Weekend Open Bar: Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat


You’re alive, yo. Day after day you’re telling Death “No” and sauntering on in the Oblivion that is a Godless, Apathetic Existence. There’s something to appreciate in that effort alone. You’re Conquering the Drive to give into Entropy. Someday you’ll stagger, fall, maybe even tap. Don’t take it personally, don’t take it as a slight against your character. Even the Universe is mortal. But for now, while we persist, let’s body slam existence together. Celebrate the Weekend with this Open Bar.

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OMEGA-CAST #12 – The Great Flour Tortilla Incident of 2014


OH YOU THOUGHT US GONE? Naw, bruh. Life. It happens. But choke down this GNARLY PODCAST until the SPACE-SHIP can resume full operating capacity. PART GODDAMN 1 of a PODCAST we cut nearly TWO FUCKING WEEKS AGO. And this time it’s FUCKING ME behind the delay in posting it. And life. Definitely life. Anyways. THIS ONE has WAY CAPS and most importantly THE FUCKING RETURN OF RE-RE-RE-RENDAR.

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Wacom dropping free digital anthology feat: Doyle, Farinas, Milonogiannis, and more

Goddamn gorgeous.

Pretty fucking killer. That artistic tablet company place, Wacom, is dropping a free digital anthology. Usually I’m all like “Free?!” and then I don’t get excited because I only feel validated when I spend my hard earned Imperial credits. But fuck. Wacom has stacked the deck with some filthy talent on this giveaway.

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Adam McKay probably directing a Marvel movie

Adam McKay.

Adam McKay directing a Marvel movie? Makes sense. The Leviathan is enormous. Its consumptive needs are never-ending, all-expanding. Slowly but surely all talent of even marginal measure will be subsumed into its corpus. The exceptions shall prove the rule. This Leviathan is the Never Ending Comic Book Movie Monster.

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Confirmed: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sorkin’s Biopic

Christian Bale

YEAH SO I don’t think of Christian Bale when I think of people who are perfect to play Steve Jobs. No worry. The motherfucker knows a thing or two about reinventing himself for a role.

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Saturn’s moon ‘Mimas’ may have subsurface sea


Say now! Saturn’s moon Mimas may have a subsurface sea? OUR OWN FUCKING SOLAR SYSTEM IS RIFE WITH INTRIGUE. Mark that shit down. Oh, the Kupier Belt, boring? Oh, the Oort Cloud, boring? Oh Jupiter, big whup?! YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKING KNOW. (Also, just ignore all qualifiers in the article. Like “probably” and “might” and especially the “more likely” — they will harsh your excitement.)

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Steve Carell making movie with Charke Kaufman, writer of ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Steve Carell

I have very little fucks to give about Steve Carell these days. Left The Office, which made his career. I’m irrationally bitter about that. (Don’t say Daily Show.) Made some Typical Indie Movies, looks actually fantastic in Foxcatcher. But could really, really get me excited for a work of his would be some sort of dream pairing. Like this one.

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‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer: Spacey’s Private Militia


Not even going to front. I’m unabashedly anticipating a journey down the yearly Doritos Jingoism hole. This time with House of Cards stuffed into its guts.

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Cosplay: Black Cat strikes a pose, strikes a, uh, glorious nerve

Black Cat.

This cosplay must have been generally engineered for me, given my proclivity for passing out from euphoria when I come across latex body suits.

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‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer: That’s A Hulkbuster In My Pants


Frankly, FRANKLY, I see no goddamn reason for OL to exist if I cannot take a minute out of the Maelstrom of the Now to post the leaked Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. THE PLATONIC IDEAL OF THIS SPACE-SHIP IS TO BE EXCITED OVER JAMS LIKE THIS.

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