Monday Morning Commute: A Trip Away From Oblivion

monday morning commute trip away oblivion

How are you folks, doing? Me? This human? This flesh-sack, organic-computer, consumption-bot? I’m doing fine.

It’s that weird period of the summer where I’m done teaching, but I still have to go into work.

Just enough of a busy schedule to spend an hour, hour-and-fifteen, or hour-and-a-half in my car, each way, for four days a week.

Just enough of a busy schedule to fight traffic to tutor a couple folks to sit idly waiting to see if anyone else is will need tutoring.

Invariably: they won’t.

Invariably: I’ll sit, eyes-crossed, soul-exhaling-a-continuous-malaise, browsing Tumblr, Facebook, whateverwhatever.

Invariably: then I leave, fighting traffic back to my domicile.

How are you folks, doing? Me? This human? This animated-rot, permanent-horndog, masturbation-factory? I’m doing fine.

This is Monday Morning Commute.



Atomic Blonde. Saw it twice!



Rick and Morty, Season 3! Could it, could it really be, here?



Game of Thrones, officially on the sixth season.



Breath of the Wild. This game is all-consuming, it’s staggering in its scope.



Southern Bastards. Issue #17 drops soon, I need to catch-up!


Seeing (Again, Probably):

Dunkirk. Absolute fucking masterclass. Nolan flexin’ on them fools.



To watch Diamond Ninja Force. Just reading the fucking synopsis has me sold.



My enjoyment of American Ninja Warrior.



The third season of Voltron drops on Friday!


What about you folks? What are you up to this week?