Weekend Open Bar: Holiday With The New Scum

holiday with the new scum

This is Weekend Open Bar.

I’ve got a cold this weekend, folks. This is how bad of a cold I’ve got, I’ll tell ya, I’ll tell ya. My cold is so fucking bad that I couldn’t even finish my chimichanga. How’s that for a fucking cold? My cold is so fucking bad that my farts are thick, hateful, nightmare blasts of Theraflu chemicals and phlegm-gut. How’s that for a fucking cold?

But the Theraflu does its job, oh yes. I knew the Theraflu was doing its job earlier tonight. I knew it while I was walking the Snowbeast and out of nowhere came the thought, “Man, I’m damn comfortable, I could just lay down.” Now mind you I may live on a rather comfortable, middle-class street. But at no time should a gangly man with a SpaceX hoodie be laying on the damp concrete sidewalk, a confused Great Pyrenees alternating between lapping at her owner and struggling to break free and run into the woods for a Vision Quest.

After I had that thought, after I processed that potential consequence, I thought to myself. Well golly, I’m straight fucked-up on Theraflu!

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Canceled ‘Rayman’ Game For SNES Found By Its Creator after 25 Years

rayman snes

The creator of Rayman has unearthed a previously-thought-lost copy of the character’s canceled SNES debut. One for the archives, folks.

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Official ‘Logan’ Photo confirms X-23 as played by Dafne Keen

Dafne Keen x-23

Pretty much everyone has guessed that Dafne Keen is playing X-23 in Logan. But! Now the Powers that Be have confirmed it.

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AT&T buying HBO, CNN, and the rest of Time Warner for $80 Billion

at&t buying time-warner

Jesus Christ. The All-Seeing-Eye is open us. The consolidation of all culture. The homogenization of All Things. Another Leviathan has been born, mutated, grown even larger.

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Comics Artist Steve Dillion Has Passed Away at Age 54



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‘Deadpool 2’ Director Has Quit Movie Over Creative Differences With Reynolds

deadpool 2 director quits

Woah. Tim Miller, the director of the original Deadpool, has left the sequel due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds. Sort of a blow to the tits, given the two’s synergy in the original film.

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‘Justice League’ Photo: Wonder Woman stands in the Fire and the Flame

wonder woman justice league

Today, Zack Snyder dropped a new image of Wonder Woman in commemoration of the character’s 75th birthday.

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Donald Glover cast as Lando in ‘Han Solo’ Spin-Off Movie

donald glover lando

What was once rumor is now objective fact! Donald Glover is going to be playing Lando in the upcoming Han Solo movie. I’m more than down with this casting, and the entire project in general. Star Wars fanboy? Check. Miller and Lord fanboy? Check. Donald Glover fanboy? Check! Clean sweep.

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Joss Whedon Wants to Direct A ‘Star Wars’ Movie

joss whedon star wars

Joss Whedon has admitted that he wants to direct a Star Wars spin-off movie. You could, logically, just chalk this up to a director talking off the cuff about neat things he would consider doing. But I won’t! Because this is the *INTERNET* and *EVERYTHING* carries weight.

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‘Arrival’ Trailer: Now That’s A Proper Introduction