Marvel Reveals The Cover To Fear Itself #1. Artwork? Awesome. Design? Awful.

Yo! Spoiler whores! You interested in seeing the cover to Marvel’s Fear Itself #1? If so, hit the jump.

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Steve McNiven is helming the artwork to this son of a bitch, and I fucking love it. I’ve always been a well lathered McNiven fanboy.I even weathered the comic refuse which was Millar’s Nemesis to enjoy his artwork, to an extent. But I’m not feeling this cover. Why? What the fuck is going on in the middle of it?

Marvel’s been coming up with all these retarded designs for the covers of their events. The covers to Siege were putrid, and somehow, they’ve topped it. In the middle of some glorious McNiven artwork is some emblematic bullshit that looks like it was culled from some prog metal CD I have sitting in my collection.