‘Far Cry Primal’ revealed, takes place during Ice Age

Far Cry

Well. The next Far Cry is going to the Ice Age. Which, honestly, is sort of fine with me. I’ve always fucked with bows hardest in this franchise.

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Oculus Rift going to cost more than $350 when it ships

It ain’t going to be cheap getting into the Metaverse, friends. But then again, who suspected it would be? The Rift is coming, it’s launching (soon), and it is pricing itself out of the range of the casual folk. Which is to be expected at first, right?

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Guillermo del Toro wants Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) in ‘Pacific Rim 2′


Maisie Williams? In Pacific Rim 2? I’m fucking sold. Though, I have to admit. I wonder if Del Toro is stoking the flames of a flick we’re never going to see. And if he’s going to do that, truthfully, I would prefer those flames be directed towards Hellboy 3.

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Marvel announces ‘Black Widow’ ongoing comic from full ‘Daredevil’ creative team

Black Widow.

The much cherished Daredevil creative team is turning their eyes on the Blackest of Widows. Waid, Samnee, Wilson, and Caramagna will be bringing their talents to the super spy’s next ongoing comic.

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‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ News: Gugu Mbatha-Raw considered for female lead

Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

I am not familiar with Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s work. Though I’ve seen her in Jupiter Ascending, apparently. All I remember of that flick is Channing Tatum using Space Rollerblades and kicking his feet across shitty superimposed skylines. But hey. Gugu Mbatha-Raw. She’s in the mix for a significant Episode VIII role.

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‘Spectre’ Final Trailer: I Came Here To Kill You

Decent enough trailer. Stand CraigBond fare. I’m excited for the movie. Only complaint? There’s a moment in the trailer with some shockingly crap-ass CGI. Like, just sort of, “this can’t really be?” Anyways — whatever. I’m a BondMark. I’m there.

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Weekend Open Bar: The End of the Universe Is A Puzzle

the end

Hello friends of the Space-Ship. It’s been a minute since I cracked open the door on of those Communal Columns. But here I am. It’s been a week. It’s been a couple of weeks, honestly. We’ve owned a dog for three weeks. In that time, we’ve had to take her to the doctor four times. Including an emergency room visit. Turns out she has a bum ticker (which, as it stands now, may just be something she *lives with* instead of *dies from*, cross your fingers).

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ to be directed by Taika Waititi


With Thor 3, it appears that Marvel is once again thinking outside of the box. The studio is in talks with Taika Waititi (Flight of the Conchords) to direct the third flick, and it’s an interesting choice. At the very least. The cynic in me is like, “yeah, cause you don’t have to pay unproven directors.” The fanboy in me is like, “keep the talent eclectic, it’s good for the Universe.”

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‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Trailers: Alarm Clocks & Barroom Brawls

I don’t know what to make of Jessica Jones. I never read Alias back in the day, though I know it was pretty dope. I haven’t gotten much out of these first two teaser trailers.  But yet I remain optimistic (while laying in my MCU fanboy pajamas and staring longingly at a picture of Kevin Feige). What do you take out of these trailers?

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Zack Snyder talking to HBO about ‘Watchmen’ TV Series. I hate this.


When Zack Snyder ruined Watchmen, one of my sole sources of solace was the desperate rationalization, “Well, it couldn’t really be done in a movie, anyways. It needed to be a mini-series. Or a premium channel television show.” But now Zack Snyder wants to ruin this excuse for me, for he is apparently trying to ruin the comic series in televised format.

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