‘Punisher’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer: Frankie is back to work on January 18!

punisher season 2 teaser trailer

We ain’t the only ones stumbling back to work this January. None other than Frankie Castle is going to be back on his grind. Check it out after the jump because fucking Twitter embed.

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Punisher Netflix Series confirmed for 2017; cast additions announced

punisher netflix release date

Netflix has finally gone ahead and ended the speculation surrounding the release date of the fuckin’ Punisher series. Netflix is dropping the son of a bitch in 2017, which, uh, we all sort of thought. Not only that, though! Not only that. A couple of cast announcements have dropped, too.

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Netflix teases ‘Punisher’ solo series arriving in 2017

‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Teaser: The Punisher Unmasks The Devil

Gasp! Maybe we’re getting a Punisher show earlier than expected. GaspGaspGasp!

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‘Punisher’ show confirmed for Netflix, here’s a teaser video


Netflix has done the obvious and ordered a full Punisher series. I fucking hope so, since the character was shoehorned as fuck into the end of Daredevil‘s second season. I mean, his presence in the season finale. Jesus Christ. Woof. But that said, I dug the character, and I look forward to more.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer! Plus! A poster! And! Season premiering March 18!

1) I cannot fucking wait. 2) It appears the show *is not* going “head to head” (our own Neo pointed out it really wouldn’t be much of a competition) with BatGuy vs SuperBrooder, dropping a week earlier.

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Jon Bernthal cast as Punisher in ‘Daredevil’ Season 2


Perfect casting is perfect.

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I fell in love with with Sean Murphy during his reign of awesome on Joe the Barbarian with Grant Morrison. Since that I haven’t really followed him. This makes me an idiot, I know. In case I wasn’t aware of that, Murphy has hung a few amazing pictures of commissions that he has done on the Internet’s ass. To remind everyone that if they’re not down with him, they eat dog food.

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Marvel’s Next Event Is ‘PUNISHER WAR ZONE’, Featuring The Saltine Banality of Recycled Wonder

Behold the House of Wonder! Hot off their event where the Superheroes Punch Each Other: Wasn’t Civil War A Couple of Years Ago?, they’re going to have the Punisher be morally ambiguous and take issue with other superheroes! Breathe it in!, the horror of fart-scented mediocrity.

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Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Is Going To Be A TV Show? Mythos Rewrite A-Go-Go.

Frank Castle is a guy who has never crushed it in movie form. Maybe he’ll receive some sort of filmic redemption once his story is told on television. But if he does, it’ll be through a strongly different story.

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