Legion TV Spot: So Is He Crazy?

FX has dropped another promo for Legion, which focuses on the titular character’s tremendous-as-fuck mutant powers. I need this television show, I need it, Noah Hawley, give it to me. Inject it into my ass-brain, let me wash over my geek-prostate’s topical covering.


Legion, FX’s upcoming Noah-Hawley-produced Marvel drama about Professor X’s son, has been promising to be a complete mind-screw from the beginning. Our hero David Haller (Dan Stevens) is going to swap bodies, dance Bollywood numbers, and if this trailer is any indication at all, struggle to keep even two of his marbles together as the plot unfolds.

This teaser is interesting not least because it’s the first time we’ve seen any superhero-y bits from the show. Haller trashes multiple rooms with telekinesis, chucks cars around like they’re made of paper, and seemingly even reverses time. Too bad for him that he has no idea if any of this is even happening, or if he’s just completely lost it! That probably puts a damper on how cool being a superhero makes you feel. The show also seems to hint that Haller’s fractured perceptions are being exploited for military ends, and that not everybody we see in the show is a figure outside of his mind.

FX has a strong record of prestige on basic cable, with everything from The Americans to Fargo, the latter of which also comes from Hawley. And, of course, we can also use more mind-screw dramas, especially with the modern granddaddy of the genre returning next year. We’ll see just how messy Haller’s life is this February.

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