Monday Morning Commute: The Long Winter

monday morning commute the long winter

Man, fuck the winter. I have always romanticized, and quite frankly enjoyed, the winter. But not this year, friends. Not this year at all. I can’t handle the barren HellScape this year. Whereas in past I rejoiced in scaling it with snowbeast in tow, this year it’s just a reminder of the fact that it isn’t May. But it’s not the physical hardships that have me ground down. I can do the cold and the snow.

It’s the emotional. More than usual, my brain-veins are struggling to pump. I can reason with the weather, but I can’t reason with the malaiseyonnaise struggling to course through the meat-electricity of my flesh-bag. So, I must confess I just haven’t been able the mental wherewithal to write this son of a bitch.

But, I’m here now! So, while whatever chemicals are sloshing around relatively favorably in my body, I shall let you know what I’m looking forward to this week. Or rather since it’s Wednesday, what I’m looking forward to, and what I’ve been enjoying.

This is Monday Morning Commute.

By way of Wednesday afternoon.

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‘The Death of Stalin’ Trailer: The Creator of ‘Veep’ Sets His Sights On The Soviet Union

I love both In The Loop and Veep. So, I imagine I’ll love this satirical movie tackling the Soviet Union by their creator, Armando Iannucci.

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Nintendo reveals “Nintendo Labo” which are bonkers DIY cardboard toys that interact with Switch

nintendo nintendo labo switch

It’s, like, really fucking hard to describe Nintendo Labo in a headline. It’s a collection of DIY cardboard toys that, like, interact with the Switch and its Joy Cons. But, that really doesn’t do the inventive nature of the, uh, peripheral, or uh movement, or uh, concept justice. I just know that it’s really cool, and perhaps it’s a lazy metaphor, but seems like a great way for kids (and adults!) to experiment and grow through gaming like Minecraft.

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Bob Odenkirk starring in action movie from ‘John Wick’ writer. Nothing makes sense anymore and I love it

bob odenkirk action movie john wick writer

Bob Odenkirk is starring in a fucking action movie, written by the dude behind the John Wick movies. This makes absolutely no fucking sense, but in this bleeding timeline, it makes perfect sense. and should be applauded appropriately. Seriously, I’m fucking stoked for this.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 adds Scoot McNairy. This cast is absolutely fucking stacked, folks

true detective season 3 scoot mcnairy

Jesus Christ. The cast for the third season of True Detective was already stacked, and then! Oh god! And then it went and added Scoot McNairy. I can’t wait.

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The ‘Flash’ standalone movie to be directed by ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ writers. If you can’t beat them, recruit them!

flash movie spider man homecoming writers

The DCU has been getting its ass kicked by the MCU for years, friends. For years! So, they’ve done what many competitors do when they’ve been so thrashed. If they can’t compete with a competitor’s talent, they make it their own. The DCU has gone full Yankees, friends. And honestly, I’m actually excited by this news. I really, really enjoyed Homecoming.

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Rumor: Jake Gyllenhaal is “probably” replacing Affleck as Batman and oh god this never ends

rumor gyllenhaal batman replacing ben affleck

I want Jake Gyllenhaal to replace Ben Affleck as Batman. But, that’s neither here nor there in the short term. More than anything, I just want the fucking Ben Affleck/Batman soap opera to conclude.

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‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer: Round And Round We Go

atlanta season 2 trailer

Got ourselves another teaser trailer for Atlanta‘s second season, and it is as dope as the first. It’s after the jump, because apparently Twitter video insists on being a fucking thing.

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‘John Wick’ TV show could feature Ian McShane‘s Winston, so like, make this shit happen

john wick tv series ian mcshane winston

Ian McShane‘s Winston could feature in that upcoming John Wick TV show, folks. And I’m torqued with good reason, as the dude chews up all the scenes he is in in the movies.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ dropping in 2020, according to James Gunn

guardians of the galaxy 3 2020

I’ll forgive you if you’ve forgotten that GOTG Vol. 2 dropped last year. Compared to Spidey: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, it was a pretty uninspired retread of the original movie. That said, Gunn is bringing the cast back to the screen in 2020, and here’s hoping it’s a bit more spicy than the second movie.

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