‘Bond 25’ is officially titled ‘No Time To Die’ which is no better or worse than any other Bond title, IMO

bond 25 no time to die

Bond 25 is really happening, friends. Like, feels as though it’s been in development for fucking ever. The latest proof that not seriously the movie is happening? It’s got an official fucking title. No Time To Die! Sure!

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Christoph Waltz returning as Blofeld in ‘Bond 25’ and here’s hoping it doesn’t blow..feld?

I really fuck with casting Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. However, man. Spectre was not a good debut for the actor’s take on the character. That said, who the fuck knows? I’m cautiously optimistic here.

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‘Bond 25’ cast has finally been revealed. It includes Rami Malek and Ana De Armas, so I’m fucking stoked

bond 25 cast

One of the most rewarding parts of recently binging the Bond series is realizing how bad Bond movies have been, forever. So, I don’t really feed bad about enjoying a couple of Daniel Craig’s installments. That said, I’m ready for him to pass the mantle, and it seems he’s going to be passing it in style. I mean, the movie is fucking directed by Cary Fukunaga, and the cast is stacked. One last ride! Until, uh, the next ride, with a new Bond.

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‘Bond 25’ to feature Rami Malek as the villain and I can dig it

rami malek bond 25 villain

I mean, just look at fucking Rami Malek. Dude oozes discomfort. More than happy to see him as the villain for Bond 25.

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‘Bond 25’ has been delayed two months as Scott Z. Burns comes onboard to rewrite script

bond 25 delayed rewrite

The saga that is Bond 25 continues to develop, my friends. The latest? A two-month delay, and a new script, courtesy of talented writer Scott Z. Burns.

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‘Bond 25’ is being helmed by ‘True Detective’ director Cary Fukunaga. This fucking owns, dudes

bond 25 true detective cary fukunaga

Bond 25 is troubled. An exhausted star. A departed director. A scrapped script. So, how do you get me torqued for it? You bring on goddamn genius Cary Fukunaga to direct it.

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Rumor: Edgar Wright directing ‘Bond 25’ is a “real possibility” whatever the fuck that means

bond 25 edgar wright

Just give Edgar Wright fucking Bond 25. Just do it, BondCzars. He’s far more conventional and popcorn-y than Danny Boyle, and he proved with Baby Driver that he can rock action.

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Danny Boyle has left ‘Bond 25’ over creative fucking differences. Let the dude make his movie!

danny boyle bond 25 creative differences

Man, what the fuck. You don’t hire Danny Boyle to make a stock-ass, boring Bond movie. But, it appears that’s what the Czars wanted. because dude has left the Bond 25 over creative differences.

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Rumor: ‘Bond 25’ adding Helena Bonham Carter as the villain

helena bonham carter bond 25

Helena Bonham Carter as the villain in Bond 25? Sign me up, my dudes.

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Danny Boyle is officially directing Daniel Craig’s final ‘Bond’ movie

danny boyle bond 25 final daniel craig

It had been rumored that Danny Boyle would be directing Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie. Well, now it’s officially fucking official. I’m down with the choice. Boyle is talented, and he’s brought along the fucking Trainspotting’s writer to help with the script. Feels a bit outside the box, and I love that.

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