Thanksgiving Week Commute: Drunk On Turkey and Stuffed With Love


Ah, yeah! It’s Thanksgiving Week! Which means the most glorious span of six weeks or so is kicking off! Holiday season! Days upon days of getting fat, fiddling with candy canes (interpret that as you will), getting fat, drinking with friends, getting fat, playing video games, and this year, seeing TheWarStars Movie over and over again!

Typically we rock a Monday Morning Commute here, but what the fuck. Let’s go nuts. A lot of people are already off, a lot of people are going to be off, and those who aren’t getting any time off are obviously welcome to use this place as a refuge.

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John Carpenter has developed *four* horror and science-fiction TV shows


Apparently John Carpenter has developed four television shows? Holy crap. Like, let at least one of these come to fruition. Please.

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‘Fallout 3′ on a vintage 1950’s era Philco Predicta TV set. Retro Swoon.

‘Doctor Strange’ starts production; main cast has been confirmed

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is officially underway! With the official production beginning, Marvel has released a confirmation of the main cast. Quite the cast, man.

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Oh: Tom Cruise starring in reboot of ‘The Mummy’

Tom Cruise.

Whelp, I didn’t see this coming. I mean, don’t front. You didn’t see this coming either. But I will see this movie.

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Rumor: Star-Lord’s father from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2′ revealed [Updated]

Star-Lord, man.

[Update: James Gunn says nah.]

Star-Lord’s father is going to be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and the identity of this paternal figure has been up for date. A new rumor purports to have cracked this case for us, friends. And for what its worth, the identity named, and its logical placement in the grander MCU makes sense to me. How about you? Do you buy it? Do you like it?

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Art: ‘Legend of Zelda’ imagined as a Hayao Miyazaki movie

Obvious Report: ‘Fantastic Four 2′ removed from Fox’s release schedule

Go figure — one of the biggest flops of the year, a movie critically panned and awash in bullshit-slung and words-spit, has seen its sequel removed from Fox’s release schedule.

Just give Marvel the rights, Fox.

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Watch: 14 Year-Old vaporizes speed record for solving Rubik’s cube

Netflix bringing new Bob Odenkirk movie to theaters


Bob Odenkirk fucking owns. Owns on Mr. Show, owns on BreakingBetterCallSaulBad, owns on the first season of Fargo. Among other efforts. Soon! Soon, Bob Odenkirk is going to be owning in theaters, in the film Girlfriend’s Day. Thanks to Netflix!

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