‘Justice League’ Poster: Heralding The New Trailer Coming Saturday

justice league poster new trailer saturday

Justice League got itself a new trailer coming Saturday, and it appears a new poster today. The poster? It’s uh, generic as fuck. But I’ve long since given up trying to read a superhero movie’s quality through its promotional posters.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Poster: A Twisting Xenomorphic Horror

alien covenant poster

Here’s a new Alien: Covenant poster for you all. If you’re like me, you’re becoming more and more nervous about how you’re becoming more and more excited.

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‘Deadpool 2’ News: Michael Shannon Frontrunner For Cable

deadpool 2 michael shannon cable

Another week, another batch of Cable casting news. This week’s frontrunner? Michael Shannon! Do I buy it? Yes! But! Only because the movie’s very writers have teased an announcement is coming soon.

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‘Death Note’ Live-Action Trailer: Shall We Begin?

Man, I never watched (all, I think I watched like four episodes?) of Death Note. But I’m rather intrigued by this adaptation. I dig the director behind it, and the trailer itself got its hooks in me. Here’s hoping, bro!

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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Is Releasing A Week Early

kingsman 2 release date early

Oh yeah! This year we are getting a second Kingsman movie. And! We are getting it a week earlier.

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Rumor: New ‘Matrix’ Movie Is Morpheus Prequel Starring Michael B. Jordan

new matrix movie morpheus prequel michael b jordan

Matrix reboot? Lame as fuck, to me. A Matrix prequel starring Michael B. Jordan as Morpheus? Dope as fuck, to me. Who knows if this is more than a rumor, though.

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‘Green Lantern Corps’ May Be Directed By David S. Goyer. Oh, God, Warner Bros.

david s. goyer directing green lantern corps

David S. Goyer is not good. But he continues to get chances working with the DC movie universe. Probably because, despite not being good, the DCU movies continue to make fuck tons of money.

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Henry Cavill Joins ‘Mission: Impossible 6’

henry cavill mission impossible 6

You wouldn’t know it from the dour, lame-as-dark-as-fuck Superman movies, but Henry Cavill is pretty goddamn charming. If you need proof, look no further than The Man From UNCLE. So while I’m a seemingly limitless DCU hater, I’m pretty excited that Cavill is joining M:I6.

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Sony Announces ‘Venom’ Movie Is Dropping Next Year

sony venom movie 2018

Sony’s announced that we got ourselves a Venom movie coming next year. I can’t really find the juice to get excited for it, but I hope it turns out to rock.

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‘Aquaman’ Movie Pushed Back Two Months To Christmas 2018

aquaman movie delayed christmas 2018

Aquaman has been delayed. But, for once, it doesn’t seem the cause of a DC movie delay is gross incompetence or Development Hell. Rather, the movie is going to take the place of the delayed Avatar 2.

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