Monday Morning Commute: Say My Name!

monday morning commute say my name

Oh! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me, huh? Oh, you didn’t? Just assumed I was in some sort of depressive, hermetic state? And that I’d emerge eventually, temporarily recharged? Well, fuck. You know me! Anyways, hey! Great to be here. Great to see you. Your teeth look wonderful, and your genitals look plump. Fantastic, fantastic! Anyways, I won’t belabor you much longer with this viciously verbose opening. Instead, I’ll pivot to the purpose of this here post, Monday Morning Commute!

To tell you what I’m enjoying lately. Be it active enjoyments, or portents of fun things on the horizon this week.

Then, per usual, I hope you’ll share your own warm-and-fuzzies in the comments section.

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‘Shazam!’ Trailer: Say The Name!

Aiight! I was worried about Shazam!, given how fucking long it took for the second trailer to drop. But, I’m at least temporarily assuaged. This shit looks wonderful.

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Warner Bros. has dropped the official ‘Shazam’ logo if you care, cause like I don’t?

dc shazam movie official logo

Man, I sort of feel bad for Warner Bros. at this point. Like, I know you gotta do your thing, mind your grind, and keep attempting to make good movies. But, dropping the Shazam logo a week after the Infinity Watrailer feels like a sad measure. How about ya’ll just go quiet for a bit until Infinity War passes, and then try and capture some of the zeitgeist.

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‘Shazam’ movie casts Zachary Levi in lead role. This is so dumb, but worse things have worked

shazam title role zachary levi

Zachary Levi has been cast as Shazam, and I ain’t thrilled. Ain’t got time for the dude. For better worse. Eminently punchable face. Loosely and unfairly reminds me of that other dicklord fraud, Chris Hardwick. But with that emotional, poorly constructed diatribe at out of the way, I’ll tell you this. Seemingly worse casting decisions have worked out. Here’s hoping.

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John Cena is frontrunner for ‘Shazam’ lead. Let’s not play around, get this done

john cena shazam billy batson lead

John Cena is the frontrunner to play the lead in DC’s Shazam movie. There’s some other jabroni also in contention, but let’s just focus on the positive here. Cena is literally an overgrown, pumped-up man child. This casting is so fucking obvious. Additionally, let’s not fucking forget if Cena is cast, dude will be feuding with The Rock’s fucking Black Adam.

Please. Make this happen.

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DC’s ‘Shazam!’ movie is going to be “fun” and “lighthearted”, so okay cool welcome to the Marvel Studios Method

dc shazam lighthearted fun

Listen, I really enjoyed Wonder Woman, and I’m glad it is making shit loads of money. However, and c’mon let’s not kid ourselves, it’s sort of just a Marvel Studios movie. So, I’m glad that DC finally seems to get it with the aforementioned movie, and seemingly with Shazam!. But, like DCU stans, it’s time to admit it. After years of puffing your chest and pretending the DCU was cool because it was “gritty” and “realistic”, if you’re going to like the DCU going forward, you’re going to have to admit something. Marvel Studios won, tonally.

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‘Shazam’ is the next DC movie to film, which excites three people, and I’m happy for them

shazam dc next movie filmed

Man. Really, DC? Shazam is next? Speaks to the behind the scenes fucking chaos at Warner Brothers, right? I mean. Shazam. Not The Batman. Not The Flash. Goddamn Shazam. But, hey. Here’s hoping it’s good, and here’s hoping the aforementioned delayed projects end up kicking ass, thanks to the extra time they’ve been afforded.

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DC’s ‘Shazam!’ movie is set in the DC Film Universe. Yeah, no crap?

the rock goes shazam

Apparently it’s news that The Rock’s Shazam! movie is going to be set in the DC Film Universe. I mean, was there speculation that it wasn’t going to be? I don’t know. It’s Friday afternoon, slow news day, here have this morsel of #nonnews, folks.

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Art: DC’s Shazam as portrayed by JOHNNN CENAAA!!!

Dwayne Johnson: ‘Shazam’ movie could be released early

The Rock

The Rock is teasing us folks, hinting that his Shazam movie could be released earlier than scheduled. Hmm. I’m torn between my near-militant disdain for the DCU and my near-zealot level of love for The Rock.

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