‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer: We’ll Be Known As…X-Force (Isn’t That A Little Derivative?)

I really want this movie to be good. And, while you can’t judge anything based on on them for certain, this trailer certainly does entertain me.

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Chris Evans confirms he’s done with the MCU after ‘Avengers 4’ and I’m fucking disconsolate

chris evans done mcu avengers 4

We all sort of knew it was coming, right? Chris Evans being done with the MCU. But, now it’s been confirmed in stark relief. The actor himself has confirmed he’s throwing up the deuces to the MCU after Avengers 4 reshoots this year.

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‘Cobra Kai’ Trailer: The Rivalry Is Back On

I’m, I’m a little bit upset with myself. ‘Cause, like, I genuinely enjoyed this trailer.

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‘Men In Black’ reboot reteams Tessa Thompson with Chris Hemsworth. This is ragnarockin’, my dudes

men in black reboot tessa thompson chris hemsworth

Man, this is fucking wild casting. Tessa Thompson is rejoining Chris Hemsworth for the Men In Black reboot, after crushing it together in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Watch: Henry Cavill bids farewell to his glorious mustache, shows genuine charm

‘Under The Silver Lake’ Trailer: The ‘It Follows’ director goes noir-comedy

It Follows is fucking rad, dude. And, thus, I’ve been sweating its director’s next project. Now I don’t gotta, no more!

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‘FLCL’ Season 2 and Season 3 Trailer: It takes an idiot to do cool things!

FLCL is really returning, folks. Jesus Christ, an artifact a seriously bygone era is back in my life, and it’s a bit hard to accept. But, these trailers and actual release dates help.

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Warner Bros. has dropped the official ‘Shazam’ logo if you care, cause like I don’t?

dc shazam movie official logo

Man, I sort of feel bad for Warner Bros. at this point. Like, I know you gotta do your thing, mind your grind, and keep attempting to make good movies. But, dropping the Shazam logo a week after the Infinity Watrailer feels like a sad measure. How about ya’ll just go quiet for a bit until Infinity War passes, and then try and capture some of the zeitgeist.

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Thanos got all the Infinity Stones in ‘Empire’ magazine cover. Dude flexing, conquering everything

empire thanos all the infinity gems

Thanos got himself a completed Infinity Gauntlet in the latest cover of Empire magazine. Like, none of us were expecting him to not win in Infinity War, right? If so, ya’ll dumb. Real dumb.

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‘The Banner Saga 3’ is arriving this summer and dropping on Nintendo Switch first

the banner saga 3 nintendo switch

This is a neat little coup for the Nintendo Switch, my dudes. The Banner Saga 3 is dropping this summer, and it’s arriving first on Nintendo’s console-handheld chimera. I’ve never played either of the titles in the series, but I’ve only heard really good things.

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