Art: Paul Pope’s variant cover for the upcoming ‘Miracleman’ #2

Paul Pope’s ‘Battling Boy’ movie adaptation lands ‘Feast’ director


Paul Pope’s Battling Boy is pretty neat. All like, seventeen pages or whatever of the first half that have dropped. Still waiting, Paul! Still waiting for the second half. But anyways. If we’re not getting news about the GCN component of Battling Boy, at least we are learning about the movie.

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If just the idea of Paul Pope doing a sci-fi short isn’t enough to get you to watch this film, I don’t know. You’re probably not one of us! And we shall cast you from this space-ship with stones and poop-filled socks. Seriously though.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (11.06.2013) – Cold November Rain

Buy These Flippin' Comics.

Hey folks, Johnny here for another week of comics mirth, mayhem, and pull-list jibber-jabber!  As I write this, I’m looking out my window on a cold, wet, Midwestern fall day – miserable in all respects, but perfect for one thing: sitting inside, listening to music and readin’ comics!  For shut-ins like myself the Comixology app has been a godsend in that if the weather doesn’t abide, no matter, I can grab all this week’s goodies digitally.

Remember, you can check out all this week’s releases HERE.

As always, if I don’t mention a book that you think deserves more love, speak up!  Though my wallet doesn’t quite agree, I’m always eager to try new books, and the OL community wants YOUR input.  Yes you.  I’m pointing right at you.  This week brings kind of an eclectic group of titles, so let’s get down to business, shall we?

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Aurora West.

I haven’t read Battling Boy yet. It’s just sitting on my counter. Daring me to love it. Hopefully this long weekend. Even so, I can’t help but be excited about a prequel starring one of its characters.

Hit the jump for more info and a full promo.

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Buy These Flippin Comics!!! (10.09.13) – Battling Boy Edition

Battling Boy. 

You know the drill, peeps!  Hit the jump and lets get down to the nittiest of the gritties: Pull Lists.  I show you mine, you show me yours, we giggle and point like schoolchildren, we compare and contrast, and I do my damndest to hip you to the comics you SHOULD be buying this week.  Get clicky with it, because this week brings us some delicious books.  See you inside.

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Battling Boy.

Ohhhhh, shit. Paul Pope’s Battling Boy is really real. Not convinced? Feel like you’ve been waiting forever? Further proof of its actual existence is this gorgeous trailer.

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Paul Pope’s ‘BATTLING BOY’ is scheduled for October. Wrd.

Battling Boy.

October! October. It appears that October of 2013 is going to serve as the calendar month where all of the mythical projects we have been anticipating for a long minute will finally arrive. We’re not just getting Gravity, folks.In addition, Paul Pope will be gracing us with Battling Boy. I can only imagine how giddy this makes Rendar. I’m sort of excited, too. No, really! Look at my sweatpants. They’re dancing.

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Buy These Stinkin’ Comics! – Jan 15, 2013: Don’t deepthroat the rodents.

Welcome to Buy These Stinkin’ Comics!, the far too irregular/theoretically weekly comic book column. When this rotting husk of a column manifests, its intended use is to share the various comic titles that we are all interested in on a given week. Audience participation is requested – nay – required to make this monster’s heart beat. Should you not see a comic listed that you’re interested in (and you will, my taste generally is lacking), share it in the comments section. Let’s do this.

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Paul Pope for Warren Ellis: PSYCHENAUT

[Paul Pope’s submission to Warren Ellis’ Three Panels Open feature]