‘Joker’ Origin Story movie being produced by Martin Scorsese for WB. I, I just can’t get excited about this guys, idfk

joker origin story movie martin scorsese

Martin Scorsese is producing a “hard boiled” Joker movie, or some shit. I don’t know why, but I just can’t conjure a fuck to give about this development. I’m tired of superhero flicks in general, and I’m certainly tired of all the ups and down of the fucking DCU.

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Monday Morning Commute: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

monday morning commute if it bleeds

Sometimes, man. Sometimes, I just straight-up spend too much time thinking of a post title for a Monday Morning Commute, and then I spend too much time hunting the perfect image. “Perfect”, I know. I’m trash. Anyways, how are you fucking folks doing? You stellar Garbage Lords.


This guy?

Well, I’m currently pinched for time. Tomorrow I leave for the Great White North, meeting the rest of the family up there for a final service for my Nana. She sloughed the mortal coil last year, I think maybe I discussed it?, and now it’s time.

To throw Nana into the marsh behind the family home. Where her shamanistic tendencies can be unloosed, sent to interact with her fellow Reality Melters in the Gilded Plains of the OMNIVERSE.


This guy?

Well, I’m currently wasting time!

So here, without further adieu, is what I’m currently enjoying, currently looking forward to, currently sweating. Let me know what you’re up to this week!

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Cyberpunk shooter ‘Ruiner’ drops September 26 on Consoles and PC. Good cyberpunk foreplay before ‘Blade Runner 2049’, imo

This Autumn seems to be the Autumn of Cyberpunk, for yours truly. We got Ruiner on September 26. We got Blade Runner 2049 like ten days later. It’s a nice way to spend Autumn, in my opinion.

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Netflix drops first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher costume and it’s my everything today

first look the punisher new costume

I thought I was pretty much done being excited for Netflix/Marvel collaborations, but my enthusiasm for Defenders has dissuaded me of that notion. Had it not, I imagine this first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher regalia would have done it.

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Lucasfilm developing a Jabba The Hutt standalone movie because us pigs will eat everything, I guess

lucasfilm jabba the hutt spin-off movie

Your inclination, I imagine, is to take the headline as a joke. It is not. Apparently when Disney bought Lucasfilm, they didn’t have any money left to actually spend on ideas. Sick! Sick burn, right? Fucking sick! Sick burn! (I don’t know, I’m just covering up how much I fucking hate this news with my usual tepid intelligence and shoddy jokes.)

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‘Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams’ Trailer: A First Look At The Mind Bending PKD Anthology Series

philip k dick electric dreams trailer

[Update: They keep taking it down. Fucking come on, guys. It’s out there, just let stay.] Please be good.

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‘Godzilla: Monster Planet’ Trailer: The Lizard King Rules Earth In This Anime

Man, I don’t know much about Godzilla. Like, pretty much nothing. But, I do know I’m digging this trailer.

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Desktop Thursdays: Booty Game Too Strong

booty game too strong

Booty Game Too Strong?! Fucking impossible! Try me, bro. When I die, I hope my epitaph reads, potentially, as such: He Died As He Lived, Worshipping The Booty. Oh fuck, Oh me, Oh my. Where I am? I got, I got the vapors. The dog’s looking at me side-eyed, and I’m worried she perceives the eventual-embolism approaching. Finally. My body and mind soaked with Dew, my loins and shirt soaked with Booty Worship.

While I’m here, before my leaves fall, let me throw this out to you, fair Garbage Lords. This late-as-fuck but hey-at-least-I’m-posting-it edition of Desktop Thursdays.

Check out my rot-gut, trash existence! Then, I beseech you, before the long night comes, share your own world(s) in the comments section.

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‘Crackdown 3’ delayed until 2018, killing Microsoft’s top reason to buy an Xbox One X

crackdown 3 delayed 2018

I’m going to buy an Xbox One X at launch because a) I’m a fucking consumer whore and b) I don’t have an Xbox One. However, Microsoft was presenting Crackdown 3 as a prime reason to buy it for those folks on the fence, or who were needing to be persuaded. Well, now that fucking title ain’t coming out anytime around the XBOX launch.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ going to make Patty Jenkins the highest-paid female director ever

patty jenkins highest paid female director wonder woman 2

Good for DC on two levels. Making Patty Jenkins paid as fuck. Bringing back Patty Jenkins to helm the sequel to the only good DC movie since Dark Knight Rises. Finally, some fucking sense afoot over there at Warner Bros.

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