Stuart Immonen is new artist on Marvel’s ‘Star Wars.’ The Force is strong with this #crapwordplay

hell yeah!

One beast mode artist exits, another enters. While John Cassaday is leaving Marvel’s Star Wars after the sixth issue, his replacement is a meaty hunk of awesome. Cover and deets post-jump!

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Ohhh man. You can hear the fanboys pulling their pubes out in hatred. Gnashing their teeth, particles of enamel and specks of drool hitting their keyboard as they type in hate. A female Thor? And now a black Captain America? Gracious.

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Preview: ‘ALL-NEW X-MEN’ #1 artwork by Stuart Immonen. So hot.

I hate the fact that the only way I’m going to enjoy Jean Grey in my Marvel universe is through some wormhole time-bending bullshit. I do. However, I can’t stunt. I’m going to buy this, for Red. And for Stuart Immonen’s gorgeous artwork.

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Marvel Announces ‘MARVEL NOW’ Bringing MASSIVE RELAUNCHES And I Quietly Weep.

Ugh. Jesus Christ. Now Marvel is relaunching everything ever, shaking up creators teams and daring to address everything save for good stories. Maybe these new titles will be good, maybe they won’t. However you know what dominates hype? Just fucking  quality storytelling. Just focus on it guys. Please. I’m begging you. The wave of hype will dissipate after we go “Wow! Relaunched bullshit that’ll devolve into status quo! This totally isn’t a response to the Blase 52!” and then things will return to functioning as a simmering churn factory for movie scripts.

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Marvel Announces DIGITAL-ONLY ‘Infinite Comics’ Imprint. Shots Fired!

At SXSW, Marvel unveiled its “ReEvolution”  initiative. Brief aside: who the fuck is naming things at Marvel right now? They all sound like B-SIDES of all the already awful  Final Fantasy descriptors. Anyways. Moving along. The most striking part of this new movement is the announcement of a digital-only  line of comics. Welcome to the future?

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Variant Covers: Thor and Odin Fight For The Hammer-Penis. The Conclusion!

While I’m writing this — assuredly not while you’re reading this — I’m sitting in a desolate café room on campus cranking out this column. Thinking of tomorrow, of comic books, of narrative-image fusion. Momentary escape. Fuck I love the funny books. I love sitting here, a momentary reprieve in a ten-hour day writing about them.

This is Variant Covers.

I’m Caffeine Powered.

These are the books I’m interested in this week.

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Variant Covers: Spiders, Red Wings, and Frankenstein’s Monsters.

Every Wednesday I’m granted a brief reprieve from the quiet of my own mind. Every Wednesday in the form of images and words I’m given a myriad of different Universes to momentarily inhabit. Bulging muscles and metaphysical pontifications. Heroics and psychological demons. Every week. What a gift.

This is Variant Covers. Comic book column. The comics I’m snagging on a given week, or stoked upon. What are you reading? I’m interested.

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Variant Covers: Nothing To Fear But Mega Events Themselves.

New releases! Trade paperbacks! Splash pages! These are a few of my favorite things. Man, what a clichéd way to start a column, no? Jesus Christ and then I followed it up with a rhetorical question. This is Variant Covers, the place where I puke up adolespeak about the comics I’m most excited about this week. Not a Be All List, I encourage you to let me know what you’re reading.

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Marvel Reveals The Cover To Fear Itself #1. Artwork? Awesome. Design? Awful.

Yo! Spoiler whores! You interested in seeing the cover to Marvel’s Fear Itself #1? If so, hit the jump.

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Marvel Announces Next Event: ‘Fear Itself’ By Fraction & Immonen

Today at a press conference hosted at Midtown Comics in New York City, Marvel unveiled their next event. Titled Fear Itself,   the event is going to be broken into a seven issue miniseries, starting in April. The creative gurus behind it? Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen. Yeah kid, now we’re playing with power. I’ve waited a long time for Fraction to get dealt an event, and it seems like I’m getting a Christmas gift early. Booyah! And Stuart Immonen? I’ve dug his artwork since finding him on Ellis’ Nextwave.

The Premise!
The story itself revolves around eight characters that Fraction plans on putting up against the God of Fear. This will also tie into some “secret at the heart of the Marvel Universe that had been hidden for centuries. Its revealing will ‘unleash something unspeakable, something that has been clamped down for centuries that will flourish and cast its shadow across the world.'” What would an event be without some sort of hidden secret or grand reveal?


If you want to enjoy events, you have to accept the tropes. I do.

Hit the jump for a Fraction and Quesada spouting off on the event, as well as some gorgeous promo artwork.

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