Streaming tonight! ‘Shovel Knight’! Destroying. Being trash. Join us!


Join us, motherfuckers!!!. Shovel Knight. Destroying. Talking shit. It’s what Conan would want.

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‘Watchmen’ TV series has been officially greenlit by HBO. I already thought it was, but whatever, fuck yeah!

watchmen tv series hbo greenlit

I, I already thought this shit was greenlit. But, I’m wrong! Nothing new, nor usual about that. That said, fucking stoked.

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‘Mr. Robot’ likely ending after next season, which is good cause don’t drag out dope shit

mr robot season 4 final season

Mr. Robot‘s first and third seasons are some of my favorite television, ever. However, an unwatchable second season is sandwiched between. In my eyes, this is attributed to a lot of stalling by the writers. So, I’m glad that the next season of the show is the last. Some straight-up end-game shit. No stalling, no fucking around. Fuck society.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ cast recreates classic ‘Breakfast Club’ poster because nostalgia porn

wonder woman 1984 breakfast club poster

I’m down for anything 1980s, my friends. Even if that means swallowing my pride and appreciating this poster. After all, I’ve staked my reputation on giving Bateman shit for the Breakfast Club.

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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer: Can you imagine what it’s like to be an ace pilot?

Man, I really fuck with this Star Wars Resistance trailer. More so than any of the other Star Wars animated shows, and I think it’s because I love the art style.

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James Gunn officially, totally not directing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ after meeting with Disney

james gunn not directing guardians of the galaxy 3

Whelp, that is that. Now the question becomes, who will direct the movie?

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‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Trailer: WRU Daredevil, this dude sucks

If you take much stock from this trailer, the second season of Iron Fist is going to be incrementally better than the first. That isn’t saying much, though. And with a plate full of better shows to be watching, I ain’t gonna bother unless it blows people away.

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‘Diablo 3’ is officially coming to Nintendo Switch, continues spreading to every possible platform

diablo 3 nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch is getting Diablo 3, because it’s a console and viable platform. And if you haven’t noticed, Diablo 3 intends on being on all of them. That snark aside, the handheld makes a lot of sense for the title.

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Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ casts Mike Moh as Bruce Lee. Fucking Bruce Lee? Amazing


Bruce fucking Lee is going to be in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I love it. Also, I didn’t know Lee was involved with the tragic story that Tarantino’s movie is based on. But, here I am. Getting learned and being fucking stoked.

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Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller to reprise his role as ‘Robocop’ in the upcoming sequel. I’m even more sold on this shit, dudes

neill blomkamp peter weller robocop sequel

Yo, does it ever seem like Neill Blomkamp fucking gets it. I was already marginally excited about the director bringing to life a Robocop sequel. With the original writers. But, now? Dude wants to bring back the Robocop. Let’s get this shit done.

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