Dazzler is going to be in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ because why not I guess

dazzler x-men dark phoenix

I have no hopes for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. While it isn’t being directed by Singer, praise the lords, it’s being helmed by his frequent collaborator Simon Kinberg. Which means that while it’s dope Dazzler will be making an appearance, my stokement is ultimately mitigated by the probability that this movie will be a turdo.

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David Fincher and Brad Pitt confirmed for ‘World War Z’ sequel, the zombie apocalypse is gorgeous

david fincher brad pitt world war z sequel

David Fincher produces gorgeous films. Brad Pitt is gorgeous. The two of them will combine to give the world the most gorgeous zombie movie ever. (Don’t come at me with superior movies, I’m just being cute, okay.)

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Director Matt Reeves says ‘The Batman’ will be influenced by Hitchcock

matt reeves the batman hitchcock

You know what. After Wonder Woman, with Whedon shepherding Justice League, and the executives behind the DC cinematic universe *finally* fucking getting the message, why not be excited about The Batman? I mean, right?

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC about ‘The Flash’ movie during ‘Han Solo’ hiatus

phil lord chris miller the flash movie

During their Han Solo movie hiatus, which then transformed into their firing, Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC films to discuss The Flash movie. They had previously been attached, then dropped off. Fuck, man. I’m all about them joining the troubled production, and righting that ship.

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ scene will feature over 30 characters, splash page porn incoming

avengers infinity war scene 30 characters

Every goddamn “event” comic has at least one splash page with like infinity heroes throwing down against the baddies. So it makes sense that Avengers: Infinity War, the cinematic equivalent of an event comic, will be replicating this shit on the shiny screen.

I cannot fucking wait.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ already being written by Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns

wonder woman 2 patty jenkins script

It’s glad to see DC finally not fucking around on something awesome. Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns are already writing the treatment for Wonder Woman 2.

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James Mangold directing ‘Disorder’ remake with script by ‘Sicario’ writer Taylor Sheridan

james mangold disorder remake sicario writer

James Mangold and Taylor Sheridan are teaming up to remake a French-Belgian movie from 2015, Disorder. That’s all you really need to know. Two fucking rad dudes teaming up. Get excited for this, slime.

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Danny Elfman is scoring ‘Justice League’ and I’d be excited if it was 1989

justice league danny elfman score

Danny Elfman is scoring Justice League. This would be a wonderful development for me, if I didn’t view him in the same light as his frequent collaborator, Tim Burton. What does that mean? That they’re both talented, used to produce create great works, and now have sort of quietly slipped unknowingly into self-parody. Fuck, though, I hope I’m wrong. I hope Elfman brings the fire for this score.

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‘Deadpool 2’ has cast Shioli Kutsuna in a mystery role and I ain’t got a guess

deadpool 2 shioli kutsuna mystery role

Deadpool 2 has cast Shioli Kutsuna in a double top secret mystery role. Who is she going to be playing? I have no goddamn idea. Guesses welcome, friends!

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‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer: Legend Has It (Woo!)

My god. I thought I was enjoying the trailer for Black Panther *before* Run The Jewels began playing. By the first “woo” hit, I was ready to run through a goddamn wall. I cannot wait for this movie.

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