Weekend Open Bar: The Omniverse Is Grateful


It’s Weekend Open Bar! Let’s kick this off. With alacrity! The weekly column where the reckless degenerates and-or savory, wonderful souls of Space-Ship Omega gather. Holding hands, holding eye contact, we discuss with vim and vigor our Weekend Plans.

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‘Fallout 4′ Ramen Is Now A Real Thing

Fallout 4 ramen is real!

I fuck with this promotional stunt from Bethesda. The company has brought the ramen from the noodle-shop running robot Takahashi in Diamond City to life. I don’t know if this is objectively cool, or if I’m just so partial to Fallout 4 that I’ll eat (HA, FUCKING PUN) anything up from the game.

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Watch: X-Wing making the trench run from ‘Star Wars’ in ‘Minecraft’

‘Call of Duty’ 2016 being developed by Infinity Ward; here’s hoping it sucks less than ‘Ghosts’

Call of Duty - Ghosts.

Man. Infinity Ward gave me my favorite Call of Duty way back in the day with Modern Warfare 2. They also provided my least favorite (after like, the entire team or some shit, left for Respawn) in Ghosts. Here is hoping the three-year development cycle is kind to them and whatever they’re bringing this year.

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Watch: Kanye West reveals his video game, ‘Only One: The Game’

‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer: What Do You Say To That?

Goddamn, I fucking *love* Silicon Valley.

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‘Destiny 2′ coming in 2017; Expansion for original coming this year


It appears that Bungie is not done with the original Destiny. Despite reports that the game was being put on ice until its sequel being fairly common, Activision has announced the original title will be receiving an expansion this year. Maybe/probably/sort of because the sequel has been pushed back to next year?

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‘Master of None’ Season 2 coming in 2017

Master of None.

Aziz Ansari’s hit Netflix show is getting itself a second season. This seems like good news for all, and it at gives me a deadline for when I need to catch-up on the series by. Vaguely.

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LEGO ‘Star Wars’ series, ‘The Freemaker Adventures’ coming to Disney XD

‘Black Mirror’ News: Joe Wright directing an episode starring Bryce Dallas Howard & Alice Eve

Black Mirror.

Black Mirror: so fucking good. Black Mirror: getting new episodes, courtesy of Netflix. Black Mirror: Joe Wright is directing an episode starring two major actresses. Black Mirror: so fucking good.

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