FX’s Legion confirms connection to Professor X

fx legion professor x

At NYCC, the minds behind FX’s Legion confirmed an integral connection to the X-Men Universe. Specifically? That Legion is Professor X’s son.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead joins ‘Fargo’ Season Three; Can We Have It Now?


I don’t care that Fargo season 3 hasn’t filmed yet. Can we have it now? Can some intrepid soul pierce-time space for me, choose the Universe where the season came out most optimally, and send me the show? Fuck, I need this.

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‘Legion’ TV Spot: Hawley’s Mutant Show Will Leave You Drooling

Bryan Singer is linking ‘Legion’ and ‘X-Men’ TV shows to the X-Men Movie Universe; bro, just stop

‘Legion’ Trailer: Noah Hawley’s ‘X-Men’ twists into reality

Fucking Bryan Singer. If Zack Snyder wasn’t a specifically arranged set of shitty organic matter, dude would draw my ire way more. But I forget about him, because of the latter. Still though, shit like this gets my back up. Noah Hawley is putting out Legion on FX, a show loosely connected to the comic books, let alone the Mutant cinematic universe. But fuck. That won’t stop Singer.

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‘Legion’ Trailer: Noah Hawley’s ‘X-Men’ spin-off twists into reality

This show is being produced by Noah Hawley. It’s on FX. It’s a tenuous X-Men spin-off. For the reasons listed before, I will watch this. Mainly because of Noah Hawley, though.

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‘Fargo’ creator Noah Hawley making movie directing debut with sci-fi film ‘Man Alive’

Noah Hawley.

Man. I know that TV visionaries don’t always (or often?) make the jump to beast mode film auteurs. But my love for Noah Hawley demands I be eagerly hype for his debut on the big screen. I mean! Hawley! Fucking science-fiction! *Yes.gif*

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Dan Stevens to lead Noah Hawley’s X-Men TV spin-off, “Legion’

Dan Stevens.

Apparently Dan Stevens was in Downtown Abigail or something. Who gives a shit! Dude was awesome in The Guest, and now he is bringing his talents to Noah Hawley’s Legion.

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Rachel Keller (‘Fargo’!) to star in X-Men spin-off TV show, ‘Legion’

Rachel Keller

Oh man, do I ever have a crush on Rachel Keller. She was fantastic in Fargo, and she is definitely provides the X-Men spin-off show, Legion a lure. To snag me. Right by my hormones-encrusted eyeballs. Also doesn’t hurt that Fargo mastermind Noah Hawley is writing and producing it.

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‘Fargo’ Season 3 not arriving until Spring 2017, will feature new characters


I wrapped up Fargo‘s second season last night, and boy did I ever love it. It goes down as one of my favorite works of fiction of all time, thanks to its effusive self-confidence, and meditation on all things Absurd. Which, you may or may not know, is pretty much my obsession and overall personal philosophical bent. So man! Man, am I ever excited to see where Noah Hawley and his team goes from here. It looks like I’m going to be waiting a while, though. Hawley has said that the show isn’t going to be returning until a year from next Spring. But I’m okay with this. Something as wonderful and as dense as Fargo shouldn’t be rushed out to accommodate public demand, or a network. I’m heartened by the idea that the team is going to take their time, and ideally churn out another wonderful season.

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‘Fargo’ Season Three taking place “couple years” after Season One


I’m five episodes into Fargo‘s second season, and it is fucking fantastic. Better than season one? I’m not sure I’m ready to declare that (like many people are), but this season is definitely just as good. And different So different! Yet the same. So uh, anyways. Fuck! Fuck yeah! Let’s get this third season going, and fuck I’m down with it taking place a little after season one.

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