Danny Boyle is the frontrunner to direct ‘Bond 25’ at least for now, in this moment, who knows really though

danny boyle bond 25 director

Man, it feels like we’ve been talking about Bond 25 fucking forever. Who will be playing Bond? Well, Daniel Craig was finally confirmed. Who will be directing Bond? Well, Danny Boyle is looking like the motherfucker for the job now.

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‘Bond’ producer says next James Bond could be “female or black”, so like. Can we just get Idris Elba, finally?

bond producer next james bond

Let Daniel Craig quietly fart out one last Bond movie. Then, can we please, get a Bond movie directed by Nolan and starring Idris Elba? Please?

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Denis Villeneuve still interested in directing a ‘Bond’ movie. I can’t even fucking handle the thought

denis villeneuve still interested directing bond movie

Denis Villeneuve is still interested in directing a Bond flick and my balls can’t even handle the thought. Admittedly, it can’t be Bond 25 due to his upcoming Dune adaptation. But, that doesn’t matter. Bond 26Bond 39. Just make it happen.

You see, I’ve been sweating Villeneuve for a good goddamn bit now. I mean, pretty much since Prisoners. However, man. It’s tough to difficult to describe how hard he rocked my geek prostate with Blade Runner 2049.

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‘Bond 25’ will not feature Christoph Waltz returning as Blofeld. I can’t imagine people caring either way

bond 25 christoph waltz not returning blofeld

Man, Spectre sucked. In fact, it sucked so much that I had completely forgotten that it featured a performance by Christoph Waltz. That, that’s saying something.

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Amazon and Apple are bidding for the James Bond movie rights. Clash of the Capitalist Kaiju

amazon apple james bond distribution rights

Two fucking monstrosities are going to monetary war over the rights to Bond 25. You don’t get much more enormous than Amazon, but christ Apple probably is. These two beefy bitches are slinging around dough, with the distribution rights worth somewhere between $2 and $5 fucking billion.

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‘Bond 25’ rumored plot sounds like Bond going full-on ‘Taken’ and also sort of overdone

bond 25 plot rumor

How many times has Daniel Craig “quit” the service in his fucking Bond movies? I’m losing track. That said, prepare yourself. If rumors are to be believed, he’ll be doing it again in Bond 25. Then, going full Taken to avenge his dead ass wife.

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Daniel Craig finally friggin’ confirms he’s returning for one last ‘Bond’ movie

daniel craig confirms bond return

The Daniel Craig and Bond will they/won’t they dance has finally come to its end-resolution-whatever-the-fuck. The actor will be returning for Bond 25, and then, that’s it.

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Rumor: Daniel Craig signed on for *two* more ‘Bond’ movies. This can be explained with the dollar bill emoji

daniel craig two more bond movies

Daniel Craig previously swore he would rather die than play James Bond again. Now, rumors have him signing on for two more Bond movies. He must have uh, must have had a serious ($$$$$) change of heart (bank account).

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Denis Villeneuve is a frontrunner to direct ‘Bond 25’ along with two other dudes, but let’s not dwell on them

denis villeneuve bond 25 frontrunner

Denis Villeneuve is *a* frontrunner for Bond 25. He’s actually, I’ll admit it, not *the* frontrunner, that’s Yann Demange. However, fuck. I can’t even imagine the spy-throbber I’d get, watching a Villeneuve-powered Bond 25.

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Daniel Craig returning for ‘Bond 25’ because nothing inspires like truck loads of cash

daniel craig returning bond 25

Daniel Craig, who previously swore he would rather die than play Bond again, is playing Bond again. What could be the inspiration? I’m…I’m guessing: shit loads of cash.

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