Matt Reeves ‘Batman’ script rewrites are due by the end of the year. Get hopping, broseph!

matt reeves rewrites batman end of year

I’m sure Warner Bros. is glad that they’re about to have another hit with Aquaman. But as with anything in the DCEU, all roads lead back to Batman. So, what’s going on with that project? The latest has it that a final draft is due by the end of 2019.

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Jordan Peele shares poster for his next movie ‘Us’ and promises a trailer on Christmas. Hell fucking yeah

jordan peele us poster trailer

Man, I can’t fucking wait for Peele’s follow-up to Get Out.

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‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Trailer: Check out some seriously gnarly monster mayhem

You want some fucking monster mayhem in your Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer? Bro, you got some monster mayhem.

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Nicolas Cage starring in movie adaptation of Lovecraft’s ‘The Colour Out of Space’ which is perfect madness

Nic Cage does madness very fucking well. For the most recent example, check out Mandy. With that in mind, I’m pretty stoked to watch him unravel in a movie adaptation of Lovecraft’s haunting-ass The Colour Out of Space.

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Sony planning animated ‘Spider-Verse’ spin-offs with ‘Voltron’ showrunners in charge. This is so damn good!

spider verse spin off spider gwen

Voltron is the absolute fucking bees knees, and its showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery rock. Now with the show wrapping-up, it appears the two of them are going to be moving on to very, very cool projects. This is so fucking good, folks.

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‘Lion King’ Trailer: My favorite Disney movie goes “live-action” and it’s impressive but I’m torn

I don’t really fuck with the idea of Disney remaking their classics as “live-action” flicks. But, I can’t deny that this trailer is fucking incredible.

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Criterion launching its own streaming service in 2019 to replace the dying FilmStruck

criterion streaming service

Yeah, I’m one of those dickheads that didn’t subscribe to FilmStruck, but then was bummed when it was axed. However, soon an opportunity for redemption will present itself by subscribing to Criterion Channel.

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‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer: Against all odds this looks dope

Never played Pokemon. Don’t really care for Ryan Reynolds. And yet, I really enjoyed this trailer.

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Report: ‘Breaking Bad’ movie entering production this Fall and it sounds like it may star Jesse Pinkman

breaking bad movie this fall

What the fuck, dudes? A Breaking Bad movie is entering production this Fall? And, it could star Jesse Pinkman? Well then. Sign me right the fuck up.

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The ‘Deadwood’ movie has officially begun production. Maybe we can actually start believing it exists?

deadwood movie production

The Deadwood movie is one of those long-rumored, perpetually-in-gestation projects. You know, the kind you talk about forever, but never expect to actually come to fruition. Whelp, maybe it will really be real. No, seriously! Production has started!

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