Listen: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross drop a remix of Carpenter’s classic ‘Halloween’ theme

Fuck to the yeah! I’ve actually been way into Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ Girl With The Dragon Tattoo score lately. So with them on my dome-piece, I’m down with their remix of the classic Halloween theme.

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‘The New Mutants’ Trailer: All Of You (Muties) Are Dangerous

Man, I actually really enjoyed this trailer for The New Mutants. I’m not saying it is fantastic or anything (look at how defensive I’m being), but an X-Men movie gone teen horror appeals to me.

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‘Aquaman’ First Look Teaser: Hey Look, Some New ‘Justice League’ Footage

Did you know it was “Aquaman Week”, as declared by Warner Brothers? Yeah, I didn’t either. But so it is, and so here we are. Anyways, whatever the fuck, whoeveer the fuck cares, here’s an Aquaman “first look” with some new Justice League footage. I guess.

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‘Bill and Ted Face The Music’ is the ‘Bill and Ted 3’ official title. Most gnarly~

bill and ted 3 bill and ted face the music

I’m here for Bill and Ted 3, my dudes. Especially given my particular love for Keanu Reeves as of late, piggybacking off of my obsession with the John Wick movies. Worst case scenario? The movie sucks. Who cares at this point? Best case? More Bill and Ted awesomeness.

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Sylvester Stallone directing ‘Creed 2’, which is both stunningly boring and dumb to me

sylvester stallone directing creed 2

Creed was fantastic because it was an interesting spin on the Rocky franchise. It excelled because it allowed a new filmmaker to explore the franchise’s mythos, while injecting his own take. have absolutely no fucking desire to see old ass, redundant Stallone once again return to the director’s chair.

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‘Wheelman’ Trailer: Frank Grillo’s action flick looks like ‘Drive’ meets ‘Collateral’ or something

The basic premise for Frank Grillo’s Netflix flick Wheelman does not come off exciting. The trailer however, certainly does.

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The Rock officially announces his ‘Fast And Furious’ spin-off with Jason Statham

the rock jason statham fast and furious spinoff

Well, it’s official! The Rock and Jason Statham will be punching copious amounts of skulls together. As well as bantering quite well, too.

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‘Justice League’ Trailer: I Had A Dream. It Was The End Of The World.

Latest Justice League trailer has dropped, and it’s surprisingly packed with some pathos. I resent how hard the Superman theme from Man of Steel still hits me right in the goddamn feels. Man, that movie had so much promise. Man, I want this movie to be good.

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‘The Matrix’ Reboot News: Uh, it’s not a reboot. Or a continuation, says writer Zak Penn

the matrix reboot news zak penn

Completely forgot that The Matrix franchise is getting some new cinematic-blood, courtesy of writer Zak Penn. Well, what exactly is the movie going to be about, WriterGuy? Apparently dude can’t say much — understandably — other than it’s not going to be a reboot or a continuation.

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‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Trailer: The Apocalypse Is Replaced With The Power Rangers

Man, not fucking feeling this trailer at all, dude. The palette is a vomitorium of bombastically bright hues. John Boyega’s cheap Idris Elba impression falls flat. The designs of the mechs suck. Entire thing feels like Power Rangers, but with kaiju or some shit. I don’t know. I hope I’m wrong.

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