciation for the movie though, and comic book movies in general, man. They’re really going to be coming until the heat death of the universe, huh? We infantile, permanent-adolescents are going to choke on these things until we choke our last breath, huh?

Aiight, I’m in.

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Listen: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross drop a remix of Carpenter’s classic ‘Halloween’ theme

Fuck to the yeah! I’ve actually been way into Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ Girl With The Dragon Tattoo score lately. So with them on my dome-piece, I’m down with their remix of the classic Halloween theme.

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