Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller to reprise his role as ‘Robocop’ in the upcoming sequel. I’m even more sold on this shit, dudes

neill blomkamp peter weller robocop sequel

Yo, does it ever seem like Neill Blomkamp fucking gets it. I was already marginally excited about the director bringing to life a Robocop sequel. With the original writers. But, now? Dude wants to bring back the Robocop. Let’s get this shit done.

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‘Spider-Man’ Gameplay Launch Trailer: Leave the fighting to the pros, which is us, obviously

Jesus Fuck, does this game launch soon.

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‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Trailer: Dropping April 2019 and I’m fucking HYPE

Let’s fucking go, dude. One Punch Man is one of my favorite anythings in the past few years. Thus, good god, fuck, I need the second season.

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‘Rage 2’ Extended Gameplay Trailer: ‘Borderlands’ plus ‘Bulletstorm’ equals fuck yes

You’re forgiven if you missed the Rage 2 extended gameplay trailer yesterday. It was lost in the wake of the DOOM ETERNAL GAMEPLAY TRAILER FUCKING CHANGING LIVES yesterday. However, it is dope as fuck.

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Shane Black would make a ‘Nice Guys’ sequel in a heartbeat. So, let’s get this shit going!

shane black the nice guys sequel

The Nice Guys is one of my favorite movies of the past five years, maybe of the past decade. I said favorite not best, don’t fucking @ me, okay? So, I’m more than wanting that fucking sequel teased at the end of the first. Will I get it? Who knows. But if it were up to director Shane Black, it would happen.

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‘Star Trek 4’ may lose both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth over contract talks. This is posturing, right?

star trek 4 loses chris pine chris hemsworth

Right now, Star Trek 4 is seemingly without both Chris Pine and the dude who played his father in the first Star Trek reboot. The two stars have left the movie over a contract dispute. But, I have to figure this is posturing. I mean, right?

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‘Doom Eternal’ Gameplay Footage: Ripping and Tearing is back and somehow even better than before

I’m being serious, my dudes. I got fucking chills watching this Doom Eternal gameplay footage. Fucking chills. Embedded above is the entire fucking Doom keynote, but if you’re looking specifically for the footage, hop to 1:16:22 for the first batch, 1:24:14 for the second, and 1:29:50 for the third. As well, shout out to Rock Paper Shotgun for the handy time-stamps.

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‘Firewatch’ art director Olly Moss now officially working for Valve. I hope this means they’re actually making a fucking game

firewatch olly moss valve

Back in April, Valve snagged Firewatch developer Campo Santo. As an aside, that game fucking rules. But, things are even more interesting now. The art director behind the game, Olly Moss, has officially joined the company. What does this fucking mean? I have no goddamn idea! However, I hope it means they’re actually making a game.

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Streaming tonight! ‘Shovel Knight’! Buffoonery! Join Us!

Weekend Open Bar: Salt + Charcoal

weekend open bar salt and charcoal

Salutations, fellow denizens of the Space-Ship Omega. It is I, your over-caffeinated, mentally-compromised captain! Why, when I’m not hurtling us into the gaping maw of echo-chamber buffoonery, talking about my own dick (and how it pumped, oh did it pump for the Doom Eternal gameplay), and generally embarrassing myself, I like to open up the Open Bar on the weekend! I know, oh do I know. I’m infrequent these days. Apologies all around. Here, here. Take a moist, poorly-wrapped candy from my pocket. Here, here. Take an I.O.U, redeemable for approximately one brutal high-five and chest-bump.

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