‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer: Upon Their Thrones

New Game of Thrones trailer! Season 7 awaits! I should really catch-up on this show!

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‘Destiny 2’ Reveal Trailer: Rally The Troops!

We’ve got the official Destiny 2 reveal trailer, folks! It’s capping off seven days or so that saw a leak, a confirmation, a teaser trailer, and now this.

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Joss Whedon directing ‘Batgirl’ standalone movie

joss whedon batgirl movie

Woah. Eons ago, Joss Whedon tried to direct a female-led DC movie, in the form of Wonder Woman. He didn’t ever get it made. But now he’s getting a shot at another popular DC female character. Batgirl!

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Jordan Peele in running to direct live-action ‘Akira’

jordan peele live action akira

How do you get me to give a fuck about a live-action Akira? You tell me that Jordan Peele may be directing it.

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‘True Detective’ season 3 still happening, David Milch of ‘Deadwood’ joins creative team

true detective season 3 david milch

I have no problem with a third season of True Detective being developed. Sure, I thought the second season was a steaming batch of convoluted diarrhea, but that’s over! Past! The third season is another opportunity, and it’s an opportunity being bolstered by the considerable talents of David Milch.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ officially announced

star wars batlefront 2 officially annnounced

In the “no shit” department, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been revealed to exist. More details at next month’s Star Wars Celebration.

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‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ Trailer: The Whole Universe Is After Us

This movie looks far, far, far too wild to succeed domestically. It also looks far, far, far too wild to pass up.

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‘It’ Teaser Trailer: You Will Fear Clowns. Again.

I’ve never read It. I haven’t watched the original It in twenty-years. So, I don’t give a sh(it) (ha!) about this trailer. I hope you King folks enjoy it, though!

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‘Destiny 2’ Teaser Trailer: The Last City Falls

The Last City, not unlike Destiny 2‘s marketing campaign, can be exploding like a motherfucker in the first trailer for the game. Last week we got a leak, yesterday we got a reveal, today we got a teaser, and Thursday we are getting a full trailer.

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Miles Teller starring in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon series

miles teller starring nicolas winding refn amazon series

Nicolas Winding Refn has got himself a series on Amazon with comic book writer Ed Brubaker, which is wild. But it’s also wild that said series will be starring Miles Teller.

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