Marvel Announces Next Event: ‘Fear Itself’ By Fraction & Immonen

Today at a press conference hosted at Midtown Comics in New York City, Marvel unveiled their next event. Titled Fear Itself,   the event is going to be broken into a seven issue miniseries, starting in April. The creative gurus behind it? Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen. Yeah kid, now we’re playing with power. I’ve waited a long time for Fraction to get dealt an event, and it seems like I’m getting a Christmas gift early. Booyah! And Stuart Immonen? I’ve dug his artwork since finding him on Ellis’ Nextwave.

The Premise!
The story itself revolves around eight characters that Fraction plans on putting up against the God of Fear. This will also tie into some “secret at the heart of the Marvel Universe that had been hidden for centuries. Its revealing will ‘unleash something unspeakable, something that has been clamped down for centuries that will flourish and cast its shadow across the world.'” What would an event be without some sort of hidden secret or grand reveal?


If you want to enjoy events, you have to accept the tropes. I do.

Hit the jump for a Fraction and Quesada spouting off on the event, as well as some gorgeous promo artwork.

Over at Comics Alliance, Fraction is quoted as saying:

Relatable to where we are today and something that speaks to the world we live in. There is a shadow of anxiousness and anger, reason and discourse have taken a backseat to mob hysteria.

While E-I-C Joe Quesada drops:

There’s a world divided. Who do you trust? It’s a great time to be fearful, and a great time for people who profit on making people scared. Charlatans, tyrants.

I’m on board. I really enjoy Fraction’s work. Like, a lot. To say I’m something of a raving fanboy for him may or may not be an egregious understatement. But still. Thematically this fits his style, riffing on real world politics and events in an extraordinary setting. He’s been working through the repercussions of power and corporate hubris in Invincible Iron Man, while stopping to comment on the war machine (the problem, not the character), and even things such as sustainable local economies and green energy.

Having him as the mastermind of an event that is predicated on examining the problem of the post-9/11 world where fear mongering and sensationalism reign king? Makes sense. I’m excited.

How about you guys? Yes? No? Hit me.

Oh yeah, and behold the glorious artwork.

Full credit to the inestimably awesome Comics Alliance for the source quotes.