‘Rick and Morty’ Season 5 Trailer: More Meta-Nihilism arrives June 20!

Fuck me. You know, sometimes I honestly forget about Rick and Morty. This is despite really enjoying it! However, trailer for its fifth season has reminded me! As well, we know the season’s drop date. June 20!

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‘Ant-Man 3’ brings on ‘Rick and Morty’ writer to pen the script. This absolutely fucking rules.

ant man 3 rick and morty writer

Ant-Man! An exceptionally goofy, fun movie franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rick and Morty! Clever, irreverent, fun. I’m completely on board with Ant-Man 3 being written by a dude behind Rick and Morty.

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Monday Morning Commute: In the Glow of the Great Uniter: Baby Yoda

monday morning commute in the glow of the great uniter baby yoda

Man, it’s Baby Yoda’s world! We just living in it. The little green fucker has taken over our pop culture zeitgeist and for good reason: they’re equal parts adorable and fantastic. How the fuck you doing, friends? Hope you’re hanging in there. I’m in the dregs of the semester, pulling myself through the shit-flecked glass shards that is the last few weeks of the Fall.

But! It ain’t all hopeless. I got a lot of things to look forward to this week. And next! And, Baby Yoda is at the center of my glowing existential heartbeat. Every moment between now and Friday is just time to burn until the next episode of The Mandalorian.

Anyways, this is Monday Morning Commute! I hope you’ll join me in listing what you’re enjoying this week. What you’re looking forward to enjoying. And, anything and everything on your pop culture mind.

I’ll go first!

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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 is dropping this November! No, seriously!

rick and morty season 4 november

Oh fuck, oh shitRick and Morty‘s fourth season has an official premiere…month.

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Marvel’s ‘Loki’ TV series lands ‘Rick and Morty’ writer as its goddamn showrunner. Man, this is gonna be good, ain’t it?

loki series rick and morty writer

I really, really want to not give a fuck about the Marvel shows heading to Disney’s streaming service. But, the motherfuckers don’t fight fair! I mean, a Rick and Morty writer as the showrunner? Fuck.

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Head writer of ‘Rick and Morty’ is making an animated ‘Star Trek’ show

rick and morty head writer star trek show

Star Trek is a hip franchise, dudes! Totally, totally hip! How hip, you want to ask? Why, it’s got the head writer of Rick and Morty working on an animated series! Snark aside, this is actually really cool.

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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Teaser: To The Animeverse!

rick and morty season 4 teaser anime

Here’s a really cool, albeit detail-free teaser for Rick and Morty‘s fourth season. It’s after the jump, because motherfuckers keep using Twitter video.

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‘Rick and Morty’ has been renewed for fucking SEVENTY episodes

rick and morty renewed seventy episodes

This, this is fucking fantastic news. Sure, we probably won’t see a new Rick and Morty episode probably until 2021, and we will only see like thirty out of these seventy episodes due to some Harmon collapse, but I’m fucking pumped.

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Monday Morning Commute: If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

monday morning commute if it bleeds

Sometimes, man. Sometimes, I just straight-up spend too much time thinking of a post title for a Monday Morning Commute, and then I spend too much time hunting the perfect image. “Perfect”, I know. I’m trash. Anyways, how are you fucking folks doing? You stellar Garbage Lords.


This guy?

Well, I’m currently pinched for time. Tomorrow I leave for the Great White North, meeting the rest of the family up there for a final service for my Nana. She sloughed the mortal coil last year, I think maybe I discussed it?, and now it’s time.

To throw Nana into the marsh behind the family home. Where her shamanistic tendencies can be unloosed, sent to interact with her fellow Reality Melters in the Gilded Plains of the OMNIVERSE.


This guy?

Well, I’m currently wasting time!

So here, without further adieu, is what I’m currently enjoying, currently looking forward to, currently sweating. Let me know what you’re up to this week!

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Monday Morning Commute: A Trip Away From Oblivion

monday morning commute trip away oblivion

How are you folks, doing? Me? This human? This flesh-sack, organic-computer, consumption-bot? I’m doing fine.

It’s that weird period of the summer where I’m done teaching, but I still have to go into work.

Just enough of a busy schedule to spend an hour, hour-and-fifteen, or hour-and-a-half in my car, each way, for four days a week.

Just enough of a busy schedule to fight traffic to tutor a couple folks to sit idly waiting to see if anyone else is will need tutoring.

Invariably: they won’t.

Invariably: I’ll sit, eyes-crossed, soul-exhaling-a-continuous-malaise, browsing Tumblr, Facebook, whateverwhatever.

Invariably: then I leave, fighting traffic back to my domicile.

How are you folks, doing? Me? This human? This animated-rot, permanent-horndog, masturbation-factory? I’m doing fine.

This is Monday Morning Commute.

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