‘Lucy in the Sky’ Trailer: Portman and Hawley get trippy in their trip to space and back

A new trailer for Noah Hawley’s first cinematic directorial debut, Lucy In The Sky! And, I ain’t fucking watching it! I saw the first one, was immediately sold on Hawley goodness, and now I’m keeping myself pure. Pure! I must be pure!


There’s a lot to enjoy about the new Lucy in the Sky trailer. Natalie Portman as an astronaut. Jon Hamm. The orchestral version of the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Most of the scenes on Earth being in 4:3 aspect ratio, compared to the widescreen space footage. Everything but Portman’s bowl cut hair. But the thing about Lucy in the Sky that has me most excited is the full-name of the titular character: Lucy Cola. It will not surprise you — assuming “you” watch Fargo — to learn that Noah Hawley co-wrote the screenplay, and he also directed the film. Lucy Cola is no Nikki Swango, but it’s still damn good.

Here’s the official plot summary.

In Lucy in the Sky, Natalie Portman plays Lucy Cola, a strong woman whose determination and drive as an astronaut take her to space, where she’s deeply moved by the transcendent experience of seeing her life from afar. Back home as Lucy’s world suddenly feels too small, her connection with reality slowly unravels.