Valve’s Steam Deck handheld PC is dropping in December. Everyone wants in on that Switch hotness!

valve steam deck december

Valve wants in on that fucking Switch hotness. Just dripping in their loins to get in on movingthem units. You can’t blame the pig fuckers either, given Nintendo’s continued success. So this December they’re dropping the Steam Deck, which answers the question “What if there was a Steam Switch?” rather well. I ain’t fucking buying it, but goddamn can I see the appeal.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Trailer: A full-fledged VR prequel that hits March 2020. But VR only? Fuck me.

Well, Half-Life: Alyx looks rad. The son of a bitch is hitting March 2020, but you gotta have a VR headset.  And, I ain’t got one of them! So, enjoy it friends that do.

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The original ‘Half-Life’ is 20 years-old today and goddamn am I ever fucking old

half life 20 years old

Good goddamn, Half-Life turns twenty years-old today? My, my god. Time doesn’t stop. Not for me, not for Gordon Freeman, not for no one.

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‘Firewatch’ art director Olly Moss now officially working for Valve. I hope this means they’re actually making a fucking game

firewatch olly moss valve

Back in April, Valve snagged Firewatch developer Campo Santo. As an aside, that game fucking rules. But, things are even more interesting now. The art director behind the game, Olly Moss, has officially joined the company. What does this fucking mean? I have no goddamn idea! However, I hope it means they’re actually making a game.

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Original ‘Half-Life’ writer Marc Laidlaw has left Valve


The writer of the original Half-Life has left Valve. I don’t know if this is directly impacting the development of Half-Life 3, or if the game is even *in* fucking development. But this is a bummer.

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‘Half-Life 3’ added to Steam Database. But I ain’t getting excited

Half-Life 3 has been added to the Steam Database. Some will interpret this as a signal that the much-anticipated third title in the series is coming. I’m choosing to interpret it in pretty much any other way, since I don’t want to get my hopes up.

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Valve: Added paid mods. Valve: Has removed paid mods.


Valve added paid mods last week. Valve has removed paid mods this week.

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Valve announces streaming hardware, Steam Link. Also, prices their controller.


Valve got all your fucking hardware needs covered! VR googles! Maybe a Steambox or two! A controller! And a piece of streaming hardware!

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Valve’s VR Headset called “Vive”, made by them HTC folks


HTC has tipped Valve’s VR headset hand, revealing they’re the manufacturers of the bad boy. A bad boy named “Vive”, for better or worse.

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Valve getting ready to drop ‘SteamVR.’ ALL THE VIRTUALITIES


Open up your checklist of companies getting into the VR game, and add one you were probably expecting. Valve!

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