Monday Morning Commute: The Stalking Truth of Michael Myers

monday morning commute stalk you

Hey, folks! What’s going on? It’s Monday? Again? That soon? Well, time don’t stop! And neither shall we! Until, of course, we do stop. The lightning, the electricity done. The metaphysical whatever-whatever either not existing, or taking over. Man, this got away from me quickly. Where was I? Oh yeah!  It’s time for Monday Morning Commute. The weekly wank-off where we all gather, sharing what is getting us through yet another week on the Blue Marble.

What are you fucks up to this week, as you suck air? What are you folks looking forward to this week, as your synapses still sizzle?

I wanna know!

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Rumor: Nick Fury TV series in development for Disney’s streaming service. G’damn, its seeming more and more enticing

nick fury tv show disney streaming

Man, I think I’m just going to have to accept that I’m signing up for Disney’s streaming service. Between the director list for Favreau’s Star Wars show, the possibility of a Loki TV series, and now this? Fuck.

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Guillermo Del Toro is making an animated ‘Pinocchio’ movie for Netflix, who has everyone making everything

guillermo del toro netflix pinocchio

Guillermo Del Toro is making Pinocchio for Netflix, folks. Like, Christ. Every day brings like four more big fucking talents making something for Netflix. In fact, Marvel Studios is their only competition when it comes to gobbling up every last talent in Hollywood.

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LeBron James could be producing that ‘Friday the 13th’ reboot. Uh, fucking naturally or something?

friday the 13 reboot lebron james

With Halloween straight-up body slamming the box office this past weekend, one thing is for certain. A shit load of money is going to be made from rebooting other classic horror franchises. So, it isn’t surprising that Friday the 13th is up for a new installment. What is surprising is that LeBron fucking James could be producing it.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has been pushed back to June, 2020. But I ain’t worried!

wonder woman 1984 june 2020

Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the only DC movie worth watching, has been pushed back seven months. However, don’t sweat the delay. I imagine it’s actually because they’re angling to rake in that Summer Movie Money.

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The Mars Curiosity Rover is operational again, baby! Ain’t got time to die!

mars curiosity rover operational

Curiosity is back up and running, motherfuckers! Granted, its limited in its operations. But that’s better than nothing, no?

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Streaming Tonight! Starting our ‘The Messenger’ playthrough. Talking trash, hanging out.

‘Luke Cage’ has been cancelled by Netflix which is equal parts bummer and surprising

luke cage canceled

I never saw the second season of Luke Cage. However, this still catches me by surprise. Iron Fist axed? Sure. That makes sense. But this? Well then.

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Weekend Open Bar: Going To The ‘Ship!

weekend open bar going to the ship

Hey! It’s Weekend Open Bar! What the fuck is going on, you may be wonder! Well, just trying to get together with you folks on OL more often. You know? Been too disconnected as of late. If you’ve forgot, if it’s been too long, let me break down how this works.

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Tom Holland officially reveals Spidey’s costume from ‘Spider-Man: From Home’ and I fuck with it

Yup, I dig this. How about you?

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