‘Alien’ TV series coming from ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’ showrunner Noah Hawley. Gimme a fuck yes!

alien tv show noah hawley

Man, I love me some Fargo creator Noah Hawley. Especially what dude is capable of doing longform on television. Which means I have a bulge you can rub, a bulge that is inspired by the news that Hawley is helming an Alien TV series. Let’s go!

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‘Star Trek 4’ being written and directed by ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’ TV series creator Noah Hawley!

star trek 4 noah hawley

Oh! Hey! How do you get me to give a fuck about Star Trek 4? You pop Fargo and Legion mastermind Noah Hawley on the director’s chair! Plus, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are apparently returning. Hell yeah.

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‘Lucy in the Sky’ Trailer: Portman and Hawley get trippy in their trip to space and back

A new trailer for Noah Hawley’s first cinematic directorial debut, Lucy In The Sky! And, I ain’t fucking watching it! I saw the first one, was immediately sold on Hawley goodness, and now I’m keeping myself pure. Pure! I must be pure!

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‘Lucy in the Sky’ Trailer: Noah Hawley gets trippy in space and back in his theatrical directorial debut

Respectfully, Noah Hawley is fucking awesome. Fargo and Legion prove that. But, hey. The jump from TV to the big screen (or vice versa) can be tricky. That said? This trailer for his first movie is pretty fucking dope.

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Noah Hawley says ‘Fargo’ season 4 is happening and will be another “period piece”

fargo season 4 period piece

The good news for Fargo fans is that Noah Hawley has confirmed that it is getting a fourth season. The bad news is that Hawley says he doesn’t have much time to think about it right now, with his slew of other projects. However, dude does have a morsel for us to chew on. When the son of a bitch does return, it’ll be another period piece.

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‘Doctor Doom’ movie being developed by ‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’ showrunner Noah Hawley and I’m ready dude

noah hawley doctor doom movie

I’m fucking euphoric about any of Noah Hawley’s upcoming projects, flat out fucking euphoric. But there’s something particularly intriguing about the creator tackling Doctor Doom, and thereby reinvigorating the feces-flecked Fantastic Four movie property.

Let’s do this.

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The Russo Brothers directing Noah Hawley’s next FX Series, ‘The Mastermind’

russo brothers noah hawley fx the mastermind

The Russo Brothers and Noah Hawley working on anything, alone, is enough to get me excited. Them working together on a new TV series? I’m fucking pumped. Jacked, even.

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Noah Hawley (‘Fargo’ and ‘Legion’) Is Directing Sci-Fi Flick ‘Pale Blue Dot’

noah hawley fargo legion

Noah Hawley is the fucking berries, man. Big, juicy, honking berries. If he’s directing a science-fiction flick, I’m in. Way in.

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‘Fargo’ Is Returning In April For Its Third Season

fargo season 3 premiere date april

Fargo. Jesus Christ. Fargo!!! It’s really returning this year, after a brutal interim where were left to roll our rocks without any sign of reprieve #S2reference. And, and now we know when it’s returning. April.

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Legion TV Spot: So Is He Crazy?

FX has dropped another promo for Legion, which focuses on the titular character’s tremendous-as-fuck mutant powers. I need this television show, I need it, Noah Hawley, give it to me. Inject it into my ass-brain, let me wash over my geek-prostate’s topical covering.

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