‘Uncharted’ set photos offer look at Tom Holland as Young Nathan Drake. And? Dude looks good!

Man, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening! It’s been in development for, like, 99% of OL’s existence. That said? Tom Holland looks good as young Nathan Drake in this set photo. Or at the least, not actively bad. IMO, IMO, of course.

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‘Uncharted’ movie adds ‘Bumblebee’ director Travis Knight. But, I ain’t getting too horny

uncharted movie travis knight

Bumblebee is one of my favorite popcorn flicks of the past few years. So, I should be pretty fucking stoked about its director coming aboard the Uncharted movie. But, fuck. This project has so many starts and stops that I can’t get too excited about it.

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‘Uncharted’ movie starring Tom Holland finally has a release date. No, really. December 18, 2020.

uncharted movie 2020

Wait, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening? I mean, I guess I believe it? It’s starring Tom Holland. Which as much as I like the guy as Spider-Man is whatever. But, it’s being directed by the dude behind 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg. Which is dope.

Pencil me in for cautiously optimistic.

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‘Uncharted’ movie snags ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ director Dan Trachtenberg. Super fucking solid choice, IMO

uncharted movie 10 cloverfield lane dan trachtenberg

If the Uncharted movie actually ever enters production, and frankly I’ll be skeptical until it fucking happens, this is a super solid choice for director.

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‘Uncharted’ movie will be a prequel starring Tom Holland (or Spider-Man if you prefer)

uncharted prequel tom holland young nathan drake

Tom Holland is going to be playing a young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie. Which will be a prequel. Wait, what? Sure. Okay. Or something

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‘Uncharted’ movie finds new writer in Joe Carnahan (‘The Grey’)


Oh hey Uncharted is still getting a movie adaptation. Its latest writer is Joe Carnahan, who has done a smatter of work, none of which I enjoyed more than The Grey.

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‘Uncharted’ movie loses its director, and is going in “new direction.” Oh.


BE MORE VAGUE, Sony. The fuck you doing with the Uncharted movie. Seems like the formula is pretty obvious. Mirror (to an extent) Indiana Jones, which is a pretty glaring inspiration in the first place.

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‘Uncharted’ movie getting script from ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘Hurt Locker’ writer


I’m down for an Uncharted movie. Since it essentially is a video game that wants to be Indiana Jones. Movies influencing video games influencing movies. The cultural ouroboros that writhes just below our level of perception momentarily peeking its head out. So if it must happen — and I want it to happen — why not have the adaptation land a dope writer?

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The ‘Uncharted’ flick will start shooting in early 2015


The Uncharted movie is one of those projects that’s talked about so fucking often, in so many contradictory ways, that I’ve sort of just tuned it out. So color me surprised to hear that the film will begin shooting in early 2015. ‘Cause frankly I had completely forgotten that it had even found a director.

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David O. Russell Quits On The ‘Uncharted Movie’, Praise Everything.

I like  David O. Russell. I like Mark Walhberg. What I didn’t like was contemplating an adaptation of one of my favorite video game franchises of the generation, Uncharted, starring the Funky Bunch. Now I’m hoping I don’t have to sweat that anymore, since O. Russel has dropped off the project. This totally means no Wahlberg. Right? Right?!

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