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Paul Dini Joins ‘Harley Quinn’ Creative Team

harley quinn paul dini creative team

Paul Dini is joining the creative team for Harley Quinn, starting in April. The genius behind the fan favorite will be writing an ongoing back-up story.

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New ‘Elektra’ Comic Coming Penned By Netflix ‘Luke Cage’ Writer

elektra netflix luke cage

There’s a new, very Netflix-looking Elektra comic book hitting the shelves. Huzzah! One can imagine this title is coming courtesy of the character’s popularity in the second of Daredevil. The Netflix connection don’t stop there, either! No. Indeed, a writer from Netflix’s Luke Cage series shall be penning the series!

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R.L. Stine Is Writing Comics For Marvel

r.l. stine marvel comics

Party like it’s 1995! Just imagine, pubes are a really weird thing but you’re learning to cope with them, the PlayStation is about to kick all sorts of ass, and R.L. Stine’s latest Goosebumps novel is your monthly obsession! You can party as such, because said author is going to be writing comics for Marvel.

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Mike Mignola returns to ‘Hellboy’ Universe With New Comic in 2017

Mike Mignola hellboy 2017

Hellboy may be dead, but his universe ain’t. Creator Mike Mignola is returning to his Hellboy mythos in 2017 with a new five-part series, The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed.

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The X-Men Comics Line-Up Is Relaunching Next Year!

x-men relaunch

I have largely forgotten about the X-Men comics in recent years. There are myriad reasons: my own personal proclivity for reading non-Big Two comics, my own confusion about the current mythos, and them just being…okay? But Marvel seems to be angling to draw people like me back next year, with a serious, serious line-up relaunch.

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James Stokoe helming Aliens: Dead Orbit mini-series for Dark Horse

aliens dead orbit

Holy fucking shit. James Stokoe is bringing his own insane, beautiful, insane, kinetic, insane talents to a fucking Aliens mini-series? We are not worthy, but we will be lavished all the same.

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DC and Warren Ellis are reviving the Wildstorm imprint in February 2017

warren ellis dc wildstorm

Warren Ellis is helping DC revive the Wildstorm imprint, which they never should have fucking canned. IMO, IMO. I’m stoked! Goddamn stoked. Yeah, this is weak copy. I’m tired. But excited. Excitired.

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Kate Bishop is getting her own Hawkeye title!

kate bishop! hawkeye!

Kate Bishop is getting her own Hawkeye title, courtesy of Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Fuck to the yes. I’ve been reneging on reading Marvel lately, or if I’m being honest, keeping up with the comic book grind at all. However! However. This might just be enough to get me back into the House of Ideas.

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Alan Moore announces he is retiring from comics (again)

Alan Moore.

I don’t really buy that Alan Moore is retiring from comics, but if he is? The Grand Shaman-Wizard of the Sequential Art World has earned his vacation. Say what you will about the dude – brilliant, blow hard, reject the binary and dub him brilliant blow hard — motherfucker is seminal. We’re all still surfing the ripples of Watchmen for better or worse (for worse).

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Marvel teases new project from Steve McNiven & Cullen Bunn


I like Steve McNiven. I like Cullen Bunn. I am excited for this reveal. Despite that, I’m skeptical that my fraud-ass will end up reading it.

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