‘They Live’ sequel teased by John Carpenter. I have no fucking idea how to feel about this

they live sequel john carpenter

They Live. One of my favorite movies of all time. As well, perhaps more applicable and prescient than ever. Does it need a sequel? Nah, dude. Would I see one if it ever emerged? Of course, dude.

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Warner Bros. is reportedly done with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, this time for realsies

warner bros affleck cavill done

Warner Bros., is, would you fucking believe it, done with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. No, seriously this time. Until the next time, obviously.

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‘Glass’ Trailer: The Beast Is Unleashed!

Are ya’ll excited for this shit? I haven’t even seen Split, but I’m beginning to vaguely wonder if I’m missing out.

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James Gunn is going to write and possibly direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’ which makes perfect fucking sense

james gunn write direct suicide squad 2

The first Suicide Squad desperately wanted to be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy equivalent. It emphatically was not. However, the sequel just might be. Cause it’s looking like James Gunn is going to be writing and directing the motherfucker.

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‘Creed 2’ Trailer: Adonis Wants A Rematch, I Just Want It To Be Good

Creed 2 is unnecessary as fuck. But, you could argue the original was, too. So, where does that leave me? Quietly optimistic that the sequel can deliver, even if it doesn’t match the original.

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‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald’ Trailer: Wait, Nagini was a circus performer or some shit at one point?

Uh. Just like. What the fuck is going on here, with this ancillary Harry Potter franchise? Nothing good, but it don’t matter. Movie still going to make a zillion dollars.

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Trailer: Absolute Trash, but they’ll be in the MCU soon, phew

‘Twilight Zone’ reboot is going to be hosted and narrated by Jordan Peele. I can fuck with this!

We already knew that Jordan Peele was going to be producing CBS’ Twilight Zone reboot. But, now we know dude’s going to be even more involved. Peele is hosting and narrating the new jam. To this I say, fuck yes.

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First Look: Joaquin Phoenix in Joker make-up. I’m completely fucking sold.

joaquin phoenix joker make up

Been sold on this movie for a while now, folks. This first test footage of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker make-up? Only makes me more sold. Hit the jump for the footage.

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‘Bond 25’ is being helmed by ‘True Detective’ director Cary Fukunaga. This fucking owns, dudes

bond 25 true detective cary fukunaga

Bond 25 is troubled. An exhausted star. A departed director. A scrapped script. So, how do you get me torqued for it? You bring on goddamn genius Cary Fukunaga to direct it.

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