First Look: ‘Wonder Woman’ drops image of Diana and her Amazon Moms

First Look: Gal Gadot as ‘Wonder Woman’ as movie production begins

Wonder Woman

Man, I don’t know. Maybe Wonder Woman will be fantastic. Maybe it won’t be. But I’m so apprehensive about the DCU in general that is hard for me to feel anything but apathetic about the whole enterprise. Surprise me, DC. Surprise me.I’ll be seeing all your movies anyways, as a loser fanboy who grouses about your choices and then never backs it up.

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Report: Nicole Kidman in talks to join ‘Wonder Woman’ movie

Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman joining a comic book movie? Just when you think the Grand Cinematic Blight hasn’t engulfed All of Hollywood, it reminds you: There Are More.

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Rumor: ‘Wonder Woman’ movie wants Eva Green and Sean Bean for two villains

Eva Green

Man. I fuck with anything that has Eva Green in the cast. And I mean! Sean Bean! Who else would anyone want for an obviously coming, but still emotionally gripping death sequence? So cast them, Wonder Woman. Cast them both.

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie picks up “Interstellar’ cinematographer

Wonder Woman.

Holy futz. Wonder Woman has snagged Hoyte Van Hoytema as its cinematographer. Which means that this movie is going to be goddamn unflinchingly beautiful, regardless of its other qualities. This makes me very, very excited.

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie gets new director in Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman!!!~dsafs

Patty Jenkins. She has crossed the war lines! Once she was up to direct Thor 2, and now she’s going to be helming the Wonder Woman flick.

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie loses director Michelle MacLaren

Wonder Woman

It appears that the Wonder Woman movie is back on the market for a director.

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Go figure: WB looking for female director for ‘Wonder Woman’ flick

Gal Godot

Go figure. Go nuts! Go bananas! Go whatever you want. Just celebrate this neat bit of news. It almost makes too much sense: a female director could be helming the female-led Wonder Woman movie.

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‘CHRONICLE’ WRITER is pitching a ‘WONDER WOMAN’ flick.

Max Landis.

Max Landis. Wrote Chronicle. Seems to really, really, really enjoy himself. Enjoys hearing himself speak, eat, spank, take a dump (I can relate). The dude who took the world by force with his fiercely mediocre first effort is now pitching a Wonder Woman movie.

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