Weekend Open Bar: The Fetish is the Fashion is the Fetish

the fetish is the fashion

Yesterday, I finished the last day of the summer class that I teach at UMass Boston. I am celebrating as only I, CaffDouche, can. Which is to say I’m currently eating Chez-Its, sipping directly from a 2 Liter of Pepsi Max, and playing Rise of the Tomb Raider after a long, under-caffeinated day. It’s a gratifying sensation to know that I’m done lesson planning (but not done working, this prole sallies forth like most others) for the summer. Six-weeks of being able to just beat that meat and game that game and read that comic without having to withdraw into pedagogical tomfoolery. But it’s also a bit melancholic, as six-weeks starts off sounding wonderful and slowly metamorphosizes into feeling interminable. These days, it feels culturally anathema to say you like your job. I do, though. Guilty. It’s rewarding, challenging, stimulating, and as dynamic as it gets.

I must not cop to that, though.

I’ll be ousted.

From my Millennial Generation, where self-loathing memes, anxiety, and a general pall seem to engulf the various news-feeds anyone internet-addicted and my age frequent.

Certainly, I understand the occasional bout of despair. The Earth is melting, when it’s not busy devolving into a rotting garbage heap. The United States’ election is being decided between a Crook and a Despot. We’re still not on Mars, we’re still fighting over oil and Sky People. So. Yeah. Certainly, I understand the occasional bout of despair.

But it’s exhausting man! And I won’t stand for it. Not today! Today, being the first day of my six-week break from wearing pants (I’ll be wearing shorts, but fuck pants until September 6). Not today! Being Saturday, the first day of my glorious weekend. Not today! Why, instead of leaning into the perpetual pall of misery and malaise, we could all embrace the glory of Weekend Open Bar!

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‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer: What I Do Is Not Up To You

Holy fuck, this looks great.

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Confirmed: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is heading to Planet Hulk; check out his Gladiator Armor at SDCC

planet hulk!

Thor: Ragnarok is heading into the territory of a classic storyline for the Jade Giant, Planet Hulk. I fuck with this development, I fuck with it so hard. Check out images of his Gladiator armor after the jump!

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‘Blair Witch’ Trailer: Once More Into The Woods

I’ve been sweating Adam Wingard’s The Woods since I came across the trailer for it in May. However, turns out I was actually sweating a sequel to the Black Witch Project. Wingard and company fucking punked us all, man. Today, they revealed that the former title was actually a ruse, and the project that’s actually dropping this September is a follow-up to the Found Footage Film that Launched a Thousand Derivations.

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Feminist writer Roxane Gay writing ‘Black Panther’ spin-off, ‘World of Wakanda’

world of wakanda

I don’t really fuck with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ current Black Panther run, but I’m more than excited about the accolades it is receiving. I’m also excited, apparently, for the talent that Coates is recruiting to bring their talents to the world of Black Panther and Marvel.

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‘American Gods’ Trailer: Something feels weird

Watch: Nintendo’s ad for their NES Classic Edition is Playing With (1980s) Power

Oh man. Nintendo going straight for the nostalgic heart of my generation. Playing dirty, shameless, rotten, exploitive. And it’s working. It’s working!

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‘Iron Fist’ Trailer: Danny Rand Hanging Out In Frown Town

This trailer is completely discordant with the Danny Rand I know and love in contemporary Marvel comics. But fuck it, who knows, maybe it’ll be good.

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‘Luke Cage’ Trailer: Bulletproof, Devastating Jaw Bones

‘Wonder Woman’ Official Poster: Power, Grace, Wisdom, Wonder, Color!