‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Japanese Trailer: Now With 100% More Doctor Strange

You may remember, Marvel Scrubs and Fanboys, that the Doctor Strange stinger set-up his presence in Thor: Ragnarok. However, thus far Mystical Tony Stark hasn’t been present in any of the promotional materials. Well, that changes with the release of the Japanese trailer.

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‘Avengers 4’ sees Hawkeye and Maybe Black Window with new, edgy looks. Post-Apocalypse Movie?

avengers 4 hawkeye black window new looks

Speculation: Avengers 4 is some post-apocalyptic Avengers set in a world where Thanos wins, and like, the movie is about defeating Thanos and using the time cube to reset back to a lesser destroyed world? It would explain Renner’s extreme Mohawk/Ultimates look I guess, and apparently Black Widow is going to be bald. Edgy! Post-apocalyptic!

I’m calling it.

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Daniel Craig finally friggin’ confirms he’s returning for one last ‘Bond’ movie

daniel craig confirms bond return

The Daniel Craig and Bond will they/won’t they dance has finally come to its end-resolution-whatever-the-fuck. The actor will be returning for Bond 25, and then, that’s it.

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Casey Affleck says his brother isn’t returning for ‘The Batman’, apparently. Wicked breakin’ news, kehd

ben affleck the batman not returning casey affleck

Casey Affleck doesn’t think his brother Ben is returning for The Batman. Dude dropped the factoid casually on a Boston sports talk show, and then sort of attempted to walk it back. As the world turns with Bond and this shit, huh?

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‘Ozark’ Season 2 announced by Netflix, guess I’ll add the show to my unconquerable list of pop culture to consume

ozark season 2 announced

Got a couple of friends really digging Ozark, while I continue my attempt to catch-up on Game of Thrones. Good news for those friends, who have been telling me I’m fucking up (I know, I know!) for not watching Ozark. They’re going to have more of the show to enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be caught up on Thrones by the time the second season drops.

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Director and Lead Actress of ‘The Witch’ reteaming for ‘Nosferatu’, so prepare to crap yourself again

director lead actress the witch nosferatu

Man, I was deeply unsettled by The Witch. However, I also fucking loved it. So, I can’t wait to see what the director and lead actress of said flick do with their upcoming remake of Nosferatu.

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Louis C.K. premiering his secret movie, ‘I Love You, Daddy’ at Toronto International Film Festival

louis ck movie i love you daddy toronto international film festival

Apparently, Louis C.K. secretly filmed a movie. Apparently, this movie is titled I Love You, Daddy. Apparently, this movie is premiering at TIFF.

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Studio Ghibli reopens as Hayao Miyazaki totally comes out of retirement, again

studio ghibli reopens hayao miyazaki unretires

Creators create. That’s what they do, and I imagine that’s what Hayao Miyazaki is either discovering or accepting about himself now. The legend has come out of retirement, again, and Studio Ghibli has reopened in order to produce Miyazaki’s next movie.

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‘Molly’s Game’ Trailer: Sorkin’s Directorial Debut Gets Fittingly Longwinded Trailer

My god. I don’t know what I was expecting from a Sorkin trailer, if not Sorkin. So here’s the trailer for his directorial debut, which probably sets the record for most longwinded shit ever crammed into 2:46. Regarding the actual movie, I’m sort of intrigued. I guess?

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John Carpenter is directing a TV pilot written by David Hayter, in today’s unexpected collaborations

john carpenter directing david hayter pilot

Voice of Solid Snaker, and writer of the first two X-Men movies, David Hayter has penned a TV pilot. That, that doesn’t really hold much juice. Doesn’t get the nads tingling. However! The fact that John Carpenter is directing it? Oh yes.

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