Joss Whedon had been working on ‘Justice League’ for a good while before Snyder departed

joss whedon zack snyder departed

It turns out that Whedon had been working on Justice League for a good damn while before Zack Snyder departed the flick. So. Remember all those rumors about extensive reshoot rumors for Justice League. Well, if I had to speculate, and that’s all the pop culture is good for anymore, click bait, speculation, and butt gifs, I would guess Whedon was the man helming those. Adding levity and some smirks to the Distinguish Competition’s Cinematic Universe. But, again, it’s just speculation

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Space Swoon: Time-Lapse video of Juno’s flyby of Jupiter

Space. Is. Awesome. Here’s a time-lapse of NASA’s Juno spacecraft flying by Jupiter.

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Next ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie to be decided by June, please anything but Boba Fett

next star wars spin-off movie

I am particularly agreeable when it comes to this new, Disney-owned Star Wars universe. So while I would love, with boner and smile alike, a Star Wars movie set outside established canon, I’m sort of accepting that won’t be coming any time soon. So, given my agreeability, can we please just be given anything but a fucking Boba Fett movie? Please?

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‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ has sold more than 80 million copies, that’s a lot of fellow degenerates

grand theft auto v 80 million sales

Jesus fucking Christ, Grant Theft Auto V has sold more than 80 million copies. The title ain’t ever stopping. Nope. Not until GTA VI, and I’m fine with that. I loved the game, and these days I love watching people roleplay in GTA Online on Twitch. Yeah, yeah…I don’t know what that says about me-us-humanity, but whatever.

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‘Far Cry 5’ Trailer: Guns, Cults and Planes in Montana, coming on February 27, 2018

Official trailer for Far Cry 5 is here folks, and *I* am *stoked* to the brim. I love the series, I love the idea of taking on religious militias in the United States, and I love being chased by bears. A…a perfect union.

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NASA finds planet-sized cyclones on Jupiter. Space is absurd, dude

jupiter planet sized cylcones

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is doing work, reporting back about Jupiter. One of its more dope findings? Jupiter has cyclones. The size of planets.

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Rosario Dawson in talks to join ‘New Mutants’ as classic X-Men character

rosario dawson new mutants movie

Oh man. Rosario Dawson may be joining New Mutants as Doctor Cecilia Reyes? The character was a particular favorite of mine during the X-Men storyline in the mid-90s, Operation: Zero Tolerance.

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Final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is officially going to be six episodes

game of thrones final season six episodes

Game of Thrones is winding down, folks. Yesterday (I think?) we got a trailer for the seventh season. Today, we have found out how many episodes the final season shall be. Six. Fucking six. There, now you know. Six.

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‘Spider-Man’ spin-off Black Cat and Sable movie has a director and terrible title

black cat sable director title

Who, who gives a fuck about Sony’s Marvel Spider-Man universe? Not this guy. Well, maybe the Venom movie will be decent. But, a Sable and Black Cat movie? Ehhh. None the less, the movie is coming, and it’s got(maybe) an official title and a director.

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Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o *are* starring in that buddy movie that started as Twitter meme

rihanna lupita nyong'o buddy movie

The future is fucking wild, man. A Twitter used proposed the idea for a buddy movie starring Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o, based on an image of the two together. Now, now that pitch is being turned into a fucking movie, and it’s being directed by directed by Ava DuVernay.

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