‘Interstellar’ Trailer: Couldn’t You Have Told Her?

Goddamn yes.

Oh man. I have it on good authority (Christopher Nolan+The First Two Trailers) that this movie is going to break me. In all the best ways possible.

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Nintendo posts $97 Milli loss last quarter. Luigi gives console market the Death Stare

Sad Miyamoto.

I’ll cop to it. I didn’t buy a Wii U when Mario Kart 8 came out. So I hold myself personally responsible for Nintendo’s ass-sucking financial quarter. I mean — surely I must lead by example, right? I gotta get on this.

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First poster for ‘The Hateful Eight’! Confirms 2015 release.

The Hateful Eight!

When things heat up, they fucking heat up! Hot off the heels of Tarantino’s confirmation that The Hateful Eight will be a thing comes a poster for the flick! Here’s a fucking plot synopsis, too!

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‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Campaign Trailer: Power and Mech Suits 4 All


I consider it something of a personal flaw that I love the Call of Duty franchise. Love it while acknowledging that its brotastic jingoism certainly strives for the Lowest Common Denominator. And there it finds me. Covered in Diet Mountain Dew cans, Doritos flakes, and a raging hard-on to take down injustice everywhere. For America.

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EA rolling out Xbox One subscription. $5 a month for their “best” games.

Battlefield 4

How badly do you want to suckle upon the teat of Electronic Arts and their “best” games? Because for $5 a month, or $30 a year, you’re going to be able to have access to them through an upcoming subscription service. Would you? For me — it would depend on how soon you get new releases? Like, I don’t need to pay for your backlog, EA. Anything you’re publishing that’s worth playing I’m going to buy day one.

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Diamond: Comic sales drop, merchandise and graphic novels sales rise

The Man.

Man. I watched The Image Revolution last week, and the most staggering thing about it was how many fucking issues some comic books sold. After being reminded that countless top titles sold 300,000+ issues a month, following sales figures has become really interesting.

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Cosplay: Genderbent Comedian from ‘Watchmen’ worth burning the world with

Genderbent Comedian

This…This is some lovely Genderbent Comedian cosplay from Watchmen. Yes. Yes indeed.

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Mark Waid’s ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ comic will be in-continuity adventures of TV cast


Maybe it’s telling, but all I can fucking think about when reading that Mark Waid will be bringing Agents of SHIELD to Marvel’s comic universe is this: “What the fuck is going to happen to Weaver and Hickman’s SHIELD?” Cause honestly? If the former is going to cause the latter’s demise — fuck that.

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‘Godzilla 2′ is happening. And they’ve revealed the monsters. Already?


Dusting this off from this past weekend’s SDCC. This past weekend! Good god! In Internet Time this news story isn’t just Old, it’s actually So Dead It’s Offensive. But we go forward. As I said, this weekend Legendary revealed that Godzilla 2 was a go. And then for some reason they revealed the monsters. Why? Wouldn’t secrecy and a reveal make more sense?

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‘Daredevil’ dropping on Netflix in May 2015. Going to be all gritty and such.


Marvel ain’t just unleashing Ultron in May of 2015. The company is also planning on dropping Daredevil, their first show on Netflix, as well. And what exactly is the vibe of the Man Without Fear’s show? Apparently gritty.

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