Amazon is in talks to buy MGM for $9 billion. Bezos, Jeff Bezos!

amazon in talks to buy mgm

Amazon’s looking to stick its full shaft in the movies game, friends. The Titan has in negotiations to buy MGM for $9 billion and its acquisition would come with properties such as James Bond and The Hobbit. Not too fucking shabby, eh?

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Netflix and Apple may be looking to land Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’ in silly money bidding war

netflix apple streaming rights bond no time to die

If you believe one industry insider (laugh at the terminology, whatever, suck it), Netflix and Apple are throwing around silly money. Like, okay, they always are? But in this particular case? The companies are flexing their financial nipples in an attempt to land Daniel Crag’s last Bond flick, No Time To Die.

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‘Bond 25’ is officially titled ‘No Time To Die’ which is no better or worse than any other Bond title, IMO

bond 25 no time to die

Bond 25 is really happening, friends. Like, feels as though it’s been in development for fucking ever. The latest proof that not seriously the movie is happening? It’s got an official fucking title. No Time To Die! Sure!

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Rumor: Edgar Wright directing ‘Bond 25’ is a “real possibility” whatever the fuck that means

bond 25 edgar wright

Just give Edgar Wright fucking Bond 25. Just do it, BondCzars. He’s far more conventional and popcorn-y than Danny Boyle, and he proved with Baby Driver that he can rock action.

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Danny Boyle has left ‘Bond 25’ over creative fucking differences. Let the dude make his movie!

danny boyle bond 25 creative differences

Man, what the fuck. You don’t hire Danny Boyle to make a stock-ass, boring Bond movie. But, it appears that’s what the Czars wanted. because dude has left the Bond 25 over creative differences.

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Rumor: Idris Elba really is a fucking top contender to play James Bond. Don’t mess with my heart, yo

rumor james bond idris elba

If you believe the scuttlebutt, Idris Elba really is a top contender to play James Bond. Yo, this would be so fucking good. Do I believe this rumors? Not really. But, still. This would be so fucking good.

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Henry Cavill wants to play James Bond. Can we just fucking let him? For me?

henry cavill james bond

I love Henry Cavill. Love him in The Man From Uncle, love him in Mission Impossible: Fallout. I’m fucking ready to love him for a decade-plus as Bond.

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‘Bond’ producer says next James Bond could be “female or black”, so like. Can we just get Idris Elba, finally?

bond producer next james bond

Let Daniel Craig quietly fart out one last Bond movie. Then, can we please, get a Bond movie directed by Nolan and starring Idris Elba? Please?

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Amazon and Apple are bidding for the James Bond movie rights. Clash of the Capitalist Kaiju

amazon apple james bond distribution rights

Two fucking monstrosities are going to monetary war over the rights to Bond 25. You don’t get much more enormous than Amazon, but christ Apple probably is. These two beefy bitches are slinging around dough, with the distribution rights worth somewhere between $2 and $5 fucking billion.

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‘Bond 25’ rumored plot sounds like Bond going full-on ‘Taken’ and also sort of overdone

bond 25 plot rumor

How many times has Daniel Craig “quit” the service in his fucking Bond movies? I’m losing track. That said, prepare yourself. If rumors are to be believed, he’ll be doing it again in Bond 25. Then, going full Taken to avenge his dead ass wife.

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