Marvel Studios releases a fuckload of new release dates for its movies including ‘Black Widow’, ‘The Eternals’ and others

marvel studios new release dates black widow the eternals

Marvel Studios has released a fuckload of new release dates. ‘Cause, you know, fucking COVID-19. Black Widow is now dropping in November, which feels somewhat sane. This punts The Eternals to February, taking Shang-Chi‘s slot. And pretty much down the calendar the MCU movies are pushed. Not surprising.

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Kevin Feige is now Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer. Hail THA GAWD Feige!

kevin feige chief creative officer

Kevin Feige! Dude has only overseen the most successful franchise of all time. So, what’s next for dude? To be promoted to Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer.

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Marvel’s shows on Disney+ will tie directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is dope as fuck

marvel shows disney tie in

I think one of the major bummers of all the Marvel shows thus far has been how isolated they’ve been from the MCU. Maybe it’s not fair, but they’ve felt a bit less, consequential to me. That said, good news regarding the upcoming ones on Disney+, folks. Them motherfuckers will be interwoven into the MCU.

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Marvel Studios could start developing its ‘X-Men’ movies in 2019 and oh god yes, oh god yes

marvel studios xmen 2019 kevin feige

The X-Men are home, folks. Okay, okay, almost home. With the Disney-Fox merger expected to be consummated soon, all nerd eyes have turned to Kevin Feige. Expectantly wondering the same thing. Bro, when will Marvel Studios start developing X-Men movies? And, we have an answer. Next fucking year.

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ reshoots purportedly will last three months. Marvel Studios can’t own this shit quick enough

My friends are coming home, soon enough

[edit: since this was published, it’s been refuted. straight-up? i don’t believe the refutation.]

They’re…They’re filming an entirely new fucking movie. Fox, I beg you. Just cut your losses, bury this movie, and wait for Marvel Studios to own the characters.

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Disney officially, finally acquires Fox’s entertainment properties after Fox shareholders’s approval. All hail the fucking Monoculture!

fox approves disney merger

Well, you fucking nerds. You’ve, nah, we’ve gotten our wish. Disney is about to absorb all of Fox’s Marvel properties into its bulging, straining corpus.

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Marvel and DC both in talks with Aaron Sorkin about potential movie

marvel dc aaron sorkin movie

Both Marvel Studios and DC Films are in talks with the master of the walk-and-talk, Aaron Sorkin, about a potential movie. I’m down with this, since as I suffer capes-fatigue, odd, interesting talents like this will be necessary to keep me buzzing about these bombastic bullshit tentpoles.

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Doctor Strange IMAX Featurette: Open Your Eye

Captain Marvel will be an origin story according to Kevin Feige

Captain Marvel Movie

According to Marvel Studios Czar Kevin Feige the Captain Marvel movie is going to be an origin story. While people bemoan the concept of origin stories, often rightfully so, I think it makes sense in this case. Not many motherfuckers know the tale of Carol Danvers. I mean. Right?

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Michael Peña returning for ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’

Michael Pena

One of the best parts of the surprisingly dope post-Edgar Wright Ant-Man was Michael Peña’s performance as Scott Lang’s friend, Luis. Due to this, it seemed like a no-brainer that the actor would reprise his role. Still though, nice to have some confirmation. Nice, indeed!

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