Tuesday Evening Commute: The Rolling Tide of Honeyed Ennui


Salutations, comrades. This is Monday Morning Commute by way of Tuesday Late Evening. Greetings, friends. I apologize for the tardiness, I’m just. I don’t know. Busy? Tired? Tired and Busy? Busy and Tired? Sure, sure. But if I’m being doubly honest, and let’s admit that I’ve written for nearly seven years an embarrassing amount of personal information, I’ve been a bit maudlin about OL.

Pillaging the archives makes me yearn for the days of commenters gone by, of days that were grad school, filled with too much caffeine, and a head full of ideas. I miss the folks who have drifted, I miss my own initiative.

What can you do?

Sally forth, I suppose. But it’s tinged with nostalgia when I know some of the old folk ain’t gonna comment.

What can you do?

Sally forth, I suppose. But it’s tinged with melancholy when I’m penning this shortly after grading papers for three hours, and shortly before I must slumber.

What can you do?

Sally forth, I suppose.

I’m still here, dammit.

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‘Wreck-It Ralph 2′ announced; dropping March 9th, 2018. First image released, too!

wreck-it-ralph 2

I sort of expected a Wreck-It Ralph 2, given that the initial movie made roughly one-zillion dollars. And now my brilliant, genius-level intuition has been confirmed.

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Nintendo’s new NX Console skipped E3 afraid of “imitators”


So, Nintendo skipped out on E3 this year. Apparently! Apparently it was due to a company-wide fear that showing their NX too early would lead to copy cats and imitators.

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Watch: Speedrunner reprograms a ‘Super Mario’ game to beat itself

This is how we anger the robots, folks. We fuck around with programming, exploit it. We fuck around with the robots, making them humiliate themselves. I’m not saying we can play the robot uprising on this hacked copy of Super Mario. But we can.

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‘Final Fantasy VII’ getting an official Monopoly Board

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ players solved mystery involving Bigfoot and Teen Wolf. Seriously.

Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto V‘s community are tight, man. Fucking around with one another. The former hiding shit in code (seriously), the latter working diligently to figure out just what is fucking hidden. The latest case of this back and forth, cat and mouse, involves Bigfoot. Peyote. And Teen Wolf.

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‘Overwatch’ has passed ‘League of Legends’ as most popular game in Korean Net Cafes


Overwatch seems popular as fuck, given the response from the various gaming communities I frequent. (Basically, OL’s Facebook page.) How popular though, across countries and fandoms? Apparently very.

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Watch: This animated tribute to NASA’s Voyager Program is all the feels

‘Blade Runner 2’ adds Barkhad Abdi, “I’m the replicant now.”

Barkhad Abdi

Stole that “I’m the replicant now” from my own brother, Rendar, who pointed me in the direction of this news. You’re the best, Rendar!

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Look: James Gunn is gifted a Play-Doh Groot from ‘GoTG Vol. 2′ Prop Master


Fuck, man. I need me some more Guardians of the Galaxy, seeing that the original is easily my fave flick of the MCU, and maybe one of my fave flicks of the past few years. What do I get to hold me over? Fucking nothing! But I’d settle for my own Play-Doh Groot.

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