‘Ready Player One’ Trailer: Watch This Garbage Barrel Of Nostalgia Puke, So I Don’t Have To

This book fucking sucks. This trailer sucks, BUT OH MY GAWD #NERDREFERENCES so a good amount of herbs will jizz their pants.

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Disney-Fox deal is expected to be announced on Thursday. The Monoculture embiggens!

disney fox deal thursday announcement

Yeah, we’re going to be getting some X-Men in our Marvel Studios movies, folks. I know that’s what everyone is interested in, as it pertains to the fucking Disney-Fox deal. That, and not, you know, Disney slowly acquiring our entire goddamn culture. X-Men! With the Avengers! Wee!

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Nintendo Switch has sold 10 million units in only nine fucking months. I say goddamn!

nintendo switch 10 million units nine months

The Nintendo Switch is selling like goddamn gangbusters, buoyed by two of the top reviewed games of the year. Like, it is really selling like gangbusters.

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‘Star Wars: Obi-Wan’ movie going into production in 2019. In a derivative galaxy far, far too close

star wars obi wan movie production 2019

Ewan McGregor is good as Obi-Wan. Yes, yes, I know. However, I’m just not going to get psyched about another regurgitating of current mythos until Lucasfilm begins bringing some new ideas into the fold. That said, I’m sure I’ll mark out for this movie. I stand for nothing, it is clear.

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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer: Dropping March 8, 2018

This reminds me. I need to finish the first season of Jessica Jones. I was enjoying it before I stopped, and she was easily my favorite part of The Defenders.

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‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ Trailer: Miles Morales gets stylish in a world of Spider-Folk

Wasn’t expecting this fucking trailer today, but I’ll take it. Miles Morales takes centerstage in a trailer for an adaptation of the Spider-Verse storyline where a gaggle of Spider-Folk collide. Written by Lord and Miles, and stylish as fuck, I’m ready.

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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Trailer: Well, at least it has Jeff Goldblum

Here’s a trailer for the stupid follow to the stupid movie, Jurassic World. It is equal parts, lame, banal, and forced, but at least it has Jeff Goldblum.

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‘Soulcalibur VI’ Trailer: The franchise returns next year on PC and Consoles

Man, fucking Soulcalibur. This announcement takes me the fuck back. However, if I’m being honest, I remember it most for how the cleavage got my adolescent groin sloppy. But, I also vaguely recall a fun fighting game.

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Weekend Open Bar: Some of that old school buddy cop action, dude

weekend open bar buddy cop type action

What’s up, fellow denizens of the Space-Ship Omega? How are you doing? I’m aiight, kicking it. I’m aiight, sluggishly tumbling headfirst into the final weekend of the semester. Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling. Skull-meat’s synapses barely firing, as my thickened blood fails to pump all that well.

But, I’m blessed enough to have the weekend off.

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Rumor: Jon Hamm wants to be The Batman. This makes too much sense to actually fucking happen, huh?

jon hamm the batman replace affleck

Jon Hamm wants to be Batman. Reportedly. But, still. Let’s marinate in those wanky fanboy juices for a second, and say it again. Jon Hamm wants to be Batman. Oh god, my nips get hard just contemplating it. Thus, it probably ain’t going to come to pass. Huh?

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