‘Metroid Prime 4’ is coming to Nintendo Switch, purportedly in 2018

metroid prime 4 2018

Yeah, I didn’t get around to covering this during E3! But, whatever! Metroid Prime 4 is totally a game coming to Nintendo Switch, and if you believe the scuttlebutt, dropping next year.

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Netflix’s ‘Defenders’ gets new poster that’s awful, per Marvel’s unspoken edict

netflix defenders poster

Marvel ain’t in the business of good posters, folks.

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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ poster appeals to your nostalgia because the last movie was garbage

jurassic world

Fuck this poster and fuck Jurassic World.

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Ron Howard directing ‘Han Solo’ movie, so here’s to bland ass boring movies

ron howard han solo movie directing

Ron Howard is officially taking over directing duties for the Han Solo movie. And, man. Talk about pivoting from two interesting filmmakers to the most middle-of-the-road, inoffensive, boring-ass choice. The first two post-Lucas Star Wars offerings have een a shameless remake of the original movie, and a heavily reshot movie that cleaved far away from its director’s vision. I’m fearful Lucasfilm is straight-up afraid or unwilling to offer anything remotely fresh in a galaxy far, far away.

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Director Matt Reeves says ‘The Batman’ will be influenced by Hitchcock

matt reeves the batman hitchcock

You know what. After Wonder Woman, with Whedon shepherding Justice League, and the executives behind the DC cinematic universe *finally* fucking getting the message, why not be excited about The Batman? I mean, right?

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John Carpenter co-writing ‘Big Trouble In Little China’ sequel comic so that’s some fun news

john carpenter big trouble in little china sequel comic

Following the whirlwind of disappointing, feces-flecked news surrounding Lord and Miller being fired from Han Solo, here’s some neat news about a creator I love. Woof! Look at that run on sentence. Anyways! Yeah!

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer: Winter Is Here

This reminds me, I have to catch-up on Thrones before the premiere.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC about ‘The Flash’ movie during ‘Han Solo’ hiatus

phil lord chris miller the flash movie

During their Han Solo movie hiatus, which then transformed into their firing, Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC films to discuss The Flash movie. They had previously been attached, then dropped off. Fuck, man. I’m all about them joining the troubled production, and righting that ship.

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‘Han Solo’ movie eyeing Ron Howard to replace Phil Lord and Chris Miller

han solo movie ron howard

Sure, whatever, okay.

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HBO developing ‘Watchmen’ series with Damon Lindelof. Don’t get my hopes up, plz

watchmen hbo series damon lindelof

HBO is developing a Watchmen series alongside Damon Lindelof. Woah, nice. A Watchmen adaptation has always made most sense (to me) as an HBO series, or on another premium channel. As well, I’ve always had a problem with Lindelof, but apparently the dude more than acquitted himself with The Leftovers. So. Color me excited. Worst case Ontario, it still can’t be as bad as the Snyder movie.

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